Angel Number 77 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Whenever a number is following you around, be sure that you are being watched by your guardian angls.

Their love and care for you know no boundaries, which is why they are always worried about your safety and well-being.

Angel numbers always have a special message behind them, and this message should be deciphered if we want to apply the advice from the divine fores on our life.

Angel numbers can appear almost anywhere, so keep your soul and your eyes open if you really want to see these numbers.

Angel Number 77 – Interesting Information

Angel number 77 represents people who are very determined and strong-willed. These people are easily recognizable among many others. By composition these people are determined and reigning, and in character they are constant.

Born under this number are of medium height, dark hair, strong eyebrows and striking facial features.

People born under this number are basically “liquid fire”. This female is always in conflict and the overcoming of two opposing forces: soul or body, love or hatred, force or intuition, feelings or passions, death, destructiveness or creation.

This character represents one of the most controversial characters. Some people even feel irrational discomfort in the company of people born in that sign, because it is the ruler of the eighth house – the Houses of Death.

People born under this number are preoccupied with thinking about death, life after death, spiritual phenomena, and succession. They are people who need emotional and spiritual security. Their pronounced and instinctive sexuality is an expression of the deep need for security that will be gained through merging with another person – whether on material strength, sex or spiritual knowledge.

Freedom is the only condition for reaching so much inaccessible and desired emotional peace. People born under this number under the influence of three explosive rulers receive the same explosive power both in aggressiveness and in eroticism, in creation and in destruction (self-destruction).

They are endowed with great vitality and durability, the ability to look deeper into things. Hence their mystery. A powerful intuition enables them to distinguish between good and evil, truth and lies, weaknesses and mistakes. But with their lives and affinities, they will nevertheless try to capture these opposites in a meaningful whole.

They are very vindictive, they will never forget other’s wrongdoing – they will immediately destroy the enemies to the end or gradually destroy them. Their ego is complete. They know what they are and what they are not and they are futile are all attempts to change them.

Meaning and Symbolism

Lacking, reserved, confident, steadfast, analytical, mysterious, and great inner wisdom are the basic traits that are attributed to the symbolism of the number seven. In it we see sublime areas of existence, firm faith, but also secrecy, good intuition and almost everyday pursuit of those most cordial answers to ultimate philosophical questions.

Number seven is different from previous six numbers that represent the disruptions and worries of everyday, worldly life, with number 7 we are coming into a special, completely new dimension, and this number is a bridge between “lower” and “higher” world. She is a real little researcher who came to this world to perfect her knowledge in the field of life on earth.

Although sometimes it can come off as too serious, distanced and cold, the week is actually just great in hiding things, hiding secrets, analyzing and gathering all the info that help us get the meaning of the problem, but also the world around you. It is true that this is an eternal skeptic, who is always ready to express his views, but who also behaves as though none of the others needed it. It is mysterious both in terms of its thoughts and its own feelings, so people from its immediate surroundings can be seen as a flipchart that searches for everything for fault, error, and imperfection.

The fact is that a week in a way is a true loner who rather only sees others without any particular desire to engage in conversation or some specific activity, but that certainly does not mean that she does not like people.

On the contrary! Her biggest problem lies in the fact that she cannot stand or understand at a certain moment, so she often follows the feeling that she is different and out of all possible events around her. Even when she is lonely, she cannot search for society or ask for something from others.

Another problem facing almost all people born under the number 7 is the non-stop avoidance of confrontation. When they sense there is a problem that could escalate into something more, they would rather retreat into her world surrounded by the real little Chinese wall.

That’s why it’s so hard for the others to get its extremely complicated nature, and for a seven it often feels hurt and omitted, although it almost never shows. It can be said with full entitlement that, in moments when it is felt to be rejected, the seven in turn rejects others. Such a vicious circle cannot be good, so it is of utmost importance that each seven learns in the course of time how to trust more people and function within the group.

Only a strong belief can save this person and fill the emptiness they so often sense. And only when this person understands how to give away all his wisdom and all his miraculous experiences with others – only then will he find calmness and tranquility for which he searches so much.

Number 77 in Love

The number 77 is telling your to embrace love and let it into your life. In love, many think in the categories “or, or”. Today we know that it is neither good nor egoist, nor altruist who is selflessly given to others. Egoists eventually remain alone, and altruists eventually find that sacrifice for others has led them to consider themselves as victims.

The third position that someone at the same time likes both themselves and others, although it is optimal, has no special name, which is why many are unclear. Like those whom others perceive as selfish, selfish, selfish, and selfish – they need to learn to love others, so those who sacrifice in the name of love for others need to learn to love themselves.

One way in which a person can show himself a positive attitude is to treat him in the same way that he treats the people he likes. As we can express love to others by sending them a nice word, a gentle touch, giving them gifts, doing things for them, and devoting time to them – also we can do it for ourselves.

It is good to praise yourself, to recognize your own quality, or to comfort yourself in the course of the day with his inner speech. It is also important to take care of your body, to anoint yourself with some touch that expresses love. Those who do not, they can sometimes process themselves by purchasing something that means to them and what they will be happy to be. To do something to yourself means to ask yourself, “What would you like to do now?” And then go to some nice place, engage in some kind of pleasant activity, or make some pleasure for yourself, even if you prepare yourself a favorite dish.

It is very important to take time for yourself. People who never have time for themselves do not realize that it just means they are not important enough to devote time to themselves. If we never have time for something, it means that this is not important to us and we dedicate it to something more important to us.

Expressing love for oneself only with one language of love is not usually sufficient, so it is recommended that a person learns to do it at least three different ways, which should over time transform into a habit that expresses a new attitude towards them.

Although caring for love for you helps us feel better, it cannot replace the feeling of love that occurs when we receive love from others. Taking self-love does not reduce the need to be loved by others.

It also helps in the relationship of love to others because a person who accepts and loves himself knows that he deserves the love of others.

Facts About Number 77

The life lesson that the number seven brings with it is: I dedicate my life to the search for truth in the desire to eternally radiate this truth!

Although at first glance may seem strange, the perfectionism that this number constantly searches for in its surroundings is in itself in itself! But just because it is often unwilling to accept faith and hope as the main signs on the way to figuring out the greatest secrets of the world – a seven of wandering and creates a chaos that makes it unfortunate.

Innate line to question all doubts and questions is great for jobs that include investigative work, so this person can be a great investigator, archeologist, geologist, analyst, astronomer, and great handler of technology.

The symbol of the seven is a combination of squares and triangles, the corresponding Uranus planet, and the colors highlight in particular pearl white, purple and red. The precious stones and minerals are pink quartz and ahat, and correspond with flowers to poppy and sunflower.


Angel number 77 represents people who are very determined and strong-willed. These people are easily recognizable among many others. By composition these people are determined and reigning, and in character they are constant.

Born under this number this sign are medium height, dark hair, strong eyebrows and striking facial features. Number 7 has a special meaning and it is considered very lucky, so keep your eyes open for this number because it can bring great changes into your life.