Angel Number 2112 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel numbers carry a special energy inside of them and their appearance in our lives has a purpose. Our guardian angels just want us to see where we made mistakes and what can we do in order to improve our lives and to get to a place where we feel most comfortable and free.

Every angel number is special in its own way, so when we see an angel number around us there is certainly a strong message that we should listen to.

In today’s text we are going to learn more about the angel number 2112 and how its energy affects us.

Angel Number 2112 – Interesting information

The angel number 2112 is going to teach you how to change your bad habits and turn them into good ones. You are spending too much time playing computer games, smoking, too much chocolate or chips.

Bad habits are something that many people have and would like to get rid of. Maybe you also have one or the other habit that you would love to get rid of.

Sometimes it’s just little tics and quirks that make life harder. Such as, for example, sitting in an unhealthy sitting posture at the desk or walking out of the house a few minutes late each morning, then running to get the bus.

Most of the people I know have one or the other habit that they would like to get rid of. And maybe you are very similar. Many of us have already tried to get used to something, and found that it is not that easy.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to more recent findings in brain research that can help us get rid of unwanted habits. How that can be done exactly, you can try out in a self-experiment with your own habit.

Habits are incredibly practical in quite a few cases. Imagine, every time you brush your teeth or accelerate driving, you need to deliberately think about what you need to do. That could be quite annoying and would be quite exhausting.

Many habits make us happy that they make our lives easier. If we want to understand how we can change habits, we first need to know a bit more about how exactly this works with our habits.

Scientists have discovered that there is an area in our brain where habits are stored, the so-called basal ganglia. This area in our brain is responsible for the fact that we no longer have to consciously think about habitual actions, what we have to do exactly. How to hold the toothbrush or what to do if we want to accelerate the car from 0 to 50 km/h.

The problem with the basal ganglia is that we can barely access them with our intentions, because this area of ​​our brain is difficult to access to our conscious will.

So we can barely intervene when a habit is set in motion. We notice that when we try to B. due to a sore spot in the mouth – to brush the teeth differently than usual. For that you have to concentrate very well, otherwise you automatically drive over the painful area again.

When it comes to our habits, the basal ganglia are in command. So the area in our brain, in which habits are stored. This responds to certain trigger stimuli and then ensures that our habitual action is set in motion. For example, the sight of a pack of cigarettes may be the trigger for smoking. Or the empty apartment in the evening can be the trigger to sit down at the computer and spend hours playing games.

However, the trigger is not solely responsible for our habitual actions. In addition, we satisfy a craving with every habitual act. Every time we practice our habit, we receive a reward. As the relaxation when smoking a cigarette or that we no longer notice in computer games that we feel alone. The routine of an action is thus always embedded between trigger and reward.

Many things can be prepared like exams. No problem! But feeling lovesick? Forget it! It always catches someone out of the blue. And lovesickness is one of the nastiest feelings there is.

Actually, you want to hate the one who left you, yes – find him ugly and boring. Stupidly, that usually does not work. After all, one is still in love with him and no one has yet discovered a “love-off-button”.

That’s why the soul hurts so badly, and one has the feeling of losing the ground under one’s feet. From one second to the next, nothing is fun anymore. Everything seems to be pointless somehow. It is a bad feeling! A feeling of howling, sinking and raving. How long a patient’s grief lasts is different for everyone. After a year at the latest, however, the feelings have faded

Everyone reacts differently to lovesickness. While some people eat their way through mountains of chocolate, others cannot eat anything anymore. Besides, lovesickness is not the same as being sick. The researchers assume that there are four different grief phases.

In the first phase you do not want to believe that it’s over. In this phase, many are trying to get their crush back. They write letters, bombard your ex with messages or call him constantly. But it is especially important to accept the separation. You cannot fool yourself – even if that means that you’ll be terribly sad first. As soon as you can cry for your lost love, you are already well on the way to phase two – the mourning phase.

This is especially sick because the pink glasses suddenly disappear and you have to face reality. The result: grief, despair, anger, depression and the feeling of helplessness. At some point you will run out of tears.

Suddenly, life is fun again, and you can slowly start to process your relationship. Phase three takes time!

Only if you take this time will you eventually slip into phase four: the acceptance phase. When you’re ready, you can finally put an end to your ex and look for a new love.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 2112 is a combination of angel numbers 1 and 2.

The angel numbers here appear twice and their energies are doubled and that means you have enough strength to achieve all your goals only if you set your mind up to it.

The angel number 1 focuses on you as a person and this number makes you confident and able to focus on what you have to do. This angel number helps you to focus on your daily tasks that in the end are going to lead to you completing everything you have to complete.

The angel number 2 is a symbol of duality and relationships. This angel number wants you to focus more on people in your life. These people are important for your future and you should pay more attention on them if you want to continue to have good relationships and support in your life. When combined together, these two numbers are a strong ground for almost everything.

Facts about Number 2112

The number 2112 appears in many places around us. We can find it on street numbers, in street names and as a name for many different objects, especially in military.

Number 2112 in Love

The angel number 2112 is telling you to move on from your past relationship and start focusing on the future.

Most people experience lovesickness and heartbreak for the first time in their teens. When adolescents suffer from an insatiable longing for a person who is unattainable to them, they feel deeply unhappy.

In puberty, feelings are experienced particularly intensively – this includes the tender feelings of being in love. Teenage loves, which developed during the common school time, often diverge after the school education. If one of the partners moves to another city to start a course of study, if they develop different interests or hobbies or make new friends, it can turn out that a partnership has no future.

If a childhood love breaks, it can make it difficult for those affected. While girls or young women in their heartbreak usually have the need to confide in the best friend, sister or mother, boys and young men usually treat their lovesickness in seclusion. This does not mean that they suffer less from separation.

They just need more time to talk about their emotions. Parents are often very worried when the son or daughter is visibly depressed because of heartbreak and heartbreak.

In fact, teenagers in the early teens forget grief pretty quickly. A love in the late teen years, however, often remains unforgotten. Numerous love films have the unexpected reunion with an old childhood sweetheart and the resulting emotional chaos to the topic.

If you leave the partner after many years together, you are in a shock situation. Psychologists speak of several phases, which are traversed at each separation, until those concerned get back into balance. The abandoned or rejected person is initially confused and confused, she does not want to accept that the love for the (marriage) partner is not reciprocated.

Before the situation, with all its consequences, is captured and accepted, the person concerned displaces or exacerbates the situation. Only when the rejected person ceases to want to accept the separation does the heartache become acute.

When separation or divorce is a done deal, there are often violent feelings. Everything that was apparently self-evident in marriage or partnership no longer exists. The abandoned partner feels helpless and lonely, especially when confronted with the intention of separation “out of the blue”.

Some people no longer see any meaning in their lives and deal with suicidal thoughts, others forge sinister revenge plans. It’s hard to understand why the other guy obviously just wants to erase the time spent together.

Constantly one ponders over the “why”. The thought “I do not know how to proceed” does not get out of the affected person’s mind.


The angel number 2112 is a strong number that can completely change your life. This angel number is teaching you how to let go of the past and move on to something new and exciting, since there is no point in wasting time on things you cannot change.

Every angel number carries an important message, so take every message seriously because your guardian angels are sending you these blessings.

The blessings in angel numbers are meant only for us, so accepting them is something we should definitely do.