Angel Number 899 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel numbers are the magical numbers that suddenly appear in our lives and won’t go until we learn the message behind them.

Sometimes these messages are easy to understand but other times they can be quite tricky. Our guardian angels contact us through these numbers and offer us their help when we are feeling the worst.

Their goal is to motivate and direct us towards something positive and get our mind of the bad things that have been happening in our lives.

In today’s text we are going to discuss the meaning and symbolism behind the angel number 899 and how this powerful number can change our lives.

Angel Number 899 – Interesting information

Angel number 899 is telling you to start fighting your fears and not to let them overcome your world. To better understand your own fears, you can look back. Fear is a biologically meaningful reaction: When danger threatens, it ensures that energy for escape or struggle is mobilized in our body.

It can also protect us from risky situations. This biological mechanism has ensured survival in many situations. The function of fear is thus to preserve life.

Most fears are caused by evolution, e.g. Fear of heights, sudden movements, pain, blood, certain animals or being alone. Our ancestors used to be directly exposed to the sources of danger and needed a good alarm system to protect their lives.

Therefore, overcoming anxiety is not about getting rid of it. If we were not afraid, then we would not be able to adequately react in really threatening situations. So it makes sense nowadays that we prefer to stay at home during a strong storm.

To a certain extent, anxiety in performance situations can even be beneficial. The Yerkes-Dodson law states that anxiety, when it reaches a middle level, can increase performance in learning tasks. Only too much of the fear has a negative effect on performance. An adequate level of anxiety can therefore increase concentration and help to stay focused.

Nowadays, many situations trigger anxiety that is not life threatening. The tendency of most people is to avoid anxiety-triggering situations. But some fears are important to our personal development or a fulfilling life.

Variety of situations can cause anxiety. Especially those that cause self-doubt in us, because we can potentially fail or social rejection threatens. Fear is a complex response to stimuli from our environment. It represents an interaction of different reaction modes. These consist of three components.

The behavioral component: the behaviorally evolved behavior in fear is the flight or the fright – the meaningful response to an acute real threat. But most anxiety-provoking situations today do not require an escape or a fright reaction.

Nevertheless, many people remain true to this instinct and flee the alleged danger, such as a harmless spider or a crowd.

The mental component: When we recognize a danger, we subconsciously always provide it with a certain interpretation.

So we first perceive something with our sensory organs, to which we then give a (threatening) meaning in thought. These fear-affirming thoughts arise within milliseconds. The underlying thought patterns usually run automatically. So when we interpret a crowd as a potential danger to us, it is so fast that we are mostly unaware.

The physical component: When we perceive a danger or interpret a situation as such, typical physical reactions are triggered for the anxiety. These include the increase in heartbeat and breathing, wet hands or digestion is inhibited.

Strategies for dealing with anxiety are based on these three components. The goal is not to completely get rid of the fear. Rather, it’s about how you can cope with important situations despite the fear in you.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 899 is the number of strength and power. This angel number unites the powerful energies of angel numbers 8 and 9.

Number 9 appears two times in this number combination, so its message is much stronger than the message behind the angel number 8.

Angel number 9 symbolizes karma and the way we act towards others. This angel number wants us to be careful about our actions since they matter more than what we speak.

Angel number 9 is telling you to become more in touch with your soul and feelings and not let demons overpower the goodness you have inside.

Angel number 8 is the number of being practical and valuing your own capabilities. This angel number is powerful number that puts accent on your practical abilities that allow you to achieve anything you imagine.

When angel number 8 comes into our world, this means it is time to roll up our sleeves and achieve some goals that we have set before. This is going to allow us to become more confident and sure of ourselves, and that alone is going to be beneficial for everything we do from that moment on.

Number 899 in Love

Angel number 899 is the number of confidence and listening to your body and soul. This is the period to focus on what you want from a relationship and to bring forward your confidence that has been hidden for a while.

Angel number 899 is the number of focusing on yourself for a change and not worrying about the needs of your partner, since you are equally important, even though you always put others in front of yourself.

Facts about Number 899

Number 899 is written in Binary code as 10010101 and it is a composite, odd and natural number.


Angel number 899 combines the powerful numbers 8 and 9 and these two numbers are going to motivate you to move forward from the past and invest your time and effort into the goals you have set for yourself.