23:23 – Meaning

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The secret meaning of Time has always been a mystery that intrigues, amazes and makes us wonder about our existence and the life we live.

Time is something we cannot understand to the fullest and, perhaps, we never will. Time is what happens to us while we are here and so we had to organize it, so to take the best out of our short-term dwelling in this physical, tangible, material realm. Time we express by numbers, another mystery, though seemingly human made.

For as long as human civilization exists, we have been counting, measuring and calculating.

All these activities make our time on earth meaningful. It seems to us that we have reached the point in history in which time and numbers mean much more than before, if they are not the vital concept of our lives.

Perhaps, but it is very likely that people in old days used to say the same about days that have long passed. Be it as it may, time and numbers remain fascinating.

It really appears that our modern, busy lives are time and numbers dependant, in all their segments.

If you think about it just a minute more, you will soon realize that everything you do throughout a regular, perfectly common day can be expressed and presented within these two concepts. You start a new day at certain hour your alarm clock wakes you up. You get ready in about, say, half an hour and then go to run your errands.

You spend eight hours at work, for example. To get to work, you had to take a public transport line number one, for example. Alternatively, you had to drive your car for certain length of the road.

Once you have finished your working hours, you get back home, spend some time preparing lunch and resting. Then you go out to meet a friend at certain time. And so it goes on and on. See? Everything you do can take time related and numerical form.

Of course, we do these things regularly and we do not obsess ourselves with counting everything; it is simply a habit of our lives. However, it is true that time seems to run out fast, which is a consequence of much more complex processes we are engaged with.

Therefore, we do check out our clocks very often. We have time displays virtually everywhere around! Checking time is a regular habit; however, matching digits still catch our attention.

Time Counting

Before we discuss these matching digits, let us go on a brief journey on the wings of time. In old days, there were no clocks. At first, there were no calendars, either.

However, people soon have realized it would be very good somehow to systematize time and adjust to elementary conditions, seasonal changes and else. They have observed the stars, planets, their movement, celestial patterns and associated them with changes that fall upon earth.

Soon they made the first calendars and thus human life became more organized and better adapted to nature and everything. Of course, it also had and has to do a lot with social organization et cetera.

As for the hours of the day and the first clocks, the story is a bit different. Some of the first clock prototypes were discovered in China. These were ancient Chinese candle clocks and oil lamps.

These items were useful in time management, though they did not present with the exact hour of the day. These proto-clocks could only measure the passing amount of time.

The first invention that could show the hour of the day was an Ancient Egyptian astronomical clocks; in fact, one the first ever to be made.

Mechanical clocks came later in history. One brilliant example is still fully functional medieval clock in Prague.

Mirror Hours

Mirror hours could not be seen in any of the old versions of time showing gadgets and inventions. The earliest equivalent are matching clock hands you can see on common mechanical clocks.

The superstition about matching clock hands is very old and still widespread. It is, in fact, similar to that related to mirror hours. Now, mirror hours are contemporary phenomenon. You can see them only on digital time displays.

If you are still not sure how mirror hours appear like, here it is. Next time you see these on your phone time widget, it is mirror hours. They look like 01:01, 02:02, 03:03…11:11…21:21, 22:22 et cetera.

It depends only on the time format you use. Mirror hours are basically doubled digits, while they could also present in form of triple mirror hours and all matching ones, such as 11:12 or 22:22. It is curious that they appear strange to us, although they are hours of the day, as all others.

However, there could be more to it. Mirror hours represent symmetry, something that does stand out, because of it. Moreover, they seem to occur in certain specific moments or keep repeating.

The same digits could also appear in other forms than mirror hours and that is where things start getting suspicious and make you wonder about it. There are interesting approaches to understanding mirror hours phenomenon.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

Modern people in urban areas are busy by definition or they believe so.  We also think that our contemporary setting has estranged us from the forces of nature and universe, but that is not true.

Energies of cosmic proportions are ever present and all present, whatever we might think about it. Mirror hours are just one manifestation of cosmic influence that is far beyond our imagination and comprehension. So far, at least.

The phenomenon of seeing mirror hours could be understood or explained in different ways.

For those skeptical, who doubt the existence of supernatural agents such as spirits and angels, theory of synchronicity might be very appealing. The theory of synchronicity was proposed by the famous Karl Gustav Jung. This theory is based upon that of collective unconscious.

According to the theory of synchronicity, there are no coincidences. Each event makes perfect sense, because it could be associated with another.

Collective unconscious is universal storage of archetypical meanings that make all those seemingly non-relatable phenomena perfectly relatable. This theory challenges the concept of causality.

Seen through this perspective, mirror hours could make for a perfectly meaningful phenomenon.

If you keep seeing the same digits all around or these mirror hours keep occurring over again, you would do good to search for the meaning of those numbers in numerology, astrology or any related fields that deal with energy and meaning of numbers.

Once you find out the meaning, it is very likely that you would be able to associate the given meaning with your life situation.

Moreover, you may already have a formed idea on meaning of certain numbers, thanks to your previous experiences. This only proves that synchronicity could really explain how this world functions on such an interesting level.

For those romantic and more prone to search spiritual explanations, the belief in angelic influence and that of celestial forces could perfectly explain mirror hours. You could combine all the approaches, of course.

23:23 Mirror Hours – Symbolism and Meaning

Mirror hour 23:23 is a message from your guardian angels and/or a proof of the world’s synchronicity.

Whatever perspective you take, it is important to realize what this phenomenon means from the mirror hours’ interpreters point.

Mirror hour 23:23 is a message about relationships, including friendly, family relationships and those romantic ones. Mirror hour 23:23 speaks for the importance of nurturing good relationships.

Humans are social beings and we all need to have someone to relay on. Even those introverted, loners who feel better when spending time on their own are individuals who are a part of the universal realm called humanity.

They are still social beings and they drive inspiration from the world around, which inevitably includes people. We are all connected, one way or another and according to each one’s sensibilities.

However, this message usually occurs in people who are in need for direct contact more than indirect. It happens that we neglect our relationships or take them for granted, naively believing that others would always stay by our side, even if we do not how them much attention as we used to.

This is a trap of many romantic relationships. You think that love as a concept is enough? Well, love has many sides. It is rich and beautiful and it should be nurtured from many sides.

It is pretty much the same with friendly relationships and especially family ones. We believe our siblings, parents, friends and other close people love us and that they just know the love is mutual.

It is true, but people need affection expressed through kind words, deeds, fine gestures. Think about someone you hold dear. Does this person appear a bit sad lately? Have you reserved some time to talk to him or her?

Mirror hour 23:23 is a reminder of all those beautiful things people share amongst each other; love, in particular. It is about universal love that lies behind all of the relationships, but it is also about manifesting love that make people’s hearts grow fonder and happier.

Do not hesitate to do something nice for your loved ones, be it silly! They would appreciate it and your own heart will be full.

What Does 23*23Mean Spiritually?

Let us see how this message could be understood as seen from spiritual, angelic numerology perspective, for it is the best way to understand miraculous meanings of mirror hours and repetitive numerical sequences that are all full of meanings.

This numerical sequence consists of two digits, 2 and 3, each of its specific vibration and energy. Both very nicely explain the overall message.

Number 2 is a number of balance, stability, sociability, friendship, strong bonds between people, family relationships, reliability, loyalty, mutual respect and trust.

It is about diplomatic thinking, compromises, harmony, support, partnership and collaboration. Love is behind all these concepts and ideas, in its universal, basic form that makes firm ground for everything else.

This number inspires gentleness, kindness, caring and sharing.

Number 3 is a ‘wilder’ one, especially what is needed to make this message complete. Number 3 resonates with energies of enthusiasm, youthfulness, communication, spontaneity, passion, compassion, courage, optimism, joy and friendliness.

It represents pleasure, openness, readiness to help, free thinking, vitality, humor and overall energy. It brings joy and passion into peoples’ lives. Number 3 is all about manifestation, while 2 is about the ground for it.

Together, these two numbers make balance and spread the message of love and understanding, as we have seen in the general interpretation of the mirror hour. Each one of us needs a bit of both and all need love.

Love makes the world go round, but it takes many forms of which all should be nourished and supported.

The Universe wants to remind you of that, since we often lose ourselves in the world of obligations and artificiality and forget about such basic and precious values.

2323 in Astrology and Numerology

Astrology and numerology could reveal us additional meanings hidden in the message. This message also resonates with energy of the number 1, since sum of the digits gives 10 and 1 plus 0 equals 1.

Number one is about beginnings and endings, start and success, leadership, self-confidence, self-value, bravery and so on.

In this message, it is but an undertone to remind that you should also have the balance between your own needs and those of others.

What to Do if You See 23:23?

If you happen to see mirror hour 23:23 and especially if it starts repeating, think about your relationships with people around.

You should primarily focus on those dearest ones, since they are, unfortunately, those we first neglect, since we are assured of their love.

Well, it might be correct, but each person needs to be shown just a little bit of manifesting affection.

Be it your partner, parent, a friend, a sister or a  brother. Be nice to people you care for without any particular reason!

Quick summary

Mirror hour 23:23 carries a message of love that is the fuel for all life and manifesting love that shows people you care about them more than it is already known.

Showing love, sharing and simply enjoying life with those dearest around is a true blessing.

Many people have no such opportunity anymore because their loved ones are gone or there are other obstacles they might experience.

The point is to be happy because of relationships you have and not to take them for granted. Love that is shown and shared is the most pleasing aspect of it.