3636 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Spirits of Heaven, angels, are a class or rather a type of supernatural beings, sometimes taken extremely abstract and metaphysical, sometimes regarded as embodied mind, found in various religious and spiritual and philosophical systems around the world and throughout the history of civilization.

Angels are usually seen as beings that are above humankind, beings of ethereal substance and not physical body, although there have been various alternative explanations and conceptions of their nature.

Angels are to be found in Judaism, in Islam, in Christianity and their role is significant in each. A specific branch of theology deals with angelic influence, angelic forms, hierarchies, their offices and their nature and it is called angelology.

The belief in guardian angels, which is related to the subject of angel numbers, is more general and flexible as a whole.

It does not matter of what religious circle you are a member of, if you are of any.

Some people take guardian angels as their celestial guardians, some abstract forces that guide them through life, without being religious in conventional terms, while others ascribe the angelic influence solely to the Deity.

In any case, guardian angels are always seen as good, pure, friendly, loving and protective spirits that watch over humankind.

More About Angels

One of the questions that might interest you is whether these good angels have free will or not.

Many people are of opinion that angels have no free will and that they simply pass on God’s energy, the Deity’s way to humans.

This implies angels are simply messengers that do nothing on their own behalf. This opinion is also rooted in the fact that angels never directly interfere with our earthly life.

They do not change events nor do they prevent evil from happening; guardian angel will not fly to your aid in the blankest terms.

This makes one thinks angels are not sensitive in terms humans are; they do not ‘fall’ for our misfortune, although they do what is in their might to help us guide ourselves out of the bad circumstances on our own.

However, the Bible and holy texts do not refer to angels as holy.

It means angels possibly have the choice of free will, but those God-loved and God-loving spirits are perfectly in harmony with the deity; they willingly choose to do the God’s work.

After all, if we are to rely on traditional Christian interpretation, there were angels who rebelled against the Deity. Thus, they definitely and very directly expressed their free will, their aspiration different from that of the Deity.

These are fallen angels that could also be associated with the belief in guardian angels, if you were to take a dualistic point of view.

While the fallen ones tempt us to sin, guardian angels try to protect us from sin, by sending us messages of support, encouragement, love (of God).

They use specific chandelles and seek ways to make us realize of our bright and good potentials.

What Are Angelic Messages?

Guardian angels are there to guide and protect us. How do they do it, if they do not materialize and come to our aid, as we would imagine in a superhero movie? Well, angels could always find their ways.

Some stories tell that angels and humans were once in much more close relations than it is today.

A verse in the famous “Paradise Lost” poem by the English poet John Milton states that never again have humans and angels conversed in such a close manner than it was in Paradise.

Adam, Eve, and the archangel Raphael had a long and very warm and friendly conversation in the poem, for example. Milton’s ideas were based upon the poets own conception of the Christian story.

With the loss of Eden, we have been estranged from the heavenly realms, perhaps, but angels still roam around and patently overlook our ‘fallen’ world. They come to our aid, because they love us, passing down to us love of the most supreme principle that of the Deity.

Whatever your personal beliefs might be, if you believe in guardian angels, you should know that their intentions are always good and pure.

Guardian angels would not directly help you, but they would actually do something even better and more valuable. Angels send us secret, coded and hidden messages in order to inspire us, in order to evoke in us the call of the divine.

They want us to realize what our own or potentials are. They want us to be positive, to value our own capacities and ourselves.

Of course, their messages are meant to direct us towards doing good that would benefit ourselves and those around us. In short, guardian angels want us to have happy lives.

Throughout one’s life path, a person faces many challenges, falls into temptation, experiences pain, sorrow, negativities of all sorts.

However, we also experience joy, happiness, success, beauty and much more. The key is to keep up with a generally optimistic outlook.

Angel Numbers

One specifically formulated type of angelic messages are angel numbers. Angel numbers are complex messages that could be interpreted through angelic numerology, which is the same as numerology taken alone, only in it the numbers are specifically sent by guardian angels.

Angel numbers are numerical sequences that occur repeatedly over a period in one’s life. They keep appearing usually until a person ‘gets’ a message behind.

Numbers carry specific meanings each. They resonate with energies of the universe; they represent the energies in their essence. Specific combinations of numbers, thus, have complex meanings, when sent to us from our guardian angels.

These numbers could be easily distinguished from others or to appear as an insignificant number one would easily overlook in other situations.

However, they commonly keep reoccurring in many forms and ‘editions’.

For example, one might start seeing the same sequence on his or hers phone, a clock, in books, newspapers or elsewhere, be it an eye-catching number such as three-same digit number or a seemingly random combination of digits.

Today, we are talking about angel number 3636, which is a number of certain symmetry that indicates its possibly angelic meaning.

Angel Number 3636 – Interesting Information

Angel number 3636 consists of numbers 3 and 6.

Number 3 resonates with energies of youthfulness, restlessness, adventurous spirit, imagination, inspiration, creativity, friendliness, openness, liveliness.

Number 6 resonates with energies of peace and harmony, self-confidence and also selflessness, nurture, care and love towards humanity. The two numbers make a great balance, especially since they are arranged is such a repetitive and steady pattern.

This angel number ‘hides’ within itself another one, number 9.

If you sum up all the digits according to numerology, it gives the result of 9 (3+6+3+6 equals 18, while 1+8 equals 9).

Number nine is a karmic number, one that marks spiritual journey, enlightenment, spirituality as a dimension and it suggest you are a person with incredible spiritual depth, hence your big questions about life, existence purpose et cetera.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angelic message of the angel number 3636 is about positive thinking on a major plan.

If you received this message or, better to say, realized this number as your specific angelic message, you are probably a type of a person that dwells upon big questions, existential ones, someone who asks a lot and loves to delve deep into the philosophical.

While it could be considered a good thing as a whole, it might have downsides.

Big thoughts and ideas, especially big questions often lead to an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness, since answers to such questions are hard to find.

One might start thinking about the world as a hopeless place, doomed to perdition, if there was no answer that would give the sense and/or a solution in a particular case. It could, of course, lead to bright outlooks and fantastic, very positive ideas regarding our life and future.

However, this message often comes in times we feel lost, since we regard our own existence as pointless.

We could say angel number 3636 would occur while one experiences existential crisis, especially if that person deals with ultimate and grandiose questions related to overall humanity and its destiny.

All of it is perfectly normal, but it is not always easy to deal with it.

As a number consisted of digits 3 and 6, angelic message 3636 resonates with energies of liveliness, youthfulness, carelessness, incredible creativity and inspiration on one side and balance, harmony, self-care and selflessness both, on the other side.

This combination implies one should never stop asking fantastic questions, but he or she should keep their feet on the ground and turn to many positive things that could be found in earthly life.

Number 3636 in Love

If we take this angel number as a message regarding one’s love life, we could say that it resonates with energies of incredible romantic sensibilities, amorousness, openheartedness and joy of those butterflies in the belly.

On the other side, it also resonates with energies of harmony with another person, nurturing energy, care and protection.

It tells you should turn to your loved ones in times of those existential crises.

You partner might be the one to understand you the best; it must be your soul mate, a person who would offer you great support and love on all levels, from physical to mental. You should not stop dreaming, but dream with him or her, because they are here for you.

If you do not have a partner, this angel number might suggest a person would appear in your life, someone who will inspire you, someone with whom you will be able to share all of your great thoughts and ideas.

It will be someone to feel true passion with, a true harmony that would make this world a true paradise to you and cast away shadows of hopelessness.

Facts About Number 3636

It is interesting that number 3636 resonates with much energy of the number 9. As we have seen, the final result of summing up the digits gives 9.

In addition, this number is double 36; 3plus 6 also gives 9.

It means that this number has incredibly great spiritual potentials. No wonder it occurs in situations mentioned. It will help you find answers or at least find a course.


Angel number 3636 is a message of finding balance and peace within yourself, without stop asking big questions that come with no answer and this may appear very disheartening.

You should turn to ‘earthly’ realm in order to find this balance and peace, for there are so many things that would restore your faith and hope in humanity.