9090 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Many people believe higher forces guide us. You could call them universal energy, angels, good spirits, God, deities or whatever you like or whatever fits your spiritual convictions and/or religious beliefs.

In modern day, people seem to be more focused on reality, technology and science than on the spiritual realm. However, it only seems so.

In the latest times, there appear to be not so clear boundaries between metaphysical and purely logical or strictly scientific.

For example, over recent decades, it seems that the interest into alternative practices, namely those that originate from the east have been growing. Today, it is more common to talk about yoga, Ayurveda, crystal therapy or some other similar concepts than it was before.

In addition, none of these concepts is necessarily in contradiction with already established religious beliefs and systems. It seems that today we have an amalgam of ancient practi9ces revived, dominant religious systems, various philosophical beliefs and more.

Belief in angels and, particularly, in guardian angels easily falls under this category of amalgam beliefs.

Although in Western world and, well, in global society people usually associate angels with Abrahamic religions, they are to be found in other systems and it is not necessary for one to be a declared Christian or else, in order to believe in celestial power of good spirits we call guardian angels.

Let us talk more about angels and their nature.

Who Are Angels?

Maybe a better question would be ‘what are angels’. Angels are thought to be ethereal spirits, beings of light, of celestial essence, immaterial, formless and immortal.

However, angels could take up any shape they like, in order to perform their ‘airy purposes’, as John Milton says in his famous poem that has a lot to tell about angelic beings, in the poets sense.

Throughout the history of art, but also literature, folk traditions and else, angels have been imagined as perfectly beautiful beings in human form. At least, it is how we could ‘see’ them or imagine them, being unable to comprehend their true form.

Angels are believed to be spirits that do good, heavenly work and serve only the High Principle; usually one would talk about it as God.

In great monotheisms, it is God as in ‘Christian God’. Angels are believed to be created by the deity and, in a way, bound with the Divine. It is not entirely true, although people usually believe angels are ultimately obedient and without free will.

Well, their value and their magnificence lies exactly in the fact that they were not without free will.

At least, some interpretations say so. Angels are not exactly told not to have free will, if we turn to the Bible. They follow God’s work out of their own conviction in its ultimate goodness of which they are a part and want to be a part.

If we remind ourselves on the story about the rebellion in Heaven and angels that fell, disobeying God, we would conclude that angels, by all means, do have free will. They could consciously decide not to follow god, hence their fall.

Now, the story of the fall is definitely an interesting subject, but our focus here is on angels of the Heavenly Host, amongst which, our guardian angels.

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels come from any angelic order. Angelology is a special branch of theology that studies angelic nature, hierarchies and everything related to beliefs in angelic beings.

There are different angelic orders, amongst which we all know about seraphim, cherubim, and archangels.

Guardian angels are not a separate class, but angels on the task of protecting and guiding individual human beings. However, they could have specific offices, such as bringing peace, healing or something else.

Belief in guardian angels is commonly intertwined with certain spiritualistic beliefs and practices, with alternative ones.

For example, it is associated with astrology, numerology, reiki, crystal healing and many more. These alternative paths are commonly used in order to help one interpret angelic messages or explain angelic activity.

That is, perhaps, what interests you the most. What do guardian angels do? How do they guard us?

Angelic Messages

As you probably know, angels do not act directly. They would not appear in front of you and offer you the best solution for a problem you might be facing.

Neither would they materialize in your life only to tell you they watch over you and support you. They do not work that way.

Angels want us to realize how strong we are ourselves; it is not that they want us to go the harder way, but angels know we could grow only through our own experiences.

Angels are good and they want us to value ourselves and not to stray from the path of goodness. This is why they work by sending us hidden, symbolic messages.

Angelic messages are sort of encoded, but they are not so difficult to recognize, Angels would make sure we receive them; it is up to you if you would accept them and try to understand them or not.

It is a gift from Heavens and angels would not be mad at you if you do not want to deal with it.

They would be sad for you refuse a true gift and heavenly guidance, for they wish you only well.

Angelic Numbers

One form of angelic messages are angelic or angel numbers. Angel numbers are easy to recognize by their repetitive occurrence.

One might start seeing the same number all around, to dream about it, even.

This number could be a simple, though symbolically powerful single digit number or a complex multi digit.

It could be a symmetrical one, to say, or a number of seemingly random digits. In any case, if it occurs all over the place, it is probably an angelic message for you.

Angel Number 9090 – Interesting Information

What if your guardians have sent you number 9090? The meaning behind 9090 is hidden in its numerical vibrations. This number consists of two repeated digits, 9 and 0.

This is a very interesting angel number, since its vibration is entirely that of the number nine. You have two times 9 here, amplified by the energy of 0.

In addition, if you sum up those digits, you will end up with number 9 once again, according to basic numerology principles. Number 9 is a very powerful angel number. It is spiritual, enlightening, karmic one.

Number 9 resonates with energies of spirituality as a whole, spiritual journey, spiritual awakening, purpose in life, ultimate love, selflessness, compassion, humanitarianism, love for life and love for the world.

Number 9 represents creativity, mysticism, optimism, divine and inner wisdom, altruism and intuition. It is a number of higher perspective, self-sacrifice, sense of duty, understanding and the number of visionaries.

Number 0 is a natural amplifier of numbers it stands along.

In addition, zero represents infinity, eternity, ever-flowing energy, cycling energy, karma, life, beginning and ending, wholeness and emptiness. Number zero stands for everything and nothing.

It is a mystique number, associated with the highest principles of eternal existence.

Both these numbers are powerful, abstract in nature, though of incredible power in terms of non-abstract realm.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 9090 carries the massage of ultimate love and humanitarianism. This angel number offers support on the plan of one’s spiritual journey.

This number assures you that you are a part of this world, the one with universe and a part of humanity as a whole. It may seem as a common place and something logical, but people tend to forget about such things.

Many times we feel alone in this world; this angel number want to tell us we are never alone, for we constitute this world.

This angelic number awakens the sense of ultimate love within one’s soul.

It reminds us love is the ultimate force of life. It inspires us to search for love all around and to share our love with the world.

It is not about only love between two human beings; it is about the sense of love as a state of being. This number is very spiritual in its essence and it inspires the spiritual in us.

Number 9090 in Love

Well, most of it has been said. Angel number 9090 is about the higher level of love, rather than about romantic love between two humans. It, of course, includes this form of love.

This angel number resonates with the energy of Ultimate Love.

In this regard, it also inspires altruism in one, philanthropy, compassion, sympathy. It makes one free, in terms of emotion.

It also makes one strong and brave, for the bravest is the one who is capable of sharing love without asking anything in return.

Many people are afraid of sharing their love, out of their inner insecurities. Love is not something to be scaled, this angel number suggests. Love is priceless.

Facts About Number 9090

Angelic number 9090 is a four digit, peculiar one, since its calculations always return us to number 9.

It is the energy of this number that dominates the combination.

If you sum up the digits, you will get 18 and then 9 again. Nine times nine is 81, while the sum of its digits is also – nine.


Angel number 9090 is a message you should feel blessed by. It tells about love, as we have mentioned many times.

This message is a powerful encouragement, a blessing from your guardian angels. It is a message that should be understood as a heavenly gift.

It awakens the sense of love in one’s soul, heart and mind, as it being the most powerful force in this universe we live in. It will help you find love in unexpected places and to learn to value this life on an even higher spiritual level.