7070 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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People have always been interested in celestial forces and energies of the universe.

Various religious and spiritual systems have been trying to answer the questions regarded our existence and our purpose in this world.

The ultimate ground of human existence has been the common subject of different religions, but also philosophies and, of course, science. We still have no straight answer.

Angelic beings are commonly mentioned when we speak about the heavenly influence. In many systems of beliefs they are referred to as some kind of benevolent, good spirits that carry messages and energy of the Divine principle, the Deity, God in Abrahamic religions and more. These spirits are often seen as protectors of the humankind.

It is believed angels deeply care about human world and that they, in fact, pass down to us the ultimate love of God.

There are different versions of this ultimate force that organizes all life; there are different beliefs about why we are here and how we got here in the first place, different opinions on human nature and human imperfection. Angels regularly ‘pop up’ within these ideas.

Angels are a synonym for something pure, good, divine, innocent and beautiful. We would attribute the term ‘angelic’ to a person who is benevolent, selfless, caring and gentle, but also tone that is incredibly beautiful in appearance.

Angels are also seen as powerful and brave spirits, who are capable of resisting evil forces and darkness. They are kind and good, but also strong and firm.

Dualistic approach to understanding this world is not the only one. However, it is how people sometimes think about the forces setting this world into motion.

Thinking in dual terms help us better understand and explain things and, more than anything else, to give them value. Without darkness, there could be no light, many would say. Negative and positive forces, if we set up things like this, make purpose of one another.

If everything were good, why would we need our angelic guardians. What would their task be? What would ours existence look like? Well, the only sincere answer is that we have no idea.

Angels work their best to help us find back our way to our lost happy state or simply guide us towards achieving it.

Angels of Heaven

Let us go through the very idea of angels and their nature. Angels are to be found in different systems of belief.

They could be seen as actual supernatural beings or as a manifestation of the universal energy, or both. They are immortal, immaterial, ethereal spirits.

They could take up the form they like. Some people claim they have seen angels, but angels usually do not materialize in our earthly realms. It is not excluded that they could do it.

We usually represent angels in human form; search for paintings and artworks that represent angels in art history.

Our perception cannot comprehend the ethereal, so far. We paint, describe, sculpt and imagine angels as something we could comprehend as the most beautiful and perfect, which is, indeed, angelic essence. Angels often represent divine perfection and divine light.

The place that often confuses people, when speaking about angels, is the question of angelic free will.

People usually rush and say angels do not have ego and that they only do God’s work, like mediums. However, it is not exactly true. If we look up for angels in biblical sources, we could not conclude angels have no free will.

Moreover, if we take up the traditional interpretation of the text, which tells about the fall of angels, things become a bit different.

This interpretation shows angels could sin, meaning they could decide not to follow God’s path and that they could do things they want to, be those good or bad.

The story about that pre-ancient war in heaven tells about the mightiest and the most beautiful angel who grew proud exactly because of his qualities and decided overthrow God.

Almighty as it is believed God is, the Divine Creator expelled the rebellious from heaven.

The story brings us to two conclusions. One is that the Divine principle is matchless and that it should be so; the other is that angels can act out of their own will and convictions.

This is very important to us, if we want to understand the nature of guardian angels, which are, in their essence, exactly the same as all angels, for they are not a separate type of angels.

Guardian Angels

Although the belief in guardian angels evolved to be separate from traditional beliefs and not strictly bound to Christianity or other organized concept mentioning angels, the nature of angels could be similarly understood.

These kind spirits have the role of guardians, while their nature is ethereal. If we think of them as entities that have willingly choose their divine path, it makes them even more worth of our admiration.

Guardian angels are individual guardians. It is believed that each human has his or her guardian angels.

These guardians come and go as they feel they were needed. Some of them are associated with additional roles, such as that of a healer, for example.

In any case, al angels act as our spiritual healers. They teach us the path of righteousness through their subtle and meaningful messages.

Angelic Influence

Sometimes angels only want to make us sure we are guided and protected from heavens. They would act through different mediums, not directly.

For example, angels could manifest as sudden pleasant smells or gentle sounds, a change in the air and temperature, flickering, sparkly lights and else.

These phenomena are usually understood as some kind of spiritual presence; they are commonly associated with guardian angels.

Signs, such as seeing a white feather, a white butterfly or a dove are also commonly identified as angelic messages. However, there are situations that require more precise ones.

If that was the case, angels would chose other channels and mediums. For example, they could send us words or numbers. We are specifically interested into numerical angelic messages, angel numbers.

Angel Numbers

Why are angel numbers special and how to recognize them? Angel numbers are special because they are meaningful.

They were specifically selected by our guardian angels, with a purpose to teach us something or to make us realize something.

Angel numbers are not random numbers you see all around, but numbers that keep occurring in one’s life over a period. They are very stubborn in their occurrence, to say.

These numbers could be simple, one-digits or complex ones. They are commonly symmetrical in appearance and sequence, because such combinations carry stronger vibrations and also more easily catch our attention.

Angel numbers usually occur in one’s daily life, during the most routine activities.

For example, you could start seeing the same one in books, on computer, outside, at your work or elsewhere.

The true meaning of such a number is always best understood through numerology.

Numerology carefully examines cosmic vibrations of numbers; it claims everything in the universe is consisted of numbers.

Angels could be understood as the same in essence with such abstract energies. They know the power of numbers and they use them to send us both their energy and meanings we read.

Angel Number 7070 – Interesting Information

Angel number 7070 is an extremely powerful number, as it consists of two numbers loaded with spiritual energy not only in its essence, but also in its meaning.

Let us first tell about the energy of number 0, since this number not only has its own vibration and meaning, but it also amplifies the vibration of any number it stands along. Number 0 is Alpha and Omega, all and nothing, full and empty.

Zero represents the continual, everlasting, eternal existence of the energy. It symbolizes infinity, endlessness, circling power of energy. It represents beginnings and endings that are part of the ultimate existence that is everlasting.

Number zero is not easy to comprehend, because it definitely resonates with God’s energy in its purest form. We could also think of it is of source of energy.

Zero greatly contributes to one’s spiritual development, especially when it stands beside one of the most enlightening numbers, to say, number 7. Seven has always been associated with mysticism.

Seven deadly sins, seven seals, seven heroes concept, as well. Number 7 represents individualism, enlightenment, spiritual journey, spiritual awakening.

Number 7 represents knowledge, philosophy, learning, teaching, discovery, exploration, self-realization, self-development, non conformism, individualism, uniqueness, mysticism, eccentric, unconventional, wisdom and inner wisdom.

It is the number of solitude, isolation, introverted spirit. It is a number of inner content we search for, of our personal purpose we would love to discover.

Meaning and Symbolism

Considering how spiritual and specific are components of this angel number, the message of 7070 could be seen as a celestial blessing.

This is a message of insight, of opening op your perception for higher principles, higher and deeper understanding of the world.

This number re connects one with the spiritual realm. It is almost as if you could talk with your guardian angels. This number is about self-awareness, about spiritual awareness.

Number 7070 comes to you for a reason and with the firm conviction of your guardians that you can handle such a strong energy. It directs you towards your inner world, which is a risky endeavor.

This angel number is a message that should help you dive deep into the spiritual self, without losing touch with reality. It is, indeed, about stepping away from the regular earthly existence.

Number 7070 in Love

Number 7070 is not particularly associated with love in common sense, with romantic love or love for your dear ones.

It is more about spiritual love. It is about love that comes to you from heavens above and your ability to feel it, your capacity to receive it, which is a rare gift.

Since this is also a number of manifestations, it indicates your realization, your touch with celestial love would definitely manifest itself in some aspect of earthly love domain, which is just amazing.

Facts About Number 7070

Angel number 7070 resonates also with energy of the number 5, since it is the result of numerology calculation for 7070.

Number 5 promotes creativity, adventurous spirit, openness, learning through experience, independence, pleasure seeking, and artistic genius.

It is just what this perfect spiritual combination needs so that you pursue your spiritual path, while still fully experiencing earthly life and, actually, perfectly combine the two domains.


Angel number 7070 is mostly about self-realization in spiritual domain and its most magnificent manifestation in earthly, tangible domain.

It is about your mental and your spiritual capacities.

This angel number encourages your pursuit of knowledge, refinement and perfection.

This angel number is a true gem, as it is also a proof of the belief your guardian angels have in you.