11:17 – Meaning

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We often don’t realize how present our guardian angels in our lives are. The main reason is that most of us is unaware of their existence or refuses to acknowledge it.

We are taught to believe only in things we can see, and we usually cannot see angels. They don’t appear in person often and they appear to only the chosen people.

Angels are beings from other realms of existence. These realms are not something that many people are aware of and they can be reached by only highly spiritually evolved individuals.

Even if they cannot be seen, our guardian angels have a role in every person’s life, not only in the lives of people with spiritual awareness.

They guard over us and they interfere when they consider necessary. They respect our free will and don’t act uninvited to change our circumstances. They can do that in situations where we are in some kind of imminent danger.

Otherwise, they contact us through signs and symbols seizing our attention to the sign and making us curious about its meaning. Their signs carry a message specially designed for our current life’s circumstances, issues we are facing, difficulties, worries, struggles, doubts, fears, etc.

Our guardian angels know what we need in any given moment. They won’t allow us to suffer and struggle with our problems. The main reason why their messages sometimes don’t reach the people they are aimed to is these people’s inability and reluctance to accept their existence and importance.

The main thing with angelic contacts with humans is to be open to their guidance. They cannot guide us if we refuse to be guided.

We need to allow their message to reach us and then apply it in our life. When we allow that to happen we are amazed with how their message is accurate and fits our needs.

Their signs begin appearing in our lives during some important moments in our life. They can be signs of comfort, encouragement, support, advice, warning, etc. Don’t become afraid when they begin contacting you and sending you their signs.

It is important to recognize them and start looking for their meaning as soon as possible. It is important to decipher it so you can start applying to your life. It can sometimes be a life-saving decision.

The angels use signs that have some significance for us or their meaning can be easily deciphered, such as signs made of numbers which all have a specific meaning they use as a message to us.

In fact, numbers and hours are their common signs. They use them because they can easily convey us their message through the meaning of the numbers they keep making us see.

When you suddenly begin seeing the same number everywhere or looking at your clock to see the exactly the same time repeatedly, know that it is your guardian angels trying to contact you because they have something important to say regarding your life’s situation.

Trust in their best intentions because they are only doing these things to ease your life and make it better. 

11:17 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

If you recently started seeing the triple mirror hour 11:17 so often that it cannot be a coincidence, you are probably curious or even worried about what is happening and you want to know its meaning.

No worries, it is just the Universe and your guardian angels contacting you through this hour because they want to deliver you the message that it carries.

This message will help you deal with some current issues or problems you are facing and you will be more than happy when you realize that. It is important to give it a chance and not ignore it because you don’t believe that angels exist.

The message this hour carries is related to the subjects of initiative, success, achievements, self-confidence, power, higher knowledge, etc.

What Does 11:17 Mean Spiritually?

When you start seeing the mirror hour 11:17, know that it is the guardian angel Lehahiah, who is trying to communicate with you. He symbolizes work and subordination. Maybe you will be called to offer your services for some higher purpose.

He will teach you the traits of discipline, order, respect and humility.

If you have struggles with finishing your work or doing some work tasks, Lehahiah will be there to help you strengthen your willpower and determination.

This guardian angel will help you build your concentration and power of endurance. You will need to organize better all the areas of your life and realize that it is the prerequisite to progress in life.

This angel will help you to achieve career success, to find security in your employment, and release all fears regarding your financial security. He will remind you of the need to feel gratitude and appreciation for the gifts and blessings you have.

If you are experiencing some problems with authorities in your life, especially at work, this guardian angel will help you deal with them and find a way to improve your relationship with them.

If you have a problem with your judgment or don’t feel confident enough, he will help you work on improving them.

If you have problems in making some important decisions because you are afraid of making the wrong ones, Lehahiah will help you protect yourself from people who cannot be trusted and could try to deceive you in some way.

This guardian angel will help you find peace and balance in your life. If you are feeling restless, worried, doubtful, and in general lack stability and harmony in your life, Lehahiah will help you restore them.

He will help you become forgiving and find the strength to forgive others and yourself for the mistakes you made. He will remind you of the importance of patience and help you gain it until you wait for the outcome of your actions. That will ensure the success of all your endeavors.

This mirror hour appearing in your life could mean getting a promotion soon or the raise in your incomes, possibly through a pay rise. Lehahiah reminds you that hard work always pays off and inspires you to take the necessary efforts to achieve your goals.

He will help you regain your optimism and will for life. You will change the way you look at things and begin expecting only the best outcomes.

Lehahiah will remind you of the need to release all negativity from your life in every form and shape, whether it is people, bad memories, past hurts, bad habits, addictions, etc.

Everything that is preventing your progress and achievement of your goals must leave your life for good. He reminds you that you are the manifestor of all your life’s circumstances and the only one responsible if you don’t like how your reality looks like.

He will help you get rid of all your fears, especially the ones related to your future, reminding you how detrimental they are for your success and achievement of your goals. Fears are thoughts and like every other thought they tend to manifest into reality if they are thought about long enough.

Lehahiah will also help you finally get the rewards for your past efforts. If you have been waiting for some acknowledgement for your achievements this mirror hour could be a sign that you will soon receive it.

He will help you get in contact with people with influence who can help you achieve your goals and support your endeavors.

If you have issues with your temper and experiencing some outbursts of anger and have a problem with controlling your actions, Lehahiah will help you calm your temper and emotions and regain control of your actions and behavior.

That will help you improve your self-image in your community. You will become more respectful and appreciative towards the people from your surroundings. He will also help you dissolve your superiority complex and egotistical attitude.

This guardian angel will also help you raise your spiritual awareness and your intuition. He will help you learn how to listen to the voice of your inner guidance about the important matters in your life.

You will also intuitively feel the intentions of other people and be able to protect yourself from their potentially bad intentions.

11:17 in Astrology and Numerology

The triple mirror hour is a combination of powerful energies of the numbers 1, 7, 11, 17, and 28.

The number 1 indicates independence, individuality, uniqueness, self-confidence, freedom, initiative, ambition, success, leadership, progress, accomplishments, power, energy, egotism, manifestation of desires into reality, etc.

The number 7 indicates spirituality, development of spirituality, reaching spiritual awakening and eventually spiritual enlightenment. It symbolizes intuitive abilities, psychic gifts, fortune, manifestation, wisdom, etc.

The number 11 is a number symbolizing our soul’s mission and the higher purpose of our lives. It calls the person to go within and discover what their life’s mission is and begin taking actions towards accomplishing it. The person’s intuition and inner voice will give the answers.

The number 11 resonates with helping people and humanity in general, serving others and the world, doing something for the benefit of humankind, spiritually evolving and development of the person’s intuition.

The number 17 is a number of compassion, spiritual awareness, self-discipline, wisdom, traveling and travelers, independence, hard work, respect of people, humanitarianism, etc.

The number 28 is a combination of the sum of digits in the hour and minutes part of the mirror hour 11:17 (1+1:1+7=2:8=28). The number 28 is a sign of the good things that wait in the future.

This number is a sign of professional success and career advancement. It is a sign of beneficial partnerships and support from influential individuals. They will help you in manifesting your desires into reality.

This number is also a sign of leadership and organizational skills and taking these roles in life. It indicates adaptability that will help you overcome the change in circumstances with ease.

If you are feeling sad or upset, this trait helps you accept the reality as it is and move on from the negativity.

This mirror hour as a combination of all these meanings and influence is a sign of development of your sense of organization and order. It could indicate the development of your leadership skills, ambition, patience, and determination to reach your goals.

It could indicate reaching fame and fortune, but also warns you not to succumb to feelings such as vanity, superiority complex, and similar.

This triple mirror hour could also be a sign of heightened artistic abilities. It encourages you to gain confidence in your abilities and self-worth and be able to express yourself freely without a sense of shame and feeling of inadequateness.

In astrology, the number 1 is the number of the Sun as well as the sign of Leo ruled by the Sun. The number 7 is the number of Neptune and the sign of Pisces ruled by the planet Neptune.

What to Do If You See 11:17?

If you started seeing the triple mirror hour 11:17 very often and you wonder what that means and whether there’s something you should do, the answer is yes, it does have a meaning and it is up to you to decipher it.

The Universe and your guardian angels are speaking to you and they want you to be aware of their presence and support.

They will guide your path towards the achievement of your goals and they will teach you how to listen to the voice of your inner guidance so you will always know what the best thing you can do is.

This hour is a sign of success of your endeavors and progress in general. It indicates the support of powerful and influential people you could expect to receive. Let the angels talk to you and allow their message to come through to you.

Quick Summary

Seeing the triple mirror hour 11:17 often is a powerful message and sign from the Universe and your guardian angels.

They offer you their help and support in overcoming the current issues you have so you can clear the path to your heart’s desires and goals.

Trust their guidance and their good intentions. You just need to apply their advice to your life.