9191 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Have you felt someone has been watching over you, especially in times when it almost seemed all the hope was gone?

We say almost, since you definitely felt that there were some forces that made sure your faith in better days would be restored.

In times of need, heavenly forces send us sings of their support and of hope.

Some people call these signs a miracle or omens; some ascribe it to Destiny, others to Universe and some to guardian angels.

If we take a wide and flexible view on all such exclamations and phenomena, we could say all are part of the same energy. Today we are talking about guardian angels.

Angels are immaterial beings, pure and good, that watch over humankind. Guardian angels are not a specific class of angels and their guardianship is rather their occupation. They could come from any angelic order.

If we look into angelology, more precisely, into Pseudo Dyonisus angelology, we would discover there were nine angelic orders.

There are also angels mentioned by their names and they have specific roles.

Such ones are, for example, archangels Michael and Gabriel. Angels most people know by their names are also Raphael, Uriel and a few more.

Angels are present in various religious and spiritual systems. They play important roles in Judaism, Christianity and in Islam, for instance. Angels are messengers that carry divine messages.

Personal guardian angels are those who watch over you and come to your aid in times of need. Angels are believed to be good, God-loving spirits that have only love for human beings.

Angelic Nature

We often wonder if angels act out of their own will or they only obey God’s command. Well, this is a complex question, although many people would rash to answer that angels are ego-less and deprived of free will. Well, it is not entirely true.

Angels could choose to obey or to disobey, just as we can. They have choice. They are capable of sin, which makes their choice to do good more valuable.

It is very similar to how we act although angels are immaterial, immortal, ethereal beings. Their nature is ‘higher’ than that of humans. However, they are given choice.

If we look into the biblical interpretation of the story of the Fallen Angel once known in heaven as Lucifer, we would easily find a proof that angels not only have free will, but that they could choose to oppose the heavenly Throne.

We know this story has not ended well for the proud aspiring angel, but it proves these spirits have free will. Good, God-loving angels are our guardian angels, as well.

One would usually say they do not have free will, since angels would never act on a whip, they do not act impulsively or passionately as we do. Fallen angels did so, hence their fall.

People often think angels are fully dependent of the deity, since they are fully committed to do God’s work. Moreover, the help of guardian angels is never direct.

They send us messages of love and of support, but they do not talk to us directly nor do they materialize in front of us. However, it might had been happening in far, very far past.

Angelic Messages

Although angels are ethereal, we paint them as beautiful beings in human form. This is the way our limited capabilities allow us to perceive angels and it is good. We can identify with angels if we give them some form.

If they do not speak to humans directly, how guardian angels show us their support and divine love?

They send us messages by using different mediums. Sometimes, strange phenomena would serve angelic purpose.

Flickering lights, strange sounds, pleasant smells o r else could be proves of the angelic presence.

Angels would also send us symbols, such as feathers, sometimes even animals like doves or something else. One of the mediums they would frequently use are numbers.

Numbers are something we are in touch every day. It seems our modern lives are all made up of numbers!

According to numerology, all things are, indeed, made of numbers. Numbers represent the tiniest particles that the universe is consisted of. Numbers vibrate with energies of cosmos.

Each number has specific energy and thus carries specific meaning and symbolism.

Guardian angels use numbers to send us meaningful, personalized messages of support, warning, guidance and divine love.

Angelic Numbers

Angel numbers could appear anytime and anywhere. You will recognize them by their consistent appearance and repetitive pattern.

Angel numbers could appear as eye-catching combinations of digits or seemingly random ones. Any number could be an angel number.

If you have been seeing the same number lately, in different forms, perhaps, there could be something more behind it.

Your guardian angels would carefully choose the numbers to send you. As we have mentioned, numbers possess incredible cosmic powers. Each has specific vibration and, thus, specific symbolism.

If you keep seeing the same numerical sequence, your angels probably want to tell you something. Look up for the meaning of those numbers in (angelic) numerology.

Angel Number 9191 – Interesting Information

Angel number 9191 is an easily noticeable one. If the sequence of 9191 keeps reoccurring all over the place, it would be difficult to miss it out. Angel number 9191 consist of two digits, 9 and 1.

Number 9 resonates with incredible spiritual energy. This number stands for karma, spirituality, spiritual journey, spiritual awakenings, intuition, selflessness and more.

Number 1 represents success, personal goals, self-confidence, ambition, independence, uniqueness, pioneering, force, activity, inner strength and authority, amongst other concepts and ideas.

Together, these digits sum up to 20. This reveals another vibration, that of number 2, since two and zero equal 2.

Number 2 brings balance. Number 2 is about relations, compassion, diplomacy, friendliness, companionship, harmony and receptivity.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 9191 is a message about find your own way in life. This is a message about personal growth on both spiritual and concrete level.

This message comes to you as a sign of divine support and encouragement on your road to finding soul purpose and enlightenment. This message tells you should listen to your heart and trust your inner voice.

You should believe in things you really feel meaningful, not into what others impose on you.

At the same time, you should be open to others opinions, ideas and suggestions, however, self-confident, strong and authoritative in standing for your own causes.

You should be diplomatic, considering and tolerant.

This message is about keeping your integrity and being unique, but not rebellious without a cause. This is a message that would help you find your inner self, especially on a spiritual level.

Number 9191 in Love

Number 9191 tells about the softest and the most fragile layers of a romantic love.

It tells about the spiritual connection with another person, something that accompanies the physical connection and the pure mental one, while surpassing both at the same time. The message is a good sign.

If you are alone, it suggests there was a reason for it; you still have not found a person who will be your soul mate.

You should feel fine with it and never lose hope that one exists. If you are in a relationship, the message brings up more of that divine, spiritual energy in your love life.

It is very likely that you will feel more close to your partner and him or her to you, on a level that is high above the physical and concrete aspects of your relationship.

Even if you have been together for long, it is now that you will feel even closer and more connected.

Facts About Number 9191

Angel number 9191 carries in itself strong energy of number 1, since it is consisted of double 91. Its digits score 10, which, in numerology, equals the result of 1.

Number 1 is especially strong angelic number, since it tells about personal strength, force, achievement, success, glory, fame and fulfillment.

Number one represents the highest personal qualities, if its energy is well handled.

This means that you should nurture your talents and skills and believe in yourself. The vibration of very spiritual number 9 enhances the power of 1, since it leads towards real self-cognition and enlightenment.

However, such a powerful combination never comes without a risk.

Do not become too self-proud and self-obsessed. Think about people around you and keep your feet on the ground.

The energy of number 2, which we have mentioned, here comes as an agent of balance.

Two always represents balance and harmony, here, it reminds of the importance of real, concrete, earthly relationship with people and the world around you, besides the incredible spiritual potential and the spiritual journey you are on.


Angel number 9191 is powerful message, as it speaks about personal spiritual development and the higher, spiritual quality of relationships between people.

It comes as a sign on your spiritual journey, proving you are on the right path. At the same time, it warns you not to lose touch with reality as it is.

You should value earthly life, just as you give importance to your incredibly rich inner and spiritual self and the spiritual aspect of life as a whole.