Aries Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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No matter how rational and skeptical we might be, we are all keen to know whether the stars are in favor with our love life.

Astrology could offer interesting guidelines and directions to help us choose the right partner and, of course, to grow our mutual love the best way possible.

Keep in mind that it does not provide all the answers; you have to figure out what starts are trying to tell you.

When it comes to romance and love, astrologers claim birth charts could reveal many things.

They help you learn a lot about yourself and, in addition, about your possible future or your current romantic partner.

All you have to do is to compare both of your birth charts and see how compatible you are.

At least, you should know your partner’s zodiac sign, to see how well it gets along with yours. Compatibility of zodiac signs could be of much use.

It does not, of course, mean that you have to split up or that you should not even dare to think about a relationship with someone, only because the percentage of your zodiac compatibility is low.

It does not mean you should not get married or have children or else; it could be, however, a good astrological lesson.

Astrology and love compatibility of zodiac signs could offer you basic guidelines on what both of you should do in order to maintain your relationship, on how to nurture it, grow it and develop it to be happy, joyful and long lasting, if possible.

Today we are matching an Aries man with a cancer woman. Let us see how well they fare.

Aries man

What to say more about an Aries man, apart from that he is intoxicated with adrenalin and addicted to action? Aries men are intense, tough, determined and strong, both mentally and physically.

They need things to get done now and for good. They hate waiting and they despise any sort of hesitation. They are open, direct and straight to the point in all areas of life, from professional aspect to romantic love.

Their need for activity comes from a never ceasing flow of life energy they possess within;

Aries is ruled by the element of fire and so he needs to burn. He has never-ending supplies of fuel, he is easily bored and find hard to sit still. However, the basis of his mind is steady; he needs action, but he stays focused, dedicated, determined.

He does not change his mind quickly, but he takes charge quickly. When an Aries man decides he would do something, consider it finished.

Aries men do not believe in failure; in fact, they are likely to recover fast, even after big disappointments. Aries men are born to be successful and victorious and they do accept that life is not a straight line.

They would never give up and leave their cause; they could extremely intense and stubborn.

Others find them breathtaking, charismatic, inspiring and motivating, but sometimes they are hard to deal with. Aries men are amazing, fiery lovers and they are determined in love life, just as they are at work or else.

In addition, they are attractive to many women, because of their manliness that could be seen and felt all around.

They are Alfa-males, conquerors and leaders. We could be free to say they are successful in love. Their libido is extreme; they could never get it enough, so they need a partner who can follow their intense pace. Aries men search for strong women that could challenge them.

They have hard times with trusting their partners; they are jealous and possessive of their women.

It comes from their hidden sensitivity. Aries men are, in fact very emotional; that explains their aggression, for example. In romantic relationship, they are caring, dedicated, loyal, fully devoted and very protective.

Cancer woman

You have probably heard that Cancers are some of the most emotional people, as seen through zodiac perspective. Cancer women are particularly gentle, kind, benevolent and caring.

These ladies are just wonderful, deeply feminine. They are usually friendly and helpful towards everyone, especially with people they care about the most, of course.

Cancer women are known to be selfless humanists and great philanthropists. Cancer women often engage with some voluntary work and anything that could help people. They choose occupations they are pleased with.

However, they would not refuse a good opportunity, if they can benefit from it, even if it is not something they would choose in the first place.

These women are reasonable, sensible and organized. Cancer women seek creativity in their femininity. Women born under the sign of Cancer have a delicate sense for aesthetics and they do not like to live in a mess.

They are tidy, they love to arrange and design things. They prefer simplicity and minimalism to too many details and hoarding. Cancer women are gentle and quiet, but they are not timid or easily discouraged.

They are elegant, graceful and talented. Cancer women are inclined towards stability in life and they usually set career goals early on. They are deeply emotional and their mood changes with phases of the Moon, which is the ruler of Cancer zodiac sign.

Cancer women are like water; always flowing on, but with her emotional tides.

Cancer women could be calm and quiet, but also furious and stubborn. It is said that Cancer women are the most difficult to recognize in a mass of people, because she could open and direct towards others, but also reserved, quiet or very distant.

Cancer women are romantic, sensing and sensitive not only when it comes to their own emotional needs but also those of others.

These ladies have great instincts, intuition and delicate senses. Cancer women appreciate attention. She needs all sorts of romantic stuff in her life; she adores romantic gestures, gifts and sayings.

For her, the famous “I love you” quote is of an essential importance; she needs her man to say it. Cancer women fall in love slowly, gradually and hate to be forced into anything. Her partner has to be extremely tactful and sensing.

Love Compatibility

How do these two go together? At the first glance, they are greatly different of one another.

Tough, direct and impatient Ares man is exactly the opposite of sensible, quiet and calm Cancer woman.

Could these two be a good match? Well, they are not thought to be the best combination in zodiac, but here are some hints that could brighten up this intriguing and, no doubts, colorful combination.

These two would find it very hard to harmonize, but it is not impossible. If an Aries man and

Cancer woman feel mutual attraction it is possible that they would have hard times starting a relationship, because cancer is all about attention, gestures and patience, while Aries would like to have everything right away.

There could be a lot of misunderstanding between them, so it is vital that they establish good communication, in the first place. Later on, there is a risk of over emphasized dominance of one of them, particularly of Alfa-male Aries.

However, if these two start with good communication and listen to one another, this combination could be fulfilling.

As it is commonly said, opposites attract one another, because each one needs a piece of another. Nevertheless, this connection requires a lot of work. Aries men and Cancer women are essentially different.

They have to settle down their differences through finding shared values and common goals. Both are emotional, protective and caring.

They have no greater problems with trust and jealousy, but sexuality and intimacy could get problematic. Aries is intense and pushy, while cancer is sensible and gentle.

They express emotions differently; Aries through raw action, Cancer through asking too many questions. They do not have many common interests, either.

They should focus on distant shared values, because they have different point of view in general. Both seek for balance, comfort and stability, but through way different channels. If they do not form a good basis in communication, then their romantic connection is doomed.

This is a truly challenging mixture of energies.

Marriage Compatibility

Fire and water elements zodiac signs are generally a complicated combination and they are difficult to match well, no matter if the Aries is a man and the cancer a woman or vice versa.

They are disharmonious in roots; there are too many differences in their temperament, character and overall behavior. Aries is dominant, spontaneous and tough; Cancer is intuitive, sensitive and moody.

The cardinal problem for such a couple is their diametrically opposite experience of eros, which could be a major problem for a happy and harmonious marriage. Sex life is, of course, important, no matter what anyone would say about it.

Aries man warms up quite quickly and he is all set to go, while his Cancer woman needs time, affectionate gestures, talk, foreplay; all things that Aries does not really give a thing for.

The only way for such a marriage to work on is that the Aries man accepts his moody Cancer woman needs and that she, in response, makes at least a bit of a compromise when it comes to action. This marriage usually survives due to Cancer’s capacity for tolerance. The brightest part of such a marriage are children.

Once these two have kids, they both do their best to settle their differences and they, in addition, show the exact amount of care for their young ones. They are likely to get intimately distant with time, but these two would rarely decide to separate.

While Aries man would see it as a great failure, which he does not want to allow himself to happen, Cancer woman is completely determined to sacrifice her needs for the sake of the children.

Although this marriage is probably not predisposed to be happily ever after, Aries men and cancer women would stay together and maintain decent relationship. With time, they learn to tolerate each other more.


Aries men and cancer women are rarely good friends, because they do not have many mutual interests. If they happen to be best friends, despite all the differences, they could be very helpful to one another.

Cancer women could give valuable advices to her Aries friend about approaching women, about showing affection etc.

While Aries men are quite popular amongst women, not all ladies enjoy their raw and excessively open approach.

On the other hand, tough and fearless Aries could be an amazing support for gentle and sensitive cancer woman. He will not be her comforting shoulder, but he would do anything in his power to help her settle her fears and troubles in the most practical way.

If she asks him for help, he will immediately take charge of solving the problem.

Cool Facts

If it happens that you meet an Aries man and Cancer woman couple, you could easily recognize them for arguing about something minor. While Aries is all about physical activities and action, cancer wants to improve her artistic skills, she would like him to take her to dance (which he finds too ‘girly’ or boring) or to a freshly opened gelateria.

On the vacation, Aries has got up early and he already went for jogging, while cancer is still asleep.

Good examples of famous Aries men are actors Sean bean, Steven Seagal and Alec Baldwin.

Of historical figures there are Otto Fon Bismarck, Adolf Hitler and Charlemagne, all known as determined leaders to move masses. Celebrity cancer women are Meryl Streep, Liv Tyler and Eva Green.

Famous historical Cancer ladies are Helen Keller, Frida Kahlo and Gertrude Bell.


Overall compatibility of these two is less than fifty percent, which could make this relationship difficult and painful for both of them. This combination is not the luckiest of zodiac matches, but it could work out if both partners are determined for it to succeed.

It is not a type of a relationship likely simply to develop on its own, naturally; it requires effort, even force.

These two are very different characters and they have to start with readiness for having understanding for one another’s needs.

Nevertheless, this relationship or marriage could grow to be rare and unique experience. If they manage to get along with one another and overcome their differences, their relationship could be truly an inspiring example.

If an Aries man and a cancer women find a way to please one another at least nearly to the fullest, they would never have to think about changing partners, for all they will mine all the satisfaction from their strange, but exciting connection.