6767 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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What are angels and what role they play in our lives? Beliefs and stories about angels are many and mostly positive. Angels are frequently mentioned in literature and present in art.

They have always been seen as beautiful, graceful, kind and caring beings, but also strong, powerful, ‘higher’ than us, humans. Angels are good and faithful to the Heavenly Creator.

Angels sincerely love humankind and their help and support come as their choice. One would be wrong to think angels are simply ordered to guide and guard humans. It was something they have decided to do.

Angels are not entities without their own will and consciousness, contrary to popular belief. They can choose the other path, as well.

The biblical sources, apocrypha and other ones teach about the rebellion in heaven that took place before we were created, if we are to believe in this version of the truth. These sources have been all interpreted and re interpreted for thousands of times.

The most widespread opinion on the Bible understands parts of chapters from Isaiah and Ezekiel as those about the fallen angels.

The fallen angels are interesting to us, since they prove angelic spirits not only have free will, but they could deliberately choose to sin. They stood against God and they lost their war.

Nevertheless, it proves they had free will. Moreover, it suggests other angels, loyal to God, have remained loyal because they believed it was good thing to do.

This observation helps us see angels and guardian angels in extremely positive light and true.

They love humankind and they willingly do their task of helping us realize there is goodness in us, heavenly goodness that should eventually lead us to our lost happy state, if we are to stick to the story of the fall.

Angels pass down to us the love of the Divine, but they are much more than unconscious mediums.

Guardian Angels

We have mentioned angels and guardian angels separately, although they are, in their essence, the same.

Guardian angels are not some specific, different type or class of angelic spirits. The guardianship we attribute to them is not their nature, but their divine office.

Angels do many things besides guiding individual human beings. The term we use when referring to these entities also describes the office.

Angels translates to ‘messengers’, while the nature of these messengers is what we could describe as ‘spiritual’ or ‘ethereal’. Guardian angels only have one specific task more.

They are all thought to be ethereal, immortal, shapeless spirits that could take up whatever for they like. They rarely materialize in a form we, humans, could perceive, but they are capable of doing so.

We usually imagine angels, guardians or not (although, all angels are our guardians), as the most beautiful version of a human being. Indeed, they are an image of the Divine, just as it has been told humans are.

However, while we are flesh and bone and mortals, angels are of flexible, soft ethereal matter. Those guardian angels are the same.

Angels have their hierarchies and guardian angels could come from any order. It is believed they guard and guide individual humans regardless of what the latter believe. It does not matter if you belong to an organized religion or not.

As a matter of fact, guardian angels are today often mentioned with paths of belief and disciplines that, on the first sight, have nothing to do with Christianity, for instance.

Angelic Guidance

Guardian angels are determined to help us recognize the part of heavenly energy within us.

They know we could be good and they know we have strength to fight back evil and to grow and develop our qualities of goodness. Angels are amazed by how humans are.

They are our spiritual guides, teachers and heavenly protectors. Their help often comes disguised, to say.

Angelic help comes through different channels, since these spirits do not talk directly to us. Their help and support are indirect, because the purpose of such help is not to resolve dire situations in our place or to spoil us with pleasures that come unexpected.

Although we would often label angelic help as unexpected, we would always be able to connect it with our lives and certain situations.

Angels want us to realize how strong we are and how good we could be. In difficult times, they send us heavenly strength and remind us of our own qualities. In good times, they bless us with heavenly light and help us maintain our positivity.

At all times, they watch over us, although we are mostly unaware of their guardianship, being occupied with our earthly business.

Angel Numbers

Angels often use numbers in order to send us important information. Angel numbers are easy to recognize, because they often come repeatedly, over a period.

You could see one such number everywhere. It could pop up while you are surfing the internet and then on your mobile phone, on the street, in your books or elsewhere. Angels would make sure you notice it.

Numbers resonate with energies of the universe that is of the Divine, if you wish.

Numerology is a pseudo science that could help us understand angelic messages. Angelic numerology is, in fact, what we would focus on.

It is the same thing, but it ascribes numerical messages we receive to angelic origins. The thing you should know is that angel numbers are always good and well intended.

Angel Number 6767 – Interesting Information

Let us now focus on one angelic number in particular. Angel number 6767 is probably the message you have received and now you would like to know its hidden meaning.

Angel number 6767 is complex and it requires interpreting its basic constitutive elements first.

These are two digits the number consist of, 6 and 7. Six is the number of balance, harmony, unconditional love and tolerance.

This number is mostly associated with the family life domain, with parenthood, care for others, humanitarianism, self-sacrifice, kindness, nurture, protection and provision. It is the number of peace, gratitude, modesty, even.

Number 7 is very different, since it is mostly oriented inwards. It is the number of inner wisdom, spiritual development, and spiritual journey.

Number 7 is also about solitude, isolation, search for knowledge, intellect, learning, non-conformism, independence, individualism, enlightenment. Both numbers are associated with idealism, though in different directions.

Moreover, these numbers follow one another, with represents gradual personal development. Let us see into it.

Meaning and Symbolism

Number 6767 represents development, from mundane to spiritual, from collective to individual, from realistic to abstract.

This angelic number marks your internal and external journey and its crossroads phase.

It is a good thing; the message suggests you are a step closer to self-realization on another level. You are starting to realize how much potential you have, in terms of your spiritual, inner self.

This message represents a true blessing. People commonly neglect their own needs, because they care much about others. This message suggests you are returning to balance or that you are achieving this kind of balance.

Your humanitarian qualities would not go away, but now you will become capable of synchronizing your humanitarianism with genuine self-development.

Moreover, it means that through your kindness and your caring self you will reach another level of appreciating yourself and developing your spiritual self.

These things sound abstract, but they have all been there all the time.

However, many people fail to realize it. Your angels kindly remind you of that and help you reach a new level of consciousness.

Number 6767 in Love

In love, angel number 6767 has extremely positive meaning. It indicates your romantic connection with someone will develop to another level.

From amorousness, it will eventually become true love. You are being connected with your partner on more than pure physical level.

It is something more than pure emotions; you are getting connected spiritually. If you are single, the message suggests you will probably experience such a special connection with someone new in your life.

Facts About Number 6767

Angel number 6767 is complex for another reason. It has an undertone, which is the vibration of number eight. If you sum up all the digits, you will end up with 26.

Sum up the digits of 26 and you will get eight.

Number 8 proves the idea of the development and it represents the phase that comes even after you accomplish this new ‘spiritual level’ self-realization.

Number 8 represents stability, patience, abundance, materiality, safety and security. Number 8 stands for pragmatism, ego, professionalism, self-reliance, manifestation, efficiency, challenge, a desire for peace, stability and harmony in overall humanity.

It stands for inner wisdom and trustworthiness, as well as for the perfect insight. Coming after 6 and 7, it represents the next step for you. It encircles both energies of 6 and 7 and leads to stability, balance between your humanitarian self, your spiritual self and your practical self.


Number 6767 is about self-realization on all levels, from becoming aware of the value of your humanitarian, caring nature, over developing and growing your inner world, nurturing your inner self with knowledge and spiritual recognition, to finding balance in both the material and spiritual realm.

This number is perfectly well composed and it basically represents the idea of progress on a personal level.

Number 6767 is a sign your angels send you in order to tell you that you are on a good path to self-realization.

This is not a message that says you will succeed in one particular field of life.

This is a message that says you have all the skills, gifts and talents to develop to the best version of yourself.

Moreover, this message proves it is a natural path of a human being. Self-realization comes through all we experience in life and it is important to recognize and value all types of our experiences.