Angel Number 717 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel numbers are numbers that appear in most unusual places all in order to send us valuable messages that can teach us so much about life and warn us about the mistakes we have been making the entire time.

Angel numbers are sent to us in order to teach us a message that can potentially change our life.

Our guardian angels can help us resolve any problems we might be having but that can happen only if we try hard enough.

If we decide to listen to the messages of our guardian angels, then we have a good chance to turn our life around.

In today’s text we are going to talk about the angel number 717 and the meaning and symbolism behind this angel number.

Angel Number 717 – Interesting information

Angel number 717 is going to make you think more about yourself and turn your attention to the needs you have.

The demands of the modern (working) world weigh on the soul, is recorded in the current statistics: More and more people must be treated because of mental disorders in the hospital, the number of mental illness sick leave and early retirement increases, alcoholism, Burnout & Co are spreading.

Prevention for the psyche is demanded by experts. But measures in this area are so far only sparsely and occasionally. Now, medicine is taking care of the protective screen for your soul.

There are those, the robust souls, who cannot seem to be burdened by problems. But according to the latest statistics, there are fewer and fewer: Already every third early retirement and every 16th sick leave in the world go to the account of mental illness.

In the previous year, more than 65,000 men and women were sick due to alcoholism, depression or burnout.

Some people are struggling to be threatened with dismissal in the job; the other is the bad working atmosphere. One person cannot cope constantly with criticism from the highest point, the other breaks down too much pressure and stress.

What and how much you can withstand is different not only from person to person, but also from time to time: If you have put away about one cancellation, then the loss of a job can seriously affect you five years later.

It does not help to quarrel with the momentary weakness of the soul. It certainly does not help to compete with those who more or more seemingly endure everything and never lose heart.

On the contrary. “Compared to it, the root of the evil lies. This puts you under unnecessary pressure and weakens his psychic powers even more. ”

What helps, however: The more you take care of your soul, the more you stay out. Because one thing is clear: The burdens of the modern world present the soul today more challenging than was the case in earlier times.

And you can do a lot to protect yourself from the negative effects of these pressures.

Strengthen the soul shield, smooth dents, mend cracks – the following seven-point program can help anyone. Some may need a bit more time to get a strong protection shield or they need professional support.

The soul needs time off alone, but she does not like living in solitary confinement. If you only have virtual relationships with Facebook friends or TV heroes, you’re not doing any good. It needs direct contact with people who are inspiring, confirming or useful in some other way.

The joy of meeting these people is nourishment for the soul, so it upholstered its protective screen.

Celebrating together in good times and enjoying success in benevolent society strengthens the psyche as well as the feeling of being able to share problems in bad times. Whether in the circle of friends, in the family or in a self-help group: Who feels involved, is better able to cope with stress.

Getting yourself up the bar, always blaming oneself, when something has not worked, berating yourself, when something went wrong – all this is scratching your mental screen.

What strengthens the psyche; however, are friendly inner dialogues and egg n benevolent treatment of one. And: self-praise, which does not stink at all, but is important for the strong soul.

The friendly way of dealing with oneself also includes the seemingly banal things of life: providing sufficient sleep, regular food that tastes good and serves well, and sufficient rest.

External and internal numbness weakens the soul. Physical exercise – entirely in accordance with one’s own needs – is just as much a part of mental prevention measures as it is mental stimulation.

Whether you learn a foreign language, go to the theater again or try out a new recipe: New impulses stimulate the mental defenses.

However, just as the spiritual stimulus provides for inner movement, which is always an incentive for development, it also requires rituals that provide security. The soul draws strength from the balance between the new and the familiar.

If a mother does not dress her child as the weather demands, she is accused of being a raven mother. But fashion fads tempt many people to be themselves a mother raven: Belly free at minus degrees – it harms not only the body, but also the soul.

Because even the psyche needs warmth, human and physical. Everyone knows that: If you are sad, have a lot of stress or have slept poorly, you have a greater need for warm socks.

But if you feel so good that you are literally warm in the truest sense of the word, you do not freeze so easily. Warming care in times when you have nothing that warms the heart strengthens the soul.

This can also be the pleasantly hot shower stream, which can be patterned on the neck before an exhausting day.

Always meet only requirements that are brought to you from the outside – even which gnaws at the soul. The psyche needs expressive possibilities without external requirements.

Whether dancing, writing, singing or painting, designing the apartment to your own taste or carving a laughing face on the sandwich: These are just some of the ways to communicate and to get the feeling of being master in your own house and not just foreign.

Who pursues these expressive possibilities in front of an audience strengthens his soul in several ways, bringing himself applause, recognition and the feeling of being part of a group.

Is the glass half full or half empty? Anyone who always looks for the famous hair in the soup does nothing good for his soul.

However, one can decide for oneself whether one pays attention to the credit or debit side of life, and whether at the end of the day one looks at the positive balance sheets or at the deficits.

People who tend to go through the world with critical eyes because of bad experiences or because of childhood imprints can learn to sharpen their eyes for the beautiful. Anyone who writes down every day for a while, what he has done well or on positive things, soon goes through life with different eyes and is better prepared for burdens.

Being constantly available, performing at least three jobs at a faster pace – your own limits are reached faster today than in earlier times. It is all the more important for the soul’s salvation to preserve these boundaries and to find a balance in time.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 717 is a symbol of taking care of yourself and your needs.

This angel number combines the powers of the angel numbers 7 and 1 and both of these numbers are going to help you get closer to the spiritual realm.

Angel number 7 repeats itself two times in this number sequence, which makes it much stronger and meaningful number in this angel number combination. Angel number 7 is symbolizing the spiritual awakening and becoming one with you on a spiritual level. The more you believe in what you can do the better the chances are that you are going to achieve success.

The angel number 1 is a symbol of focusing on you and putting yourself on the first place. You are going to put your needs in the first place and stop neglecting your needs while you take care of the needs of others.

Number 717 in Love

Angel number 717 is telling you to focus your attention to improving your relationship. Every relationship has its ups and downs. This is normal and completely understandable in all the challenges that life has to offer.

Do you have the feeling that you are in a real crisis with your partner? Maybe everyday life has stifled your past passion for each other? Disputes are on the agenda or there was a breach of trust?

They are designed to help you reunite with your partner, revive the butterflies in the abdomen, and create a togetherness that will make you both happy again.

The first and most important – though sometimes the hardest – step to save your relationship is to talk to each other. You cannot work on issues with your partner unless you openly and honestly address them to find solutions together. In this step, it is crucial that you decide together to work actively on your relationship rather than just listing difficulties.

It is also crucial not to accuse and denounce, but to deal with each other sensitively. The wording has a huge impact on how criticism is received. Try to avoid generalizations as well.

Between “Never do you X, I always have to Y …” and “I would like more support from you at X and Y”, is a very big difference. Our second example offers a more solid, harmonious entry into a clarifying conversation and less induces the partner to go straight into the defensive.

Also, try to respond calmly to the criticisms your partner gives you and to reflect on yourself.

Accept the worries, criticisms and desires of each other. Try to put yourself in touch with each other and work on yourself and your relationship. It can only last if you communicate honestly, openly and respectfully.

Often it is the little quirks of everyday life that turn out to be big stones on the common path to a happy future. They grow into problems that do not necessarily exist if you sometimes show more understanding to the partner and try a little more.

Your partner is often unhappy, because you help too little in the household and he or she does not follow it with everything? Then find a ritual that can be easily integrated into your everyday life.

For example, rooms immediately after coming home from work all surfaces free of dishes, technology, magazines and whatever else lies around. Sort things neatly in their right place.

The apartment looks much tidier and you can easily make an important contribution to the pleasant coexistence.

Even small rituals in everyday life, which have been lost after many years of being together, should always be maintained. Even if it may sound banal, but a “nice that you’re there” or a “take care of you” as well as the nightly good night kiss give each day a sense of security and contribute much to the harmony with each other.

Does it bother you that your partner is often jealous when traveling alone with your friends?

Then ask yourself why this might be and find ways to take your or her worries away from your partner. How good that we have smartphones!

So you can occasionally send her or him some nice words, a voice message or photos and show, “I think of you, you are important to me, even if we spend time apart.” And this time you spend separately is extreme important!

Are you often stressed out in everyday life and do you only speak at the dinner table about the problems at work or the upcoming parents’ evening at school?

Then there is a regular evening in the week when you are just there for each other and do something nice together, for example, a romantic dinner or a movie.

The trick: what you undertake, you always think about it alternately, so that you are always in turn thinking about something special or surprised by your partner. At the Date Night then all worries and problems stay at home, because it is only about you both.

You will notice that you will be looking forward to this evening every week.

Facts about Number 717

The number 717 can be linked to the year 717 in which many important events took place.


Angel number 717 is there to bring back the faith in the spiritual realm and to help you become more concentrated on what is truly important.

You are going to focus more on your own needs and never again neglect yourself by putting others as a priority.

Angel numbers come to our lives for a reason, so accept their messages and never ignore what your guardian angels have to tell you.

You will turn your life around and become much more in tune with what you truly need.