8989 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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According to various religious and belief systems, we are not alone in this life. There are forces that exist on some other level than our physical world.

We love to focus on those we regard as good ones, positive energies that guide and guard us, guardian angels. Belief in protective spirits is widespread throughout the globe.

They are to be found throughout history and all around the world. We refer to them as guardian angels.

In some cultures, there is no specific belief in guardian angels, though there were spirits with the same or similar purpose.

Angels are present in different systems, but we usually think of those from Abrahamic religions.

Belief in guardian angels is also present in these and elsewhere. In fact, one could believe in guardian angels, without being actively involved with any of organized religious or spiritual systems.

Let us talk a bit on angels, since we have to understand the angelic nature, in order to understand what these spirits have to do with us and how guardian angels are involved with our human destinies.

Angels are believed to be ethereal beings, formless, without physical body, though they have power of taking up any form they like. Since we think of them as pure, good and beautiful spirits, we usually imagine them as the embodied in the most perfect human form.

Although angels do not speak to common people directly, they make sure we receive their messages that are, in fact, messages of the Most High Principle, through different channels and mediums.

Angels themselves are God-loving and obedient. They are thought to be the deity’s faithful servants. There is more to it, perhaps.

People commonly think angels are completely without will of their own. That might not be entirely true.

Celestial Guardians

Lt us dwell upon this subject for a little bit more, since it would help us understand the role of our heavenly guardians better. If angels would not have free will, they could be seen only as an extension of the Divine power.

In a way, they are. However, their choice to do the God’s work makes their purpose even more valuable.

These good spirits have chosen to do so. In that sense, their guidance and protection are, indeed, an extension of God’s work, but it is a conscious and willing activity. The reason to believe in angelic free will could be found in the mythical fall of the rebel angels.

If these had no free will, they could never rebel; they could never have their own designs and decide to break away.

The rebellious ideas we speak about are described as very conscious decision and actions; therefore, angels, even the highest of ranks, could decide to part with God and pursue their own goals.

This course of action seems to have ended badly for the rebellious, but still it proves angels have free will.

Those who decided to follow God and stay on the side of Heaven had their choices made. Guardian angels are believed to belong to that heavenly Host. Guardian angels could be out of any of the heavenly angelic ranks; they are not a spate class.

These guardian spirits care about humanity on behalf of the deity.

They come to our aid, though indirectly, to help us resist temptations and evil. Above all else, they want us to believe in the good in ourselves; they want us to believe in virtue, never to lose our faith and to believe we have strength to overcome our difficulties.

We do, angels know that, but we seem to forget about it.

Angel Numbers

How then the angles help us, if they were not directly involved?

They help us by sending messages. Angelic messages are not an instant help. They are meant to make us think, feel, decide and act on our own accord.

These messages are loaded with symbolic meanings, though not difficult o recognize and understand. It takes just a bit of effort and willingness to do so.

One of the channels angels would choose are numbers. When sent to us by angels, numbers become angel or angelic numbers. If you wonder how to recognize angel numbers, we would love to tell you it is easy.

Angel numbers usually occur more than once, over a certain period. Angels would make sure you receive them as a message.

For example, you could start seeing the same number in various unexpected places. It could be literally any number and it would draw you attention by appearing everywhere.

Commonly, angel numbers present with some kind of symmetry; they are consisted of the same digits, doubled digits, digits in a row or else.

The structure of the number tells also about the complexity of the message.

Angel numbers are best understood through numerology. It is also called angelic numerology, when we speak about the meaning of numbers that are believed to be angelic messages.

Angel Number 8989 – Interesting Information

Angel number 8989 is a special message sent to you by your guardian angels. Now, why would they choose this complex four-digit number?

Let us see into its structure. This angelic number consists of two digits repeated, number 8 and 9.

Each of these has a specific vibration and symbolic meaning. Angel number 8 stands for abundance, finances, provision, investments, self-confidence, stability, organization, planning and else related.

Number 9 is more abstract and spiritual, more intuitive, to say.

This is a number that represents universal love, karmic energy, spiritual enlightenment, wisdom, empathy, compassion, magnetism, sympathy, philanthropy, humanitarianism, selflessness.

It is more spiritual and emotional, while 8 is more material and physical, though also related to giving and receiving and stable and honest relationship with people.

Meaning and Symbolism

The message of number 8989 is very optimistic and positive. This number perfectly embodies the equilibrium between our spiritual and our materialistic aspect of life and ourselves as complete personalities.

In this combination, the equilibrium is more emphasized and stronger than in related ones, such as 8686 and 8787.

In this one, the balance is achieved or soon to be achieved. Your angels send this number to encourage you and to assure you that you are on a good path. The message speaks about nourishment of both our inner self and our attitude towards the world.

This message speaks about how you could use your practically skills in order to enrich your soul and vice versa.

It speaks about how your kind words could mean world to other people, while at other times, your practical support could mean a lot.

The message is karmic; one would reap what one sows. In this case, the message tells your harvest would be abundant.

Number 8989 in Love

Number 8989 brings good news when it comes to love. It speaks about the highest form of love, universal love that is really distributed between people.

It tells about the richness of your relationships with people in general. As for romantic love, it is a good omen.

It suggests that your romantic relationship would pass on to a higher or, better to say, deeper level of love, understanding, compassion, support.

For single ones, it anticipates a new, maybe unexpected, though incredibly fulfilling relationship.

This is a message of the most beautiful, mature romantic love.

It is about serious love, full commitment and devotion to your partner, however, not about a relationship you will lose your personality within.

It is about love between two fully formed, mature, understanding, passionate and loving human beings, capable of valuing themselves and the other one. We could be very romantic on this and call it a ‘true love’.

Facts About Number 8989

Number 8989, as complex as it was, hides another number within. Its vibrations are an undertone to the whole message. The number is that of 8, again.

Numerology works by summing up the digits of the number it interprets, until a single digit number is left. In this case, it is number8.

It means the energy of number 8 is strong in this combination. It is a good thing, since spiritual, karmic 9 is in its essence very powerful. Additional 8 only balances the combination better.


Angel number 8989 is one of the most positive complex numerical angelic messages one could receive. This angel number is definitely that of unconditional angelic love and support.

It is not a warning sign or a message that should improve things. It is a message that should remind you on all those qualities your already have within and around.

We sometimes get used to those or tend to turn to little negativities and forget the good sides.

This angelic number does not restore your faith; it only confirms it and gives additional wind into your sails.