21:21 – Meaning

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Does it often happen to you to take a glance at your phone screen or your digital clock and see doubled hours?

Well, it must appear a bit strange that you keep seeing them all the time. Anything that has to do with mysteriously repetitive numerical patterns, be it in form of time or a text or you keep seeing the same number of certain object or something else, has always been fascinating to people.

Such phenomena tell us that there must be some energy acting without our knowing.

While many of these phenomena often simply pass non-registered or recognized by busy modern people who are in constant rush and deem themselves not having time for mystical and spiritual matters, they keep happening.

There will always be someone to notice them and give them meaning. In spiritual terms speaking, it is more likely that they already have a special meaning meant exclusively for the one who sees them.

Thus saying, we focus on a strange contemporary phenomenon of so-called mirror or double hours. This is a phenomenon that proves mysterious cosmic forces are still present, just as they always have been.

Mirror hours are equivalent to matching clock hands, to a certain degree. Mirror hours could be seen only on digitalized displays and they appear as these: 01:01, 02:02, but also 12:12, 21:21 or even in a ‘triple’ format as 11:12, 22:21.

Mirror Hours

What are those mirror hours? What do they represent and how do they ‘happen’?

Mirror hours are commonly taken as a coincidence, but not everyone would agree. If you saw them once, it is very likely that you would simply take them for granted and notice them just as would notice any other hour of the day.

However, if they keep repeating, meaning if you keep seeing them all over again, it may raise your suspicion.

You may wonder why does this happen. Why you always take a look at the time just in the moment to see the same matching digits? Is it some kind of a message? We will come to that further on.

The thing that is important to know about the occurrence of mirror hours is that they do happen on chance. That said, it means that you cannot force them to happen. They will happen anyway.

However, it is but a miraculous moment to look at your screen just in time to see them. It is, then, a sign. If you stare at your display and wait for digits to match, well, it means nothing.

There is a reason why you accidentally look at the time to see exactly the same digits. Digits are numbers and numbers have much power, according to numerologists and related. Numbers resonate with their vibrations through mirror hours, amongst other.

Numerology and Mirror Hours

Numerology is essential to understanding mirror hours. Numerology is an ancient discipline of observing and interpreting the world through mystical meanings associated with supposed vibrations of each number.

Numbers resonate with certain vibrations that reflect universal cosmic energy.

Each has their own vibration and many symbolic meanings are attributed to these vibrations. Everything in the world we could represent through numbers.

Therefore, each thing and each living being and even abstract ideas and else all have their numerical vibrations, to say so. Numerology has been practiced as a form of divination, as well.

Numerology is also about birth numbers and life paths. According to it, each person was born under a specific number that decides the course of his or her destiny.

In real, it is not exactly that simple. Birth number does not predict one’s life path, but tells about the nature of that person, tells about their potentials. It is very similar to birth charts and astrology.

It does not mean you are destined for this and that because you were born under certain number. It means you have specific potentials and capacities and it is up to you to use them well or not.

Birth numbers are not of essential importance to understanding mirror hours, though they could be incorporated into overall meaning of messages that mirror hours carry. It is the meaning of each digit that matters.

As we have said, each number has energy and meaning. Seeing mirror hours would become meaningful once you understand the exact meaning of the digits displayed.

Angelic Numerology and Mirror Hours

Angelic numerology is even more interesting to us. It is the same as numerology, only it is believed that guardian angels are those who send us numbers with specific vibrations and meanings.

They do so, because they want to point out things that might be very important to us. The meanings of numbers are the same as in general numerology. However, here we have another mysterious factor involved.

According to this approach, it is believed that each person has guardian angels; each has more than one angel.

These angelic entities are immaterial and celestial; they would extremely rarely take material, physical form and appear in this world. They operate through mystical channels.

Their purpose and mission is to help us use our given potentials the best way possible. Guardian angels do not guard us directly.

They would never interfere neither with our decisions nor with our actions, regardless of how wrong we might be. They send us messages to help us realize better ways, to use our skills, talents and all we have in order to make the best out of our life, in harmony with life as it is. They do not stop evil, they help us find our ways to defeat bad influences and avoid harm.

Angels would choose fitting channels to talk to us. Numbers have always been one of these.

Mirror hours are a perfect medium. Mirror hours draw our attention, being distinctive from ‘regular’ hours. Repetitive mirror hours and numerical sequences make us wonder about them (or, at least, some of us wonder about the hidden meaning).

Once you learn about the meaning of the numbers, you get the angelic message.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

If you keep seeing mirror hours, you may wonder why it is happening. Besides the belief in guardian angels and secret angelic guidance messages, there are more scientific explanations, to call it so.

If you are skeptical about supernatural, let us talk about one abstract, but very appealing theory. It is the theory of synchronicity, proposed by one of the greatest minds of the time, Carl Gustav Jung.

According to theory of synchronicity, all events and phenomena have meanings and all are connected. The theory is based upon the premise of collective unconscious and archetypical meanings stored within. In other words, all events could be associated with some others.

Therefore, all events are meaningful once connected with another. This theory suggests that there are no coincidences and challenges the theory of causality.

Mirror hours perfectly fit into this frame. Mirror hours are synchronized within and they are synchronized with certain events happening to us. This is the reason why you keep seeing them. Thy synchronicity explains the connection.

Once you have searched for the meaning of the digits, it is very likely that you will be able to associate these meanings with your current life situation.

While it definitely appears as in-reading meanings, that is exactly how it should be. It comes from the unconscious and it makes things meaningful. Each mirror hour is purposeful.

If you also believe in spiritual influences from some higher spheres or you are convinced that guardian angels exist, the things get yet another dimension. In any case, mirror hours must be some kind of message out of this physical, material realm.

21:21 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Finally, we come to our mirror hour of the day. It is 21:21, a curious one, indeed. This one is possible to be seen only on a digital screen that uses 24 hours format. Mirror hour 21:21 would not have the same meaning as 09:09 pm, in this regard.

The digits are only thing that matters, in interpreting the meaning. So, what does mirror hour 21:21 mean? What is the message behind it?

The message behind mirror hour 21.21 is about responsibility, obligations, focus and dedication. It is about being pro-active and ready to face difficulties and resolve them on your own. It is about taking consequences of your doings with an honest heart.

This is a message that should inspire self-esteem and self-value. It suggests one should accept who he or she was and work on the things that should perhaps be improved.

Such people never blame others for their failures nor do they spend time blaming themselves. They have well set goals and they are focused on achieving them, but they do not do so at all cost and not by driving their cart over the bodies of others.

This is the true moral of this message. Responsibility is the first step into progress. This message is not only about being capable of handling difficulties without lamenting over failures.

This is also a message about self-respect and self-love. Admit your successes and be proud of them. Do not be afraid to say that you are proud of your achievements. Indulge yourself at times.

Oddly enough, this is exactly why many responsible people restrain themselves of doing, fearing that they would lose control and ruin what they have achieved. As with all other things, balance is what is desired.

What Does 21*21 Mean Spiritually?

Numerical sequence 21*21 is consisted from numbers 2 and 1 that perfectly explains the message above.

Number 1 represents beginnings and endings, first step and a goal, leadership, authority, being the first, being the best, competitive spirit, freshness, energy and positive spirit, optimism. It is one of the most powerful and the trickiest vibrations’ number, because its energy often overlooks what is in between start and success.

Number one inspires individuality, ambition and power of will, force, activity, readiness, glory, fame, strength and self-belief. These are all good and positive attributes, though risky.

They need to be balanced and controlled to a certain degree; otherwise, this powerful energy could devour you. This is where vibration of number 2 steps in, within this mirror hour and the sequence alone.

Number 2 is about adaptability, harmony, balance, connection, compassion, gentleness, insightfulness, selflessness, justice, love and diplomacy. It is about natural charm, empathy, understanding and tolerance.

In this combination, it creates harmony and balance. These tow numbers compose the message of balance within and around.

In short, they represent all that one needs in order to succeed, in balance and harmony within him or herself and with the people and the world around.

2121 in Astrology and Numerology

Astrology and numerology reveal to us the undertone of the message. If you sum up these digits, the result would be the number 6 (2+1+2+1 equal 6). Number 6 adds another vibration to this combination.

Number 6 resonates with energies of care, nurture, healing, domesticity, guardianship and service. This is vibration needed to complete the previous. It awakens one’s sense of the importance of being kid to others.

It also implies that serving others from the pure love is a good thing. It is not a forced servitude, but the act of pleasing others just because of pure love you have for others.

It is about sharing and caring; in return, you will get the same.

On the other hand, 6 supports curiosity, integrity, honesty, simplicity, dignity and seeing things clearly, which all prevent one from being manipulated or exploited because of their pure, honest intentions.

What to Do If You See 21:21?

If you keep seeing mirror hour 21:21 you should focus on your attitude towards the life, people around you and, of course, your desires, goals and obligations.

The key to success is being in harmony with the world around you, but most importantly within yourself. Responsibility is the key to being content and at peace with yourself.

To be responsible is to be strong-willed, brave and to value yourself. To be kind towards others is of essential importance into nurturing your own good nature.

Quick Summary

The moral of the message behind mirror hour 21:21 is that balance between personal goals and relations to the world around is the key of a harmonious life.

Being flexible when time requires and being dedicated to your goals, while having enough time for people in your life are all things important for a balanced life.

This is a message that should awaken one’s sense of responsibility, but also of understanding, compassion and love.

Do never forget who you are and what you want, but be ready to adapt to changes and be open to others’ opinions and their love.