Angel Number 1118 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel numbers can appear almost everywhere around you.

These angel numbers allow us to be in touch with our spiritual guides and help us realize how special we actually are.

When our guardian angels are looking after us we cannot be alone or abandoned. Their love and support is everything we need and therefore it is important to listen to their messages and accept their blessings.

In today’s text we are going to discuss the symbolism of angel number 1118 and see what we can learn from this powerful number.

Angel Number 1118 – Interesting information

Angel number 1118 is going to make you focus more on your communication with other people and how you approach difficult situations.

Over 90% of our behavior over the course of a day is not driven by rational considerations. It usually runs on “autopilot”. The autopilot steers our behavior in a few hundredths of a second, based on emotional assessments, on established behaviors, on our self-image or on our social affiliation with a particular group (e.g., “acting like a cop”). To stay in control of a conversation and have a good dialogue, we need to know the traps.

Whenever there is a lot going on, when there is a lot at stake, we run the risk of getting out of hand. Because we or our conversation partner are afraid to lose a lot. Often the emotions boil up. One of the conversation participants feels attacked, unfairly treated or offended.

And of course, opinions often diverge. Everyone wants to be right. If a speaker is convinced that he knows the best solution, he will want to convince the other participants by all means. If all three conditions meet – it’s about a lot, the emotions boil up, you disagree – the failure of the conversation is almost inevitable. Matchstick and jerry cans!

Fear plays a big role in the breakdown of communication. This can be the fear of losing something important: money, possessions, and cherished habits.

But also reputation, respect, status or self-esteem. Fear leads to the release of adrenaline. This provides the body with a signal to equip the arms, legs and muscles with additional blood if at risk.

The body switches to fight, flight or rigor (to kill oneself). In this condition, there is not enough blood left in the brain. Rational decisions and intelligent conversations are no longer possible. If you or one of the other people is showing signs of anxiety, stop the conversation.

There are no reasonable results to be expected. Eliminate the reason of fear. Restore the trust or the respect.

When it comes to a lot, the propensity to stiffen positions is great. You want holidays on the beach; your partner wants to go to the mountains. Every millimeter that you or your correspondent should deviate from your position means loss. In such a situation, you are closer to struggle than to dialogue.

First, find a common goal of your conversation. Where are you together (Common Ground)? In the example, you both want to spend a holiday together to recover from everyday life. Whether you better relax on the beach or mountain hiking is not a matter of destination.

It’s just different strategies to reach the common goal. If you can agree on that, all you need to do is to be creative and to find solutions that will do both. But congratulations! From now on you are already back in dialogue. Find a common goal. Never talk about positions, but about possible strategies.

Disagreements are the most common reason why conversations slip into contention. Each of the interlocutors knows that he is right. You just have to convince the other one. But that’s where the mistake lies. Who wins in a disagreement, which generates a loser? Since no one likes to lose, the dialogue fails.

Maybe one of them gives in more easily, but only to have his rest. The “lawyer” may be right, but he worsens the relationship with the other party. Often not even the opinion wins, which also corresponds to the end of the reality. But the one who can best express his opinion wins. But that is not a measure of the truth.

Constructivists say, “There is no truth, everyone lives in his own world.” And Einstein once said, “If another person who also has a brain disagrees with me, then I have to figure out why.” The dialogue is: “Represent your opinion as if you knew the truth, but listen as if you knew nothing.”

The goal of dialogue is for everyone to share their opinions equally in the common pot of information. Because the more information is in the pot, and the more experts contribute your assessment, the better the solutions will be later.

Effective communication and dialogue, that is to say, deal with each other in such a way that in the end the relationship with each other is better than before, with better results.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 1118 sends us powerful vibrancies of numbers 1 and 8. These two numbers are hiding the messages that we have to listen to carefully and apply in our life.

Angel number 1 is the primary number in this number sequence since it appears three times. The message behind the number 1 is to pay close attention to the opportunities that are opening up around you and to grab them as soon as possible.

Angel number 8 is the symbol of positive energy and optimism that is going to allow us to look at our life from a different perspective. This angel number is going to lift us up and make us realize that we are special even though we might not think that.

Allow these two numbers to influence your life and cherish the blessings you have received from the guardian angels.

Number 1118 in Love

Angel number 1118 is going to make you appreciate your partner more and remind you about the importance of listening to each other.

Even though we mostly see ourselves and not others as the primary person in our relationship, focusing on the other person is what you have to do in order to make your relationship function.

Those who are single currently are going to be giving a chance to the ones who seemed like not such a perfect pair for them, since vibrancies of the angel number 1 are going to influence them to give a different approach a try.

Angel number 1118 is going to make you think about your relationship as something that needs constant work and improvement and not as something that simply exists.

Facts about Number 1118

Number 1118 appears in the title of a movie from 2005 and year 1118 was marked with many events that influenced the world we know today. This was the year of death and birth of many important people.


Angel number 1118 is again focusing on your communication skills, your outlook on the world and the way you interact with other people. This angel number can help you become more comfortable in your own skin but only if you give the effort to change something in your life.

Unless you open up your mind and soul to this angel number, nothing is going to happen.