5858 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Numerology is an ancient science or, rather, a pseudo science, since it has much to do with the abstract and spiritual.

Belief in angels or other kind supernatural spirits is another ancient belief, found throughout history, religious and spiritual systems and all around the world.

Numerology and belief in angels are compatible spiritual paths; hence, what we could call angelic numerology.

It s believed that angels would send us specific numbers as messages. Before we pass on to analyzing specific angel numbers, let us talk a bit about angels.

What are they? Are angels actual entities and beings or some spiritual concept? Are they all good and ultimately pure or not? How do they perform their divine mission and what is it, in its essence?

Angels are usually described as good, innocent and pure heavenly spirits that do God’s work.

We could trace them throughout various religious systems. Abrahamic religions and related beliefs are a common source of our knowledge about angelic beings.

Angels, although often referred to as kind, loving, gentle spirits are sometimes also described as fierce, strong, powerful spirits that fight in the name of the Most High, God.

Angels, thus, are not naïve followers, but very powerful ethereal entities who consciously choose their allegiance.

This is very important to know, since it definitely tells much about guardian angels, as well. Guardian angels are those of good, heavenly ones.

They are not some separate ‘type’ of angels or a different class. Their guardianship is their mission and office.

In fact, what we use to describe these spirits, the term ‘angel’, does not speak about these forces’ nature, but about their main office.

Angels and Angelic Powers

Angels are messengers of the Divine; this is what the term stands for.

They carry divine messages, pass them on to humans, spread divine love to us and generally continue good heavenly work.

It is not essentially important for one to be a devoted Christian or to belong to any other organized religious system, in order to believe or pray to angels.

It is believed angels watch over the whole humanity. Even if you do not seek for their help or pray, angels are there for us.

Let us talk more about angelic nature, their powers and their attitude towards humankind.

People commonly say angels do not have Ego and free will and all they do is essentially God’s work alone.

This is not entirely true, since the greatest preciousness of angelic work is actually in the fact that they willingly choose to serve the Divine. The much-debated story about fallen angels proves they have free will; moreover, they could sin.

This information makes us value and admire angels who have chosen to follow the path of goodness even more.

Of course, there have always been alternative opinions, but this is not our subject. We are about to talk of guardian angels, who belong to the Heavenly Host.

As of angelic powers, angels are ethereal spirits and they could do amazing things in the name of the Highest Principle.

However, they do not act out of passions or else. They follow the path of God; hence, the belief they have no free will.

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels watch over humankind and help individual human beings throughout their life journey.

It is believed each human has more than one guardian angel or that they come only in times of need. Some believe angels are ever present in our lives.

All beliefs have in common the idea of angelic help, guidance and love.

Guardian angels help us indirectly; they do not interfere with our conscious decisions and actions, regardless of what those are.

These spirits would send us messages that are not difficult to recognize as angelic messages, but still require our effort to decipher them.

Angels would always choose a channel or form we have abilities of reaching into. Angelic messages could be any symbols, images or phenomena. Angels would make sure we have received messages by sending them repeatedly.

Angel numbers are one of channels for celestial energies. Numerology is based upon the principles of numerical essence of everything there exists, in a way.

Everything in the universe consists of numerical; numbers ‘embody’ celestial energies, they are the tiniest, the most basic particles of existence, according to numerology. It is more complex, but we could take it this way.

Since numbers are essentially something abstract and associated with celestial energies, angels would use numbers in order to send us specific energy and specific, symbolic messages.

Besides energy vibrations, each number is associated with specific concepts and meanings.

Guardian angels know all of that and they would always see to choose numbers that would be of greatest help to human they guide.

Angel Numbers

In order to understand angel numbers, one has to enter the realm of numerology.

Each angel number consists of certain digits; sometimes, it could be a simple one-digit number.

In any case, be it one digit or a complex, angelic number is meant to ‘inform’ us of something specifically related to our life.

If you wonder about how you will know that an angel has sent you numerical message, since we basically live in the world of numbers, her it is. It is a simple answer.

Angel numbers could appear as any other numbers, but they are consistent in their occurrence.

Angel numbers usually occur many times over a period and they occur in all sorts of places.

One could even dream about the specific number or it could occupy their thoughts without any reason in particular.

If that happens, the best thing you can do is to search for its meaning in numerology.

Angel Number 5858 – Interesting Information

If your guardian angels have sent you number 5858, you probably wonder why they would do that.

Let us see into the structure of this number and meaning of its constitutive parts that is, numbers 5 and 8.

Angel number 5 is about personal freedoms, individuality, versatility, courage, vivaciousness, adventurous spirit, experience, sensuality, curiosity, exploration and expansion.

In addition, this number resonates with energies of optimism, pleasure seeking, opportunities, openness, friendliness and companionability.

It is associated with visionary, invention and idealism, as well.

Number 8 is one of more materialistic qualities. Number 8 is about organization, planning, provision, abundance, richness, stability, steadiness, management skills, executive abilities.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angelic message behind number 5858 is about the importance of focus, organization and good management in the area of achieving personal goals and making your visions come true.

This angel number implies you probably need just a bit more of organization and stability in life, in order to keep on track and bring your talents to perfection.

It is greatly about focusing, since you are most likely a versatile individual, with many interests.

The thing is, you are not all powerful and you cannot do everything at the same time; no one can.

While it is great that so many things could inspire your genius, one who is too enthusiastic over each thing easily loses focus and basically ends up with numerous projects started, but none finished.

While it is not necessarily a negative thing and it is normal to wander between various options and ideas, one needs at least a good period of being focused.

It is probably in your nature to experiment and do things only because you love them.

However, it often happens that even things we enjoy become tiresome at some point and we feel stuck for experiencing no progress.

That is a critical point that could lead to giving up, simply because of the impatience.

This angel number wants you to endure, to stay on track and not to let temporary loss of inspiration discourage you.

Number 5858 in Love

Angel number 5858 tells about maturity of romantic love. It comes to you to help you realize what you want and what you do not want from a romantic relationship.

Just as it offers focus and stability in other areas of life, it is related to stability in love life.

While love is, of course, unpredictable, lively, incredibly inspiring, the most positive moving force in this world, one still have to set some kind of limits.

Those are limits that are good and that would help us grow beautiful and fulfilling relationship.

Facts About Number 5858

Angel number 5858 strongly emits the energy of number 8, since 8 shows up once again, when you sum up the digits, until there was only one left.

This means you really need to focus in your life, especially in terms of something that really interests you.

It is hard to decide to follow one path, when you are creative, imaginative, adventurous and versatile personality. However, some organization would definitely help you.


Angel number 5858 is mostly about organizing life, choosing priorities amongst personal interests, pursuing your goals, but keeping on one track.

You should stop doing everything at once and start focusing on one thing at a time.

You could probably choose several things to do, but see that they are manageable.

This requires good self-evaluation, good insight into your abilities and it definitely supports your natural way of doing things – learning from experience. This number carries a message of needed stability in every aspect of life.

It is not about choosing the easiest road or drowning yourself into routines. However, it suggests the time has come to focus just a bit more.

In turn, it would eventually open up space for other things you love to do, just do not be too hasty and impulsive. Value each step and pursue your dreams.