1139 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Spirits of Heaven, heralds of God’s word, angels are, to say, much admired and loved celestial beings. They are created by God, beings made of light and energy.

We usually portray angels in human shape, winged, surrounded by light, mighty and beautiful or as lovely, youthful cherubim.

Portraying angels, we want to present their power, their goodness, their beauty.

We cannot fathom and perceive the full splendor of an angel; if angels choose to show to us their faces, they would choose an appropriate form.

They are beings close to the ultimate source of all energy, closer to our soul than to our senses.

Therefore, angels could understand us better than we could understand ourselves.

The soul is elusive and so is any ethereal form, such as angelic. However, angels watch over our world and act. They are messengers of God, pure and good.

Angels are non-physical beings, somewhat limited by time and space, but not the way or to a degree we humans are. Belief in angels seizes back into vary old days and it still lives on.

Do you believe in angels? You probably would not be here if you do not.

Beliefs related to angels have been changing and adapting throughout the history of religion and spirituality, but the essence remains the same.

One of particularly interesting beliefs is that of guardian angels. In the following paragraphs, we speak about guardian angels and their messages.

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are heavenly beings as all other angels are. They are not a type or an order of angels, but angels on a special task, so to say. Guardian angels are personal angels.

Guardian angels are personal heavenly guides, assigned to each human being. They love us and take care about us. Guardian angels communicate with us.

We do not interact with guardian angels directly. They are not supposed to solve problems in our place, to act in our name or to save us from all the evil and negativity.

They help us find our own way and our own light, which is, essentially, the light of Heaven. They assist us in the time of need; when you feel down, your guardian angels will come to your aid.

We are mostly unaware of the angelic influence and support. However, angels are not by our side only when we need some help, encouragement or feel bad, depressed, lost in this world.

Angels bless us in good times and rejoice with us. They just want us to be happy and content with whom we are, giving their best to help us become our best.

Angelic Messages

Guardian angels do not interfere with our daily lives nor do they send us some obvious directions on how to act.

They work in mysterious ways, as Heaven does. Guardian angels send us signs and messages.

Angelic messages are never that hidden or enigmatic so that we cannot fathom it. Guardian angels know what would be the best way to get in touch with us.

If you wonder if there was a possibility to establish or reinforce the connection with your guardian angel, of course there is.

Many claim mediation and similar practices could help you ‘hear’ your guardian angel.

You will definitely find your own way, without any forcefulness and tension; connection with angels is highly intuitive. Reading angelic messages, as well.

People with strong intuition would easily recognize angelic signs.

Others would need more repeating, but angels would make sure you receive their heavenly guidance.

You are not obliged to follow it, of course; nothing bad would happen if you ignore it, but it would be a pity and you could suffer consequences, but not because someone would punish you.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Ignoring angelic messages is not problematic per se, however, angels could have pointed out a good opportunity or a nice and fair way to avoid something unnecessary negative for you.

Angelic messages are very different in form, depending on what angels would like to share with you.

Certain messages are only signs of the angelic presence, a sign of hope, divine love and guidance.

Other messages tend to be more complex and more detailed or personal.

Angel numbers are particularly interesting, in this regard. Angel numbers are powerful messages, because numbers are already powerful before angels would choose to use them.

Numbers are pure, raw energy of cosmos. Combined numbers make for a combined energetic flow.

In addition, complex numbers have multi-layered meaning. Four-digit numbers, as our number 1139, are particularly interesting and mostly reflective.

More about that in the next paragraph. Before that, how could one recognize an angel number?

Well, if your inner voice does not instantly say – oh, look, there must be something more behind this number, it is likely a number would keep appearing in your life, until you notice it and start wondering.

Angel Number 1139

Angel Number 1139 is an interesting four-digit number and, as such, it is a reflective one.

Guardian angels often choose complex numbers that have a mirror effect upon the receiver. That is because we are often unaware of both our flaws and qualities.

We fail to acknowledge our own virtue, but we also fail to admit our weaknesses. Not all the time, of course!

Guardian angels then sand us numbers that are reflective; they want to point out certain traits and characteristics of the receiver, in order to help him or her become the best version of themselves and feel good about who they are.

From that point, everything else becomes much easier. Number 1139 is best analyzed systematically, in parts.

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Angel Number 1139 Composition Meaning

Angel number 1139 consists of numbers 1, 3 and 9. On a second level, we have 11 and 39, that is, numbers 2 and 3, because we have to sum the digits until we get one-digit numbers.

The sum of all digits that compose this number equals 5. Let us see what each of these means and how they communicate with one another.

Number 1, repeated in the beginning of the sequence, has a strong and direct vibration here.

It represents beginnings, success, positivity, activity, energy, glory, happiness, courage. It is the number associated with self-leadership and personal will and strength of it.

Number 3 represents adventurousness, curiosity, enthusiasm, playfulness, communication, manifestation, youthfulness.

Number 9 is associated with higher realms, with the purpose of one’s soul, forgiveness, generosity, divine wisdom, spiritual potential, spiritual journey and awakening, karma.

Number 2 represents connections, harmony, diplomacy, relationships.

Number 5 represents the unconventional, visionary, uniqueness, individualism, creativity, cleverness, sensuality, charm and influence.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1139

Angel number 1139 is a complex one and it speaks about an interesting personality.

First, you are likely a person of high self-esteem, but not arrogant.

You tend to be a bit rushing, impulsive and thoughtless when making decisions and life choices, because you are very enthusiastic, very curious, adventurous and daring.

You are highly individualistic and versatile, probably interested into what some may call unusual. You are not a materialistic person at all.

What is very important is that, apart from your occasional impulsiveness, even recklessness towards people, you value relationships and bonds.

However, you do lack a bit of discipline. You should show a bit more of respect in practice.

Everything else is pretty well. You are friendly, communicative, you have many friends and like meeting people.

Problems may arise when someone wants to deepen the connection.

It could happen even on the family level, with your siblings, parents and else. You often mistake freedom for having no bonds and actual connections at all.

Angel Number 1139 and Love

You are a magnetic person, very colorful, full of amazing stories, experiences and ideas.

However, you are not a particularly calm one; you tend to be childishly restless.

Well, it is not that bad if things are clear between you and the person you are dating or plan to date or whatever the relationship.

Do not play with people’s feelings, convinced that all others experience relationships and the life the way you do.

You hurt people unintentionally, because you never wish to hurt anyone; just be more responsible, try to bring into awareness the idea about others’ feelings.