7171 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Do you think celestial forces somehow influence our lives?

People often blame dark energies for their own mistakes and negativity that exists in the world, even if it was of human design, to say.

It is similar with good and positive deeds and phenomena, though we somehow put more accents on those negative ones, very likely simply because we feel them out of place, disturbing and threatening.

The interference and influence of immaterial forces has always been intriguing to humanity. We cannot tell for sure what is true and what is not.

However, there have been moments in all of our lives that made us wonder if such a thing exists. Moreover, some people are convinced there are heaven and hell, that there are angels and demons, that there is god and that there was the devil.

In various religious and spiritual systems, you could find versions of existential, mysterious cosmologies that include forces of good and evil.

Today we will be talking about one especially positive category of celestial spirits, of angels and their numerical messages to humankind. First, let us dwell upon the angelic nature for a few passages.

Who are they or, if you wish, what are angels? It is commonly believed that they were spirits created by the Most High principle, God. It is believed that these spirits are pure, good and ultimately connected with the Deity.

However, angels are not without conscious and will; they serve and follow the Divine path because they want to do so.

If you search about it, you will certainly find other opinions, according to which angels are completely Ego-less and without free will. Well, the Bible never states so. Angels are capable of sin, but it is exactly their conscious and reason prevent them from it and make them realize that the heavenly paths are perfectly good.

How could we know that? Well, you are certainly familiar with the story about rebel angels and their archangelic leader, formerly the best and the most magnificent of angels.

This interpretation of the Bible clearly shows angels can decide to act out of their free will; the question is whether such a decision was good or not. It is proved as vain and the rebel angels fell, seducing humankind and making it companion of their fall.

Guardians From Heavens

Now, this interesting interpretation, though not very fortunate in its outcome, tell us a bit more on angelic nature.

These spirits who remained loyal to God have seen and they still see the Divine power and they know and believe it was good. They want to help us to regain our long lost happy state.

They do so by guiding us throughout out earthly lives. There are many different beliefs and opinions on the matter, so we mostly talk in generalized terms.

Guardian angels are guiding and protective angels that care about each human being. They are not a type of angels; it is their office, the guardianship. They are loving and the caring ones.

Angels of Heavens would never do us any harm. However, their help might seem distant at times. They do not interfere with our decisions and activities; they help us indirectly. First, angels are immaterial, ethereal spirits that could take up the shape they like.

However, it has been long since humans have conversed with angels for real, if we look into old religious texts or tales. Maybe we have simply got so far and estranged from one another.

On the other hand, angelic help finds its accomplishment exactly in the fact that it was indirect.

Through angelic messages, we learn more about ourselves, than about angels or heavenly powers. At the same time, we are being constantly reassured that there were indeed some forces watching over us and loving us.

These aspects of angelic help are both of great value and true help to humankind. Angelic messages help us find answers within our souls and accept guidance from above.

Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are messages that our guardian angels send to us for a reason. They would choose specific numerical combinations, according to our need.

We might not be aware we need anything, but our heavenly guardians know us, their perception is very different from ours.

Angel numbers are those you keep seeing around and often think about them. It is that same number you have been seeing all over the place.

For example, a person could be seeing the same number on their mobile phone, their computer, while surfing the internet, on the streets, in the house, in books et cetera.

Sometimes people also dream about the same number all over again.

This repetitive pattern or possibly the awkwardness of a place or a situation in which it occurs makes you easily realize such a number must be special.

Angel Number 7171 – Interesting Information

Of course, regardless of how this phenomenon might appear odd, angel numbers are never meant to harm you.

They might bring in a little disturbance, but the pint is to make you think and search for their meaning.

Numerology will give you answers about your angel numbers. You could see it from many angles and combine more than one way of understanding it.

Let us now see into number 7171. This number contains two basic numbers, seven and one.

Number 7 represents spiritual journey and enlightenment, wisdom, science, philosophy, individualism, solitude, non-conformist spirit, knowledge, inner self, silence, stoicism, dignity, perfection and refinement.

It vibration is highly individualistic and inclined towards the spiritual realm, but also about manifestation in time and space.

Number 1 is about being the first, about glory, ambition, authority, success, fame, force, energy, leadership and self-confidence. It is about courage and bravery, about optimism and endurance.

Number 1 is also about independence, progress motivation and building up your own world and your own reality. It is about happiness, fulfillment, determination and pursing goals.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 7171 is greatly about individualism. It means now it is the time fully to concentrate and focus on what you really want to do and discover or let in what inspires you the most.

It is more common that angels want us to find balance between our individualism and the world around us. This time, they really mean you should find the balance within, within the world.

It sounds the same, but it is not. Now it is the time to forget a bit about the world and explore your own soul. The would never be far away.

Soon you will realize that it is finding inner balance and peace that would bring you back to this life. You are free to take up a more self-centered journey.

Of course, it does not mean you should not care about others. On the contrary, this angelic message teaches you to find the best qualities within and use them to achieve your goals.

This message, with its strongly spiritual individualistic vibration, will help you widen your perception of the world.

It could be that the time has come to stop acting and start thinking more. You are very likely a highly intellectual, philosophical individual, though even more likely very courageous, energetic and active by nature.

The inner balance is probably disturbed, so you need a time to reset and restore your energies, both mental and physical.

Number 7171 in Love

Angel number 7171 is more about self-love than about anything else. This is about self-time and self-indulgence, but not in any brutish form.

It is about self-care, in terms of sophisticated knowledge, learning, experiencing new things, especially in an intellectual sense.

This is a message about not giving a thing about being alone, if you were. You should take out the best of it and work on your qualities.

If you are in a relationship or married, or if you have family, it means you should probably focus more on your inner needs. Maybe you spend too much time thinking only about others.

While it is good to some point, it is not something you should do all the time, both for others’ sake and especially for yours. You cannot fix everything and always please everyone; however, you can both fix and please yourself.

Facts About Number 7171

Angel number 7171 is loaded with spiritual energy of number 7, since the sum of the digits is 16, while 1 plus 6 equal 7.

This means you should really focus on your inner world. Usually these things are not encouraged at the cost of other things.

However, it appears that you have lost connection with your inner self and you have an amazing potential to discover fantastic things in these terms.

It could also happen that you are deeply in your inner world, but lost between countless thoughts, concepts and ideas.

Now it is the time to step aside and look at your inner world as if you are an outer viewer.

You are still there, but you see the field from a bird’s perspective. It should help you find the thread you were searching for.


Angel number 7171 is basically about finding your inner self or about restoring it. We sometimes neglect our inner world because of strongly focusing on present realities.

However, when a person is an intellectual, an imaginative, spiritual and non-conformist by nature, these things could become very problematic, very disheartening.

None of the extremes is good. One should keep touch with the reality, but also to embrace his or hers inner world.

This inner world is abstract and, though it appears not to be of this world; it manifests itself in every single action or decision you make in earthly life.

Therefore, you should never shut it down.

This message is full of this type of spiritual energy and it would help you see the doors that lead into your magnificently rich inner world.