6969 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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When we talk about pleasant people and beautiful things, we often refer to them as being ‘angelic’, blissful and saintly kind.

We always associate the idea of angels with something that is ultimately good, benevolent in its nature and positive.

That is how it should be, for angels, regardless of if you see them as actual beings or some celestial force, are indeed good and loving.

Angels are powerful, just as they are kind and graceful. If you search throughout different religious sources, spiritualistic teachings, folktales and fairytales, beliefs from various systems, you will always find angels described as good, kind spirits of heaven.

In some systems of belief, there are no angels, as we understand them from Christianity, for instance, but there are similarly described guiding and good spirits.

It is very interesting to talk about angelic influence from our modern perspective. Nowadays, it seems science and spirituality have become closer more them ever.

Even the greatest scientists of or time claim there suggest there could be something that we would never comprehend through the scientific prism.

The question of our purpose, of the purpose of this whole universe and space, the question of our origins and existence are still a great mystery.

All these questions ultimately find no answer in logical thinking and finally lead us to the realm of spiritual, to the question of some higher principle, of God, of angels and other spirits.

All religions might eventually really prove to be one, as the mystic poet William Blake once claimed. Well, these are all questions to explore and they would, perhaps, never stop intriguing us. Belief in angels is a part of this mysterious universe.

Angels are believed to be some kind of manifestation of that universal, cosmic energy in the widest perspective that is not necessarily bound to any organized religious concept in particular.

In Abrahamic religions, angels are created by the divine principle, God. They act as divine messengers and they play different roles and have different tasks.

Angels of Heaven

People usually believe in angels as good, benevolent and gentle spirits. However, if we look into religious sources, we will soon realize angels are more than that.

They could be strong and powerful warriors, kind and merciful protectors and healers, as well. Angelology is a specific branch of theology that deals with angelic nature, their hierarchy and else.

Yes, angels have hierarchy and they are organized into several orders; you are most certainly familiar with seraphim, cherubim and archangels, for instance. Some angels we know by their names, which also describe their relation to God and their office.

The popular belief in angels is simplified and it usually does not take into consideration their specifics.

We would like to shed a bit more light on angelic nature, in order better to understand the roe of guardian angels and their influence. Angels are not beings, if we would take them as such, without free choice and will.

They follow god out of their love and conscious decision. This may sound confusing, since much we know about angels proves they only do the God’s work.

However, they have chosen to do so. Nothing better explains this conclusion than the unfortunate story of the proud, rebellious archangel, who decided he could be better even than his Almighty Creator.

We all know that enterprise did not end up well for the proud angel; he and his rebellious crew were expelled from heaven and doomed. Humans are believed to have fallen seduced by this ‘bad’ angel.

Angels of heaven, however, remained pure in their hearts, realizing that God’s will is the only one to follow and obey.

They do the divine job out of their will and conviction it was a good thing. They are the purest spirits to think of, in that sense, and they want us to recognize the same heavenly purity in our own souls.

Of course, the concept of angels could be seen from different angles.

Angelic Guardians

Nevertheless, this interpretation best serves our purposes here. It help us realize guardian angels are good heavenly spirits that want to help us because they love us and because they truly know it is the right thing to do.

We could even say angels believe in humanity, in goodness in people.

Guardian angels are not specific class or order of angelic beings; they are of the same nature as all other angels.

Their guardianship is a specific role. Guardian angels care about individual humans, just as all angels, in general, take care of the whole humankind.

They send us messages of love, support, help in times we need it, blessings at other times. Angelic guardians watch over you even if you do not think about them or pray to angels.

Most of the time, we are unaware of their presence. If they see it needed, guardian angels would assure us of their presence.

For example, they could affect electricity, send mysterious pleasant smells, change the temperature in our room. These phenomena should not scare you; your guardian angels want to tell you that you are not alone.

Sometimes, they do so, because they realize we need reassurance and we need to believe we are not lost and abandoned.

At other times, their angelic presence may as well represent their happiness for something we have achieved or realized, especially on a spiritual plan.

If they believe we need more specific help, support or guidance, they would send us symbolic and more complex messages, such as angel numbers.

Angelic Numbers

Angel numbers are a complex type of angelic messages. Angels use numbers, because numbers are loaded with cosmic energy and vibrations.

Each number is a particle of that same energy and each one has special frequency.

Numbers have specific meanings we ascribe to them. Numerology is a pseudo science that could help us find true meaning behind angelic numbers.

If you are at loss about how to recognize angel numbers, let us explain it. Angel numbers look the same as other, ‘normal’ numbers.

However, it is very likely they would be symmetrical in some sense or resembling something very specific to our particular case (a date, for instance).

An angel number could, of course, be a simple one-digit number with an explicit meaning.

Angel Number 6969 – Interesting Information

Angel number 6969 is one of those complex ones, since it is multi digit and since it consists of two basic digits, which are number 6 and 9. These numbers both have powerful energies.

Number 6 represents family, parenthood, kindness, care, nurture, humanitarianism, tolerance, understanding, peace, harmony, empathy, selflessness and self-sacrifice. It represents love and protection, as well.

Number 9 represents unconditional love, passion, compassion, philanthropy, charity, grace, mercy, altruism, benevolence.

It also represents karma, spiritual journey, spiritual enlightenment, perfection, visionary, divine wisdom, mysticism, optimistic spirit and faith. Both numbers are strongly associated with love, service, sympathy and idealism.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 6969 is a number of idealists and dreamers, romantics at heart. It represents a soul that is so full of love that it is indescribable.

This number represents who you are and it is meant to unblock your energy of love, if it was blocked.

It also encourages you to dream on, to find the best way to manifest your love for life. This number is about earthly love and your connection with the higher love, the divine love.

Number 6969 opens up your heart and perspectives, helping you seeing the world from the aspect of the Divine love. Its purpose is to help you direct your energy towards good causes.

You are definitely a person who has incredibly good sense of others needs and who feels obliged to help those in need. You could actually see this as your life call.

If you feel the best when you are helping others, you should pursue a career that deals with humanitarian and philanthropic work.

The message proves it is a good thing and it ants you never to lose your faith in humanity.

It would happen that someone’s lack of gratitude hurts deeply, even if you do everything because you truly believe it was good, not because you want something in return.

The message comes to you in order to strengthen you, to help you find balance between your natural empathy and your activities. It is not easy to take up such a task on yourself, which makes you an incredibly brave person.

Your angels know that, so they send you a bit of blessings from heavens. Do never stop believing.

Number 6969 in Love

As we have seen, this message is mostly about love, but it is also more about love as a high principle, some abstract concept, though manifested in reality on a big plan.

This massage comes to remind you of ‘small loves’ that are in life around you.

While you might feel excellent by doing something for those many weak and helpless, your closest ones also need your love, more cozy and close type of love.

People who work hard for the sake of overall benevolence and out of belief in humanity and out of their ideals sometimes tend to defocus from the minor plan; from their closest loved ones who do not need help of your humanitarian love sort.

They just need your closeness and you in fact need theirs. Do not forget that.

Facts About Number 6969

Number 6969 also resonates with the energy of number 3. Number 3 is the result of the sum of all digits.

Number 3 brings in exactly the type of energy the basic message lacks, that of youthfulness, joy, pure pleasure, inspiration, adventurousness, free spirit, curiosity, playfulness and fun.

It loosens the kind and soft but serious energy of idealistic ‘parent to all’ that 6969 represents in its essence.


Number 6969 is truly a magnificent one. This angelic message encourages humanitarianism in people, emphasizes the importance of love on a major plan and empathy and closeness on a minor plan.

This message usually occurs in idealists and visionary people who find themselves destined to help others.

Those are beautiful personalities, but thing they have to be cautious about is not to lose that same connection with the closest environment.