Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Have you ever been in a relationship and wondered why things do not go as smooth and easy as you might have expected? Or everything was so perfect that you cannot stop asking yourself when the things will go wrong?

Perhaps all of us have been in such a situation, at least once in our life. The things is, there are various aspects deciding on what kind of relationship will you develop with someone.

Secret of two people’s compatibility is hidden in our astrological charts, our birth charts, astrologers claim. If these diagrams match well, it is likely that we would have a pleasant relationship with someone, whether it be a romantic relationship, a friendship or else.

Astrology could give you many answers on that. However, some people think horoscopes are a simple fraud and nothing of a serious business.

Astrology is imaginary and abstract, for a great part; there are no actual evidence it is accurate, only our perception, our experience and a lot of speculation.

Strangely, what your birth chart says could very well correspond with what you actually experience in life, which definitely proves there is some truth in it.

Skeptics would reject all kinds of arguments in favor of astrology, but there are many who see something in it.

Long ago, astrology was not a pseudo science, as it is today. Astrology and astronomy were actually the same. It was a highly valued and appreciated discipline of a day, although considered mysterious and complex. Astrologers’ or astronomers’ predictions were respected and taken very seriously, because they could tell about future events that greatly affect the whole nation, a country or a ruler’s life, for example.

Horoscopes or birth charts are diagrams. They are graphic schemes that show zodiac signs and planets and their positions at the time of someone’s birth. Additionally, some experts claim horoscopes could be delivered for animals and objects, for nations and countries, even for much greater entities.

Birth chart is a circle divided into twelve areas, houses, each of them representing an important aspect of an individual’s life.

There are houses that represent love life, health, career, family and so on. There are zodiac signs and planets uniquely distributed over this diagram. Their positions tell about what kind of life awaits someone. It takes an experienced astrologer to interpret this complex web of meanings.

If he or she compares two birth charts, an astrologer could tell if those two lives are, to say, compatible.

Scorpio Man

Such an analyses could tell you if your lover is a good person for you, in terms of your future love life. Of course, such information should never be taken strictly; you should try to perceive it in combination with what you already know and with how you actually feel about it.

For example, it could say you two are not the best match, but it could also explain what aspects tell so, so you could work on it.

Since we do not know your personal data, we give you some important basics and it is zodiac compatibility. To see if your zodiac signs match well is the first step into understanding your relationship. Today we are matching intriguing and charming Scorpio man with sensual and gracious Cancer woman.

Let us first find out more about each of them, in order to understand their personalities and their relationship, as well.

Scorpio man is definitely one of the most irresistible zodiac men. He is active and curious; he always finds a way to accent his qualities and show them to the world. Scorpio man is successful in what he chooses to do. He loves to mix work with pleasure and would never accept a job posting that brings only money, but no satisfaction.

Merely financial success is not his first goal. However, Scorpio man would rarely do things voluntarily, even if it were something he enjoys.

He is an incredibly intelligent personality, with exceptional intuition. Scorpio man takes care that he always leaves the best impression and he enjoys attention. He is communicative and a bit more open than his female counterpart is. Scorpio man has an incredibly ability always to impose his opinion, verbally and in any other sense.

He easily gets attention and people are commonly dazzled by his appearance and presentation.

His attitude to life is overall positive and somewhat egocentric. Scorpios are known to be narcissists, but never at the cost of others. Scorpio man is a person you would either love or hate. In any case, he does not leave people indifferent. He knows who he is and even if he does not have a clear goal, he would appear as he has it.

Scorpio plays cold and tough, while he is deeply emotional and much more fragile than he looks like.

Scorpio man is versatile and capable of many things; he usually has more than one hobby and is interested in both physical activity and art. He prefers creative and independent jobs to working in a team. He is determined and very persistent in his goals.

Scorpio likes to make himself comfortable in any situation, but he rather adapts his environment to his needs than vice versa. He does not accept many compromises and is not tolerant of what he does not approve or like.

Scorpio man is not a person you would like to play with. He could let you feel in control, but he very clearly sees through your intentions. If you try to manipulate any Scorpio, be ready for their answer to that.

At the end, you could blame only yourself for being hurt. Scorpio man does not hurt people out of pure hatred or whatever, but do not try to mess with his emotions.

He is an adventurous and curious personality. He loves to explore, to learn and gather information, but he interprets everything in his own way and is not a good listener when it comes to other’s advices.

He would hear it, he is open to hear it, but he would always end up with applying his own recipe. Scorpio man sees the world in black and white; no grey shades, whatsoever.

Cancer Woman

Women born under the sign of Cancer are gentle and gracious ladies. Cancer woman is gentle, delicate and good-natured. She thinks well of all people and is always there to help.

She is selfless and a great humanist, which often makes her a person of reliance, trust and support. Cancer woman do not mind doing things voluntarily and she often chooses a job that would help those in need.

Volunteer work is something she find fulfilling. Material success is the last thing on her mind.

Cancer woman has sophisticated taste and is a great aesthete. She does not like to live in a mess and would always keep her things tidy. She is modest and simple, but her sense in aesthetics makes wonders of even her casual style.

Cancer woman is a self-aware personality who knows what she wants in life. She chooses a job she would enjoy, not the one that would bring her luxury mansions and expensive cars. Cancer woman is flexible and adaptable to various situations.

She is very sensitive and emotional and she needs support from her partner. Cancer woman sees much in a relationship and could find great inspiration and motivation in it. Love life is very important to a Cancer.

While she is an independent personality in general and she knows what she wants from her career, for example, she would do even better if there were someone by her side.

Cancer woman believes in traditional family values and she would love to settle down and have children of her own. It often happens that a Cancer woman who has no children works in an organization that is focused on helping children. She would also adopt a child. Cancer woman is sensual and creative, so she is capable to making wonders of bare essentials.

She is a very feminine lady and her hobbies are always oriented towards expressing her femininity in a creative way. She would do sports such as gymnastics, figure skating, ballet, dance or so. Cancer woman is quiet and could be a bit shy. Her ruling planet is Moon, which makes her nature changeable.

You could often hear people call Cancers moody ones and that is true.

Cancer woman is prone to surrendering to her emotions to the fullest. She is not only sensitive towards her own needs, but also for the needs of others. She is very compassionate and actually capable of feeling the other’s joy and suffering. She is a friend that would never abandon you and she will always be there to comfort you.

Cancer woman cares about those whom she loves.

She is imaginative and intuitive personality; her instincts would tell her if someone is the right person for her. She could feel other’s auras and this spare herself wasting time on toxic people. In love, she seeks for a man who is capable of understanding her emotional and compassionate personality.

She needs a man who would support her dreams and show her his affection by small deeds, words and everything that is considered romantic.

Love Compatibility

Scorpio and cancer are often represented as the two most compatible zodiac signs. We can agree on that. This connection is a real duet of two Water element signs; Scorpio man and Cancer woman could develop an unusually deep and intuitive connection, on all levels.

While their relationship is not perfect, of course, these two are definitely deeply compatible personalities.

There are some differences in their emotional pace, but there are no dramatic or too problematic differences. Scorpio man is probably more consistent in his moods and emotions, while Cancer woman is more changeable.

In the beginning, Scorpio could find it hard to follow her transformations, but he can get used to it, especially because he understands her on emotional level.

Scorpio man is more adventurous, energetic and active, compared to Cancer woman. His jealousy and inborn possessiveness all fade away in this relationship. Cancer woman is tranquil and faithful, so there is no reason for Scorpio to be jealous or doubt her loyalty.

Moreover, these two are both so highly intuitive that they literally feel one another, without saying a word.

Scorpio man is sharper, cancer women is softer. They complement one another incredibly and make almost an ideal balance. Their relationship is, by all means, harmonious. Sex life of Scorpio and Cancer is always described as something exceptional and so it is. These two emotional signs are deep into it; they inspire one another, they are sensual, very sexual and understand one another.

Rarely Scorpio man and Cancer woman (or Scorpio woman and Cancer man!) experience dissatisfaction with their sex life. Their connection is deep and natural and intuitive. The only risk for these two is insatiability! That does not sound as a real problem.

However, if it happens that one of them cools down just a bit, emotional imbalance comes in and it takes time and effort to recover it. In general, their mutual life could be awesome; there are no bigger differences in their habits and if there are, they adapt to one another pretty well.

Marriage Compatibility

These two are compatible in all terms. When it comes to marriage, this could be a sweet, harmonious and lifelong connection. In all areas of life, there is harmony.

They have well determined, natural roles.

While Cancer is usually oriented more towards home and family, Scorpio deals with other business.

There are rarely arguments over mundane things and this couple usually lives in almost perfect harmony.


Scorpio man and Cancer woman could be good friends, but only if there is no sign of physical attraction and no actual interest in one another romantically.

If that is so, these two could become friends for life, because they understand one another very well and have many things to talk about and do together.

They literally read one another’s mind. If they are sexually attracted to one another or if they had an affair, there is rarely a chance of firm friendship; there are just too many strong emotions.

Cool Facts

To illustrate how this connection looks like in reality, we present several famous Scorpio man/Cancer woman couples.

Here they are: Prince Charles and both of his lovers, Princess Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles, Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates, Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian and Jessica Simpson and Nick Lahey.


Scorpio man and Cancer woman are one of the most harmonious and the most emotionally connected zodiac couples. It is clear that there is magnetic attraction between these two.

Scorpio man and Cancer woman match on all levels and, while there are some potential problems, not one is big enough to break the bond they have developed.

This astrological duo has all chances to have a long lasting and harmonious relationship, friendship or marriage.