5656 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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When speaking about good, noble, wise and kind people who selflessly help others, out of their own will and love, we would often compare them to angels.

We always use terms of ‘an angel’ or ‘angelic’ in a positive connotation; the most positive possible. Beautiful things and phenomena are often described as angelic.

For example, we would say about a singer who pleases both ears and the heart to have a voice of an angel. Innocent, lovely children are often compared to angels.

Beautiful people who emit some hardly describable positive energy are also compared to angel.

The same stands for those we recognize as genuinely philanthropic, benevolent, pleasant to be in company with.

The origin of all such comparisons is, of course, the belief in angels as ultimately good, pure celestial spirits that love and protect humankind.

Angels are present in various systems of belief, although the first religious group that comes to one’s mind are Abrahamic religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Angels are to be found in other systems, sometimes even out of any concrete religious system.

Angels are present in many modern amalgams of certain religions, spiritual practices and different philosophies. In each, they bear the connotation of something good and pure.

Angelic Nature

Let us not be too hasty and say angels are capable only of being pure and obedient to Higher Principle, usually understood as God the Almighty, without an actual choice.

They serve God and do heavenly work, which also includes watching over humankind. Well, angels in fact have choice and free will.

If we look into the interpretation that states third part of the heavenly Host had parted with God and abandoned his ways, we could be assured angels have the will to chose.

This information makes us see ‘good’ angels, those who chose to follow the path of God’s grace and goodness, in even more positive light. They are not obedient servants, but followers who decided to be grateful to their Creator and who willingly continue his (good) work.

Angels are, in their essence, immaterial. They are ethereal and their nature is that of spirits.

Their office is what we call ‘angels’, for angel means ‘a messenger’. Angels are divided into orders, they have hierarchy, they have specific tasks, specific domains even.

Some of the orders most are familiar with are that of cherubim and seraphim.

Archangels are also commonly mentioned; they are the highest ranked ones. The rebellious one was also believed to be an archangel, before his fall.

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels could come out of any order. Just as the term ‘angel’ refers to an office, so the term ’guardian angel’ does.

Guardian angels are those who watch over individual human beings, pass down the love of God, send messages of guidance and support.

Angels are believed also to love humankind, but they would never directly interfere with our destinies, even if we were in danger.

They would help us overcome the dire situation by our own strengths.  They could, perhaps, materialize in front of us and interfere, as powerful as they are.

Angels could take up any form they like; we usually imagine them as beautiful supernatural beings, though in human form.

Look up for some classical art paintings or frescoes depicting angels. However, angels do not do so. Why? On one side, it is, perhaps, because we have got estranged from heavenly spirits long ago.

On the other side, their help is meaningful precisely because they do not act directly. Guardian angels are kind and loving, but they want us to build up our confidence, faith, belief in our qualities and ourselves.

They want us to realize our own faults, our advantages, our weaknesses, so that we could work on improving bad ones, reinforcing fragile and develop good ones.

Messages from Angels

For these purposes, angels work through angelic messages. Those messages could come in any form, though usually they are highly symbolic ones.

Angelic presence could be recognized in seemingly odd and even disturbing phenomena, such as flickering lights, pleasant sounds and smells without a visible source, sudden changes of temperature in the air or something else of the sort.

In case you are suspicious, all of these are well intended.

Of course, you should always check out your electronics or whatever else involved, just in case if there was an actual problem that should be fixed as soon as possible.

If there was no problem, angels may have tried to communicate. Angelic messages could be more direct and meant to make you think.

Such are, for example, angel numbers, which is what we are going to talk about more.

Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are one of the types of angelic messages. Angel numbers are usually numerical sequences that present with some peculiar structure, such as that of repetitive digits, symmetrical mirrored digits or same number digits.

Of course, digits could appear totally random or it could be a single digit number.

How to know if it was an angel number, then? Angelic numbers are specific because of their repetitive occurrence.

Any angelic number would occur more than one time over a period. It would seem is if it was all over the place; in your newspaper, a book, on television, on street, in your thoughts and even your dreams.

This would definitely catch your attention and make you wonder.

It is not a reason to be concerned, but it is a reason to search for the meaning of the number that angels have sent you. Angel numbers are best interpreted through (angelic) numerology.

Angel Number 5656 – Interesting Information

Angelic numerology is the same as numerology, but the origin of numbers in one’s life is ascribed to angels. It analyses meaning of these angelic messages by using basic principles of numerology.

What is special about angel number 5656 and why have your guardians decided to send you this one?

First things first, angel number 5656 is complex and it consists of two repeating digits, 5 and 6. Number 5 represents individuality, adventurous spirit, intelligence, uniqueness, versatility.

It also stands for experience, opportunity, expansion, creativity, invention, visionary and self-value in general. However, it is also about kindness, mercy, friendliness and companionship.

Number 6 resonates with energies of unconditional love, peace, balance and harmony. It is about selflessness, self-sacrifice, even, but also about personal integrity.

It is also about home, family, domesticity, service, provision and protection. These two numbers perfectly fit one another.

Meaning and Symbolism

As an angelic message, number 5656 stands for the best qualities in a person, both associated with optimism, love, balance and harmony.

This message encourages one to pursue their visions and ideas, without being afraid to present them to others. This message means sharing is very important in life.

It supports all your uniqueness and it wants to assure you others love you exactly because of who you are.

There would always be those who would not be particularly pleased with your ideas, but that should not discourage you of sharing with others.

Even if they do not fully understand your visions or inspirations, your loved ones would be happy there was something that enlivens your spirit and makes you feel good. You pass on them your good energy by sharing.

It is not about boasting around, but about genuine human need to share good energy and thus receive it back, without asking it in return.

Number 5656 in Love

Number 556 bring especially good vibrations when it comes to love.

It is about domestic love and family life, in the first place. It is about your loved ones accepting you for who you are and vice versa.

The same pattern could be applied on the social aspect of love and, of course, the romantic one.

If you have a partner, it is time to remind yourself of how fortunate you are to have found someone who understands you. If you feel it was not the case, maybe it is time to let it go.

This number is about healthy human relationships, sharing and caring, on any level.

It is greatly about the essential meaning of love. No one desires a toxic relationship; you should value your qualities. If the other one does not want to accept you the way you are or vice versa, well, the thing is clear.

On the other hand, this message encourages every healthy relationship and it would definitely reinforce bonds between people.

Facts About Number 5656

Besides its general vibration, this angel number also has a sub-vibration, to say, of number 4.

Once you sum up all the digits, until there was one digit number left, you will get number 4.

Number 4 makes a base for all the good connection we have mentioned, since it is about organization, structure, conventionalism, tradition, seriousness, practicality, honesty and justice. It provides a good base for everything else here mentioned.


Angel number 5656 is about fine qualities of self-love and shared love. It is about being yourself and not being afraid to share it with closest people.

This message reminds one of the importance of sharing and maintaining good and healthy relationship, based on mutual understanding, acceptance and love.

Angel number 5656 occurs in one’s life to remind him or her of their individual qualities and of the qualities of the union he or she is a part of, especially their family.

This angel number brings in positive vibrations and general optimism.