9797 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Our guardian angels are God’s gift to us. They watch over us and deliver us divine messages to help us overcome some difficulties and reach our desired destinations. It is hard for many people to believe in their existence, especially because they are beings from other realms of existence and not visible to us.

We are prone to believing only in visible things and if we don’t possess any kind of higher spiritual knowledge it won’t be easy to believe in the existence of something non-visible to the eye.

Our angels don’t care about our beliefs and disbeliefs and they continue doing their job regardless of the fact if we acknowledge their presence or not.

For those non-believers the angels tend to be extra persistent and determined to make them aware of their presence and the signs they are trying to send them. Those who are spiritually aware know how to recognize angelic signs and messages with ease, and they happily apply their advice in their lives.

The angels are our guardians and they make sure we don’t make unnecessary mistakes or get involved in some dangerous situations.

They help us make decisions and encourage us to take actions. They warn us when we are in jeopardy and help making choices easier. They usually do that through various signs and symbols and our role is to decipher their signs and apply them to our current life situation.

Their action consists of making us see the signs they are showing us and they do that repeatedly until we become aware of that specific sign.

Thetir signs can be repetitive numbers, words, songs, animals or birds appearing in strange circumstances, feathers appearing in strange places, etc.

Numbers are the most common way of their communication. They either use them as plain numbers or number sequences they keep showing us, or they use numbers in repetitive hour patterns.

The meaning of the message which consists of numbers is deciphered through the meaning of the numbers people keep seeing. That meaning is easy to discover because every number has a specific symbolism and meaning.

If you now are reading this text about the angel number 9797, it is likely that you keep seeing this number or some of its varieties, such as 97, 979, 797, etc. and you wonder what these numbers mean for your life in particular.

Angel Number 9797 – Interesting Information

First, it is important to acknowledge that what you are experiencing is real and is not coincidental. You need to accept that you are being contacted by your guardian angels who are trying to deliver you a message which refers to something in your current life circumstances.

The number 9797 is a message of some major changes that you are about to experience soon.

Don’t worry because the changes will have an overall beneficial effect on your personality and life in general.

The angels want you to be prepared for a new phase in your life and be receptive and open to these changes. You will receive the angels’ help to adapt as soon as possible to the new situation. 

Meaning and Symbolism

The message behind the number 9797 is related to the subjects of independence, personal freedom, spiritual evolvement, serving humanity, changes, adventure, communication, gatherings, gaining knowledge, developing spiritual gifts and psychic abilities, etc.

This angel number in your life could be a calling to make some significant changes in your life and answer a spiritual calling from your inner being. This calling might be asking you to embark on a path of spiritual quest and serving humanity as a lightworker, using your gifts and abilities for the good of mankind.

Not all people who experience seeing this angel number will have this same message, but some of them will and will decide to follow its guidance.

This number is a message of kindness, selflessness, helping others. It is possible to discover that your soul’s purpose is to serve others and devote your life to making other people’s lives better.

It could include an element of self-sacrifice for others regardless of your needs and desires. That sacrifice is voluntary and comes from the heart and true love for the human kind.

In some cases, the number 9797 could mean experiencing strange mystical experiences which will change you completely and give you insights to realities and truths you couldn’t believe exist.

This angel number is a sign from your angels that you are doing a good work in serving people and doing good deeds. It inspires you to be generous and giving others from the heart and completely selflessly, never expecting anything in return.

The angels use the numbers 97, 979, 797 to encourage you to develop and demonstrate traits such as kindness, generosity, gentleness, humility, and respect and appreciation for others.

They support you on the path of helping people and encouraging you to share your wisdom and inner truth with them.

This number is also a sign of heightening your intuition and beginning to rely more on its insights.

You have a lot to say, and the angels want you to share your knowledge because others will benefit from it. You might have a purpose to help people with your unique gifts and this is what this angel number might be saying to you.

Sometimes this angel number is a sign of beginning a spiritual career where you will use your spiritual knowledge and psychic gifts to heal and in other ways help people.

The angel number 9797 is often an announcement of changes that are about to occur. The angels will guide you through these processes and are asking you not to be worried and concerned.

The changes will be beneficial and help you get rid of some unwanted things and people from the past. It might seem hard to accept this, but in the long term you will realize that it was the best that could happen.

Our guardian angels always work in our favor, although sometimes it doesn’t seem that they do that. Changes clear the path for new things to come and are always a beneficial thing if they are looked at from that perspective.

In some cases, the changes will refer to endings of phases in our life. This number could indicate a series of events that will happen to enable our crossing from one phase to another without much stress. The angels will be there to support us and give us necessary guidance.

This angel number also serves to you as a reminder to be appreciative for all the things and people you have in life, and always have the time to sincerely express your gratitude. 

Number 9797 in Love

In love matters, the angel number 9797 could bring unexpected changes and even endings of relationships. These changes might be initiated by the person seeing this angel number or the other partner.

Although the situation might appear shocking to both sides, or unexpected for at least one of the partners, it will be orchestrated for the Universe because it is for the highest good of both.

It is likely that this change is necessary because the relationship isn’t working out as it should and one or both partners are not satisfied.

In many cases, the person who starts seeing this number suddenly becomes aware that they are in a relationship that doesn’t make them happy and they suddenly decide to leave.

Remember, whatever happens in your love life after you start seeing the angel number 9797 will be for the good of all concerned. 

Facts about Number 9797

The angel number 9797 is a combination of energies of two powerful numbers 9 and 7, whose power is amplified because they appear twice.

Also, this angel number is under the influence of the number 5 which is the sum of the digits of this angel number (9 + 7 + 9 + 7 = 14 = 1 + 4 = 5).

The number 5 is a message of sudden changes, making significant life decisions and choices, adventure, freedom, independence, resourcefulness, creativity, individuality, etc.

The number 7 is a number of higher knowledge, spirituality, mysticism, spiritual evolving, psychic gifts, empathy, good luck, intuition, inner wisdom, etc.

The number 9 is the number of lightworkers, humanitarians, serving humanity and helping people, Karma, philanthropy, etc.

The energies of these numbers often carry a message of change in the person’s life, where the person begins following their dream of becoming free and pursuing a path of spirituality and helping people using their spiritual gifts. Not all people will receive this calling, but many will embark on this quest.


If the angel number 9797 is appearing in your life regularly, there is no need to worry.

This number is bringing good changes into your life thus bringing you close to the fulfillment of your inner heart’s desires.