Dreaming of Fainting – Meaning and Symbolism

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Fainting represents a sudden loss of consciousness that often ends in a fall. Before fainting, the person feels weak and unsteady for a short amount of time, measured in seconds.

Fainting might happen without any warnings, but some people experience blurred vision or spots before their eyes, confusion, fast breathing, ringing in ears, sudden sweat, etc. before they pass out.

Fainting might or may not be a cause for panic and going to the doctors, but if it happens often the safest way is to go check yourself. At least it will stop the worry.

Dreams about fainting are not very common, and when they happen they usually have a great importance for your life and carry an important message. Their meanings can be different, depending on the current circumstances in your life.

Dreams about fainting often indicate that you are harboring some strong emotions you don’t want to deal with or that you don’t want to confront some situation in your life.

You possibly feel overwhelmed and pressured because you are avoiding solving these issues, and that could be what provoked your dream about fainting.

It is possible that you have been using different excuses for your denial of the situation or and admitting that you have a problem you need to solve.

Dreams about fainting often indicate refusing to deal with some burning issues. If you remained conscious and weren’t able to move your body, the dream could indicate feeling powerless in some situation.

Maybe you have a strong desire to change some circumstances in your life, but you know you are not able to do that.

This dream might also indicate your inability to react in a timely manner because of your tendency to freeze in situations where you need to take action and that causes you to miss a lot of chances in life.

The dream about fainting often symbolically shows your reactions to stressful situations. It is often a sign from your subconscious that you need to work on changing your behavior because it is not doing you good.

In some cases, the dream could be a support to confront some current situation you have been avoiding to deal with for some time.

Sometimes this dream could be considered a warning from your subconscious that something is wrong with your physical wellbeing, and it would be wise to listen to it and do a medical checkup.

Often fainting in dreams reveals that you are lately under a lot of stress and you should take some time to relax. It could be a way of your subconscious to avoid dealing with some emotions or pain, or some other unpleasant feelings.

This dream could also reveal your fears to confront some issues buried in your subconscious.

In some esoteric techniques fainting is induced so that the person could come in contact with entities from other realms.

According to some dream books, fainting in a dream could indicate a potential illness in the family and reminds you to take good care of your family members and their wellbeing.

When young women were dreaming of fainting that was considered a sign of a potential error they will make due to their naivety and thoughtfulness. For unmarried women, a dream about fainting was considered a sign of her desperation because she they are still unmarried.

Sometimes a dream about fainting might be a reminder of your subconscious to slow down in some situation because you might make some mistakes with thoughtless and irrational actions.

Dreams about fainting in some situations reveal your desire to make some changes in your life. Maybe you are tired of your way of living and want to experience something completely different.

In many cases, dreams about fainting are interpreted as a desire of the dreamer to attract someone’s attention or create some other feelings in someone. It is often a sign of doing unexpected things that are sure to attract attention.

The reasons why the person needs attention could be various and it is up to them to discover them, and in some cases, if these dreams are recurring, it is better that they seek professional psychological help.

Dreaming of Fainting– Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of fainting – If you dreamed that you fainted for some reason, that dream often reveals your inability to face something in your life. It is also possible that you have lost harmony and balance in life for some reason, and the dream reflects these circumstances you are currently experiencing.

This dream often reveals your unhappiness because of some issues you are unable to solve.

If you were happy during the dream, the dream could mean receiving some good news that will make you happy.

Sometimes, this dream could indicate experiencing some health issues and warns you about neglecting your wellbeing with some activities or bad habits you have.

Dreaming of fainting because you were somehow injured – If you dreamed of fainting because something had injured you, that dream is a good sign regarding your wellbeing and could indicate a soon and speed recovery if you were not feeling well, or it could indicate an improvement of your overall health and wellbeing.

Dreaming of fainting before your enemies – If you dreamed of fainting before people who don’t have good intentions towards you that dream usually is not a good sign. It could indicate being somehow defeated by these people or suffering some damage caused by their actions.

Dreaming of seeing someone fainting before you – If you dreamed of seeing someone fainting before you, that dream usually represents a warning sign. It usually reminds you to begin confronting the issues you have instead of ignoring them and avoiding to confront them.

This dream is often a warning related to financial issues. You might be forced to get a loan from someone to solve your financial problems.

Dreaming of a family member fainting in front of you – If you dreamed of a family member fainting, that dream is not a good sign. It often indicates hearing some news about their indiscretion in some situation, or their inappropriate behavior.

Dreaming of someone fainting of starvation – If you dreamed of someone fainting before you, starved to death, that dream is usually not a good sign. It could often indicate having some financial problems you are refusing to acknowledge and deal with, and the dream is a sign that you need to start dealing with them as soon as possible.

Dreaming of someone fainting because of some illness – If you dreamed of someone fainting due to some illness they have, that dream could be a sign related to some close friend of yours. Maybe you will need to help some friend deal with the issues they currently have in life.

This dream could reveal your friend’s fear to confront the problems they have or considers them unresolvable.

Dreaming of fainting before your partner – If you dreamed of fainting in front of your romantic partner, this dream often reveals the emotions your partner has towards you. If the reaction was tender and he rushed to help you, you can be sure in their love for you.

If your partner didn’t do anything to help you get up or wake up, the dream usually reveals lack of interest in your partner, which you subconsciously feel.

Dreaming of feeling exhausted and being on the verge of fainting – If you dreamed of being very tired and literally on the verge of exhaustion, that dream is a good sign, and indicates that your hard work and efforts will surely pay off; you only need to be patient and wait for your reward.

Dreaming of fainting and feeling well afterwards – If you dreamed of fainting, but feeling well soon after that, that dream is a good sign. It usually represents a sign that you will be able to overcome the difficulties you have and they will become a thing of the past.

This dream could also indicate experiencing some adventurous situations in the near future.

Dreaming of pretending to faint – If you dreamed of pretending to faint, that dream is not a good sign. It usually reveals your desire to present yourself desperate in front of someone.

This dream often reveals your tendency to do extravagant and unexpected things to attract people’s attention.

Sometimes this dream indicates pretending to lack money to prevent others from asking it from you.

Dreaming of fainting because you are having a heart attack – If you dreamed you fainted during a heart attack, that dream is not a good sign. It usually indicates having some problems which make you feel desperate and very anxious. This dream is a sign of a difficult period ahead.

Dreaming of feeling sick and fainting – If you dreamed of feeling very sick and fainting after, that dream is usually a very bad sign. It usually announces a stressful period ahead full of unexpected negative surprises.

You could possibly hear some bad news, regarding your life, or possibly the life of someone close.

Fortunately, these negativities won’t last long, and you will be able to find a way to deal with them.