Aunt – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Aunts play a vital role in our lives. Sometimes we can confide in her and tell her something we shouldn’t say to our parents.

Aunt is always there for us, and she will keep all our secrets and give us the best advice.

My aunt is there to calm the situation, her parents are angry with us, and she always puts a dinar in our pocket to find us. An aunt is an essential figure in a family and is much loved.

We can say that the aunt is the mother that did not give birth to us – she loves us as much and is there to help you and love you with anything.

Dreaming of an aunt can have different interpretations in dreams and depend on how you dreamed of her.

These dreams can alter their meaning depending on the fact do you have an aunt, what is your relationship with her, etc.

Meaning and Symbolism

There are multiple versions of a dream, and we will start from the banalness versions, which also hide not a dull meaning.

In a version of a dream where your aunt announced her visit over the phone, it could mean that some pleasant events are in store for your family.

It is possible that you will go on a nice trip that you will enjoy very much, and some very lovely things will happen.

All in all, in front of you, is a very beautiful and positive period filled with happiness.

If you dreamed that your aunt criticized you for something you did, it could mean that you neglected her in some way.

It is likely that your aunt does not live near you and that she is in another city and that you did not visit her for a long time due to your obligations.

Nowadays, when we have access to communication with people from all over the planet with the latest technologies, you can’t look for excuses, but take your mobile phone in your hands and dial its number. She will be more than happy just to hear you and to know that even if only sometimes you don’t think about her.

For example, in a version of a dream where you see that you are arguing with your aunt, it may mean that you will take part in a quarrel at work in which you will be the one to draw the thick end.

It is possible that someone will drag you into an argument, and if you do not control yourself, you will receive criticism at your expense from your managers because they will soon find out about this argument.

If in the coming day’s someone tries to drag you into a discussion, no matter how banal the situation may seem to you, just withdraw and leave the premises.

To dream that your aunt is patting you on the head can mean that something sad will happen in your life and that you will need someone’s comfort.

If you have ever dreamed of your aunt hugging you, it may mean that you need the care and tenderness of your partner, which you are denied.

It is possible that you are with a person who does not like tenderness and is very rude or rude. You are in a situation where you need it and try to let him know.

In a version of a dream that there is something sexual between you and your aunt, it is truly important to look at it as a dream meaning.

For example, if you had a dream that you saw your aunt’s breasts, it might mean that a person who is much more mature than you will court you on a date.

For some reason, she liked you very much, and she will use all her attributes to seduce you. You will not be immune to it either, so it is possible that the period before you is filled with passion.

In any case, do not be worried because of such dreams. It does not mean anything inappropriate in reality, and it speaks more of your inner tension, etc… the aunt is just a representation of something important in your life.

Decoding the Dream about Aunt

An aunt is a figure who is there to defend us in reality, and as such, it can appear in a dream world, for example, in a version where she hides you from people to protect you in some way.

This dream does not carry a good symbolical value because it shows that you want to hide behind someone else, not being able to take responsibility for your actions.

Think of what you are doing in life, and are you able to take responsibility for your actions… Stop hiding from it.

Now, if in your dream an aunt is depicted as a woman of a bit larger constitution, and if you dreamed that you hit her in your dream with a fist, it might mean that your loved one will leave you in the coming period.

It will be a heavy blow for you, like thunder from a clear sky. Because you never suspected that this could happen and that your partner has been thinking about it recently.

Try not to react violently so as not to further aggravate the situation, and try to understand why your loved one made that decision.

If you are married, it is possible that you have fallen into a period of tracks and that you need a honeymoon or family trip, which will refresh the whole situation and the current situation you are in.

To dream that your beloved aunt has died (this is one version of a dream that is very common for many people, even for those who are not close to their aunts or do not have them at all) may mean that you are too possessive towards your partner.

Possession is a trait that can be extremely strenuous, and you must make an effort to eradicate it.

As jealousy is sometimes desirable in very small doses, possessiveness is never. So try to solve it at home in any way, but try not to be left without the person you love.

To dream that you have kissed your aunt on the forehead may mean that some elderly member of your family will soon die.

It is possible that this is someone you have not seen for a very long time and that you will have to travel and respect all customs and express your condolences.

If you have ever dreamed that your aunt surprised you with her visit, it may mean that you will soon receive an invitation to a family gathering.

There is likely a custom in your family to gather at least once a year because you do not live in the same cities, which will make you very happy. Try to find time in addition to all the obligations you have and accept the invitation.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

Here, we want to discuss some lesser common version of a dream where the central theme is an aunt, but that also reveal a lot about your life.

For example, the version of a dream where an aunt (it does not have to be your aunt, but in a dream, she is an aunt) is beating you for something you have done may mean that in the coming days, if you are not careful, you will make a cardinal mistake that cannot be corrected.

That is why we advise you to be extra careful in the coming period so that it does not happen.

If you are a student by chance, it is possible that you are well prepared for a very important exam ahead of you, but that you can, because you are confident in yourself, hurry up and therefore make mistakes where you would not otherwise. Don’t allow yourself to let that happen.

If you dreamed of throwing a piece of dirt into your grave at your aunt’s funeral after lowering the coffin, it could mean that you owed someone in your family some money.

Some of them helped you financially when you needed it, and a lot of time has passed since then, and you have not returned it.

Believe us, although it was not asked of you, it was not forgotten.

So we advise you to return that amount, no matter how small, so that you do not lose trust and so that you do not gain the reputation of someone in the family who does not repay their debts.

The list of interesting dreams regarding an aunt can go for days – in any case, and this is the dream that is present in your life for the purpose of revealing what your relationship with those who want to protect you in life is, are you the person who wants to be protected, and are you able to take responsibility to take responsibility for your actions, regardless of their consequences.