Angel Number 719 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Your guardian angels are always looking after you and making sure that you are safe.

Their powerful energy is always present, but the stronger you believe in them, the more you are going to be certain about their assistance.

Whenever we are on crossroads in our lives, angel numbers appear everywhere we look and try to send us messages that we should understand and apply in our lives.

Angel number 719 s the same, and it has a special number just for you.

Angel Number 719 – Interesting information

Angel number 719 is telling you to think twice before you do something and to always treat others the way you want to be treated.

One of the days I keep pondering with thoughts about people, about our own appreciation and about how we see ourselves.

Do not panic, this is not an article on proper behavior on or more generally about that day.

It’s just one of those days that make me feel empathic. In which I listen in on myself. And by the way: you will not find anything about right or wrong behavior in this article anywhere.

Each in their own way. Each, as they can. We all learn through the things that bring us life.

I do not know how you feel about it, but with me this day again and again triggered incredible thoughts and feelings. In the one moment I felt joy about it and the next bile came to me really.

After all, it’s about a lot more about how we interact with each other and how we perceive ourselves and present ourselves to the outside world. I wondered a long time why this day can cause such confusion in my feelings and my world of thoughts.

It was me! It was never about my mother, or all mothers. It has always been about respect, appreciation, gratitude.

When I was 15 years old, I had the first heated discussions with my dad about the role of the woman. I felt treated unfairly and did not understand why as a girl I should take on tasks and in turn was not allowed to do other things, or very restricted.

You’re a girl was never enough for me to explain. It was great discussions, in which I could clearly formulate. I saw myself as a rebel.

Only with the demand of my formulated rights I had my difficulties.

I was also one of those who played her role outwardly and was perceived by others as loud and self-confident. The perfect facade. Behind it was a major construction site.

I have not been able to implement everything for myself for a long time. I was a good girl for many years. I loved my harmony soup and could never get enough of it. Everyone else came in front of me. I was not that important.

That this way of treating yourself in the long run is not good, you can imagine. Maybe you just feel it yourself.

Let’s start changing that today. To change ourselves and seize the opportunity to put ourselves first in our lives.

Let others’ opinions about you and their desired behavior – their expectations of you – be with others.

You walk in your shoes and no one else will do it for you. Take care of yourself and make sure you are fine. You know, being in relationship with someone does not mean putting yourself behind, or even giving up.

It does not mean that you live your life according to the other’s ideas.

The first relationship you have entered into is the relationship with yourself. You are responsible for your being and no one else. A shared relationship, whether with a partner, children, parents, friends, or in the job, forms a common intersection.

In every relationship, there is a “we” in which responsibility is shared.

The moment a person withdraws from his responsibility permanently and relies on the We, relies on the We, that does not work in the long term.

Realize that you are not dependent on anything or anyone. You have the power to decide about you and your life. At any time. There is always a way and it should be your way. A strong we are great. A strong ego is the prerequisite.

You cannot make every person happy. It’s impossible, really exhausting, and most of all, it’s not your job. You are not responsible for the happiness of others. Neither is anyone else responsible for your happiness. You can and can take responsibility for your own happiness.

This includes that you do not take yourself for granted.

The laundry is piled up; the breakfast dishes are still on the table and already 398 unread mails that pile up in your mailbox?

Before you rush and try to fix everything by yourself, take a moment to check your to-do list. Is this really your list and all tasks are only to be done by you?

Take some time to relax and introspect, and devote yourself at least few hours of the day in order to recover from the burdens of everyday life.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 719 is bringing a lot of novelty into your world and it is making you appreciate yourself more.

This angel number is a combination of numbers 7, 9 and 1 both of these numbers can combine in a meaningful message.

Angel number 1 is a symbol of putting yourself on the first place and treating yourself the way you should be treated. This angel number also symbolizes someone who is confident and believes in its own possibilities and talents.

Angel number 9 is a symbol of Karma and it warns you to behave the way you want to be treated. This angel number is there to give you support and motivation to only take the steps and behave the way you want to be treated.

The way we go through life shapes what we are going to receive in return, so always try to bring out the best out of you when it comes to relationships with others.

Number 719 in Love

Angel number 719 is not going to affect your love life.

You are going to relax more and get in tune with your needs and emotions, so you will be able to communicate and connect with others on a much deeper level.

Facts about Number 719

Number 719 appears in the name of a pop-roc band from K called “719”.

It is also in the name of a popular candy from Italy called “719”.


When angel number 719 enters your life, this is going to be an important period of your life.

You are going to become much more confident in your decisions and believe in everything you do much more.

So, open your heart to your guardian angels and let them guide you along the road.