Angel Number 2144 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Until the realization, man does not come by adopting the truth from the outside, but by finding it in to you.

So Socrates’s basic principle of life was: get to know yourself. Consequently, Socrates considered that no one, even himself, could teach anyone anything, but could only point out and help him to know the truth in himself, i.e. His soul can help give birth to the truth with which she is burdened.

He argued for himself that the eyewitness, whose task is helping people to reach the truth in themselves, not the teacher.

Our guardian angels assist us in finding that truth by sending us angel numbers and by helping us decipher the hidden messages behind them.

Angel Number 2144 – Interesting information

According to Socrates’ conviction, truth itself is the greatest good in itself, and only in truth is possible, it is only good that is true, then it is untruth possible only as evil, and evil as untruth.

So whoever works in the untruth is doing evil, as well as evil can do only one who acts in the untruth (unconscious).

There is no matter who does evil or in which the truth is wrong, because if they are true and well, then their injuries are general. In other words, a violation of the truth in relation to any human being is a violation of one’s own truth, and evil done to any man, evil has been done to him.

Nobody, Socrates believes, would do evil on purpose deliberately, i.e. when he knew what was good for him.

Therefore, everyone who does otherwise does this only from ignorance.

So Socrates concludes: ignorance is the source of all the evil. And I would add ignorance of which we are the source of all the evil and suffering of today’s man.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 2144 is a combination of angel numbers 2, 1 and 4.

These numbers all have something valuable to share with you and the power of these numbers is in their symbolism.

Angel number 1 symbolizes you as an individual with your strengths and weaknesses that you can both use in your advantage.

The angel number 2 is a symbol of duality and being there for others just as much as they are there for you.

The angel number 4 is a symbol of knowledge and strong conviction, so we can only conclude that our guardian angels want us to take our lives seriously and live them to our fullest potential.

Facts about Number 2144

Angel number 2144 is often used as a house number or street number, but it is also a marking for many various objects.

Number 2144 in Love

Happiness actually has little to do with romance apart from helping us keep the illusion that we are finding helpless partners in finding a partner and thus releasing our responsibilities.

Most people are actively engaged in finding a partner and only hope for the best. They do not forget to “write and send an application”. Let’s take this example gambling in Las Vegas. Most people put the coin into a slot machine and then plead to get it. The professional gamblers, on the other hand, do everything in their power to increase the chances.

You probably fall into the first group when it comes to love, put in a coin and hope you get (know the right person). Maybe you will, but the chances are minimal.

If you did not know, most other people are like professional gamblers when it comes to love, they will do everything in their power to meet the partner of their dreams.

People who “have no luck” in love are prayed, wanting, hoping and dreaming about an ideal partner, but what they lack is a strategy or action plan.

Such individuals invest more concrete efforts in preparing a birthday party or a barbecue party than in the most important thing in life – finding partners. This myth is similar to the first to assume that the links are pre-defined, depending on the happiness and the mortal hands outside our hands.

Another myth presupposes that people have no control over what we will fall in love with and whom to marry, and that we have to be content with what the sky sends to us. Many because of this myth remain in very bad connections.

And while this myth is very romantic, he denies that people take responsibility for their own lives. It leaves you to the grace and inevitability of some imaginative “big plan”, and in fact other people then take control of your lives and the freedom to make decisions. Freedom of will is a fundamental feature of most religions and modern religions.

If so, then after the death of a wife or wife, it would not be possible to find happiness, and as far as we know, no religion is opposed to finding a new one after the death of the spouse.

There is much more than just a real partner for us and our job is to find those potential partners. To find the potential partners we need, we need to develop a strategy. Look at it like this.

There are many more than one home where you could live perfectly happy, and there are many partners you could live happily with. If you can get to know them you can fall in love with any of them. The key is to set the criteria, take the right action and then let the nature to do its job.

Look at it this way, if you knowingly want to fall in love with a tall boyfriend, “lose” time on soccer matches.

It may seem that you are very busy and you are investing a lot of time in finding a partner, but it does not make any difference.

One friend decided to marry a woman who is beautiful, earns enough and has the same faith as him.

She came out with women only after she checked where they were doing their education and religion, and what she considered beautiful.

By circling with the rich, beautiful women of the same religion, he could then afford to fall in love with any one of them.


Romance and love at first glance are an integral part of our fantasies about finding a partner and having a happy life. We like to listen to stories about people who met and fall in love at first glance.

We do not say that cannot happen, but that’s unlikely. Much more often, love develops among people who have common interests and ties.

Love develops from common interests, mutual respect and friendship. That is why the partner’s finding strategy can increase the chances of love being happening to us.

Surround yourself and socialize with people who respond to your desirable traits, with whom you share common interests and show respect for them. Only then will love come “from within”.