Balloon – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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When the word balloon is mentioned, they are usually toys for children or decorations to celebrate the first association.

Besides, the balloon is associated with something very sensitive because it can easily burst.

Also, a balloon can be a means of transportation.

Balloons are, in reality, for most of us, correlated with a bright and joyous occasion, like birthdays, celebrations, etc. They are decorative and fun.

But, what happens when you see balloons in a dream world? Do they maintain their happy and joyful connotations, or are they quite the opposite?

The fact that we see them as positive symbol lies in the fact that they are synonymous with fluidity, brightness, and too much “life,” as well as the persistent concern of “discharging,” or some unpredictability in actions that are a feature of the person who has a dream about the Balloon.

Meaning and Symbolism

Balloons are a somewhat common motive in a dream, and their meaning varies a lot – depending on how you dreamt it, their color, etc. They do not have a good or a bad meaning – they can show so many things regarding your wake life.

In general, seeing a balloon in a dream suggests that shortly you will be disappointed, or unhappy even.

All because some of your deepest dreams would not be fulfilled, and you fear possible failures and disappointments.

This kind of dream usually designates both your purposes and the will to accomplish something, and then when you see that it is not feasible, you grow into an angry and frustrated person.

At the same time, their symbolical value can be positive – all depending on the circumstances and the direction in which you, as the person who has this dream, see balloons in your subconscious.

Because all of us love balloons, but we can be scared if the balloon pops.

In a version of a dream where you are holding a balloon on a rope and walking, such a dream shows that very soon you will go somewhere distant, forgetting the past and enjoying the future that is much brighter than the present.

At the same time, such a dream symbolizes your personality – you are a risk-taker, you like to be in unknown and risky situations.

Such actions can be beneficial for you and take you to unexpected places, and in other times, you will be taken away to the wrong, dark place.

In a version of a dream where the balloon is flying on its own, such a dream symbolizes that you have a vain personality, always attempting to fly above difficulties and problems, but in an incorrect way.

Suppose you are blowing a balloon in a dream, and they are nothing but the rubber in your hands, with the potential to become a wonderful balloon.

In that case, such a dream shows that in real life, you are strong-minded to unwind and have pleasure ultimately and to disregard all the difficulties at least for a minute and devote your time to the people who love you. It is what you deserve, and it is what you have been working for a long time.

In an alternate version, the dream of blowing a balloon depicts you as a person who is a dreamer, but at the same time so confident in its abilities that there is no way that the dreams will not become a reality.

Decoding the Dream about the Balloon

In a version of a dream where your balloon is bursting, releasing numerous sounds that maybe scare you, such a dream suggests that you are living a life where you rely on others so much, fearing that soon all of that comfort will be over.

Such a dream shows that in you, there is a clear fear that those “firm things” you relied on so far will be abruptly interrupted. It is possible to have a steady and secure job, a regular salary, and all the benefits.

But for some reason, this will soon come to an end, and you should start thinking about an alternative now.

If you dreamed that you deliberately punctured a balloon with a sharp object, it might mean that you have made some very important decisions in your life.

It is possible that you have decided to change your occupation or place of residence, and even to move abroad and start your life there from scratch.

Either way, the change you bring will totally transform your life because you are now at a breaking point.

Yes, the change will come abruptly, but nothing will be lost. Things will even be easier than they have used to be, this change will be sudden, but it will come lightly, making the transition easier.

If you have ever dreamed that while blowing a huge balloon, all the air returned suddenly to your lungs, it may mean that you are a person who has many breaks in your life.

It is possible that you are a very withdrawn person with a small circle of people to hang out with and stick to only what you know and people with whom you feel safe.

As soon as someone or something kicks you out of your routine and everyday life, you get a panic attack. In the next period of your life, there will be a lot of turbulence due to unforeseen situations, which will cause that feeling of anxiety in you.

But try to understand that the one and only way to deal with it is to oppose it. We advise you that it is time to get out of that vicious circle and start living your life to the fullest.

If you have dreamed that there is a gift in the balloon, it may mean that you expect a surprise from someone and that person will not be able to give you what you want. You are one of those people who, when they don’t get what they think and know they deserve, become angry and frustrated.

Try to be patient, you have known what you want, and it will happen. You just have to create the conditions for something like that.

To dream that someone has shot you with a balloon full of water can mean that something you thought you would solve in an instant will turn out to be a real challenge because you have overestimated your capabilities and abilities. You are a person who has a habit of overestimating yourself, and this has brought you into various and even embarrassing situations. Try to be moderate in everything you can and be a real burden to yourself.

If you dreamed that the balloon is as heavy as a rock, it could mean that the days ahead will be full of stress. It is possible that you will have far more work than usual and that it will burden you a lot.

To dream of putting a balloon over your head can mean that you will be ashamed in public in the coming days. If you go to a gathering, a family dinner, or maybe a business lunch, you love to be careful about what you say so as not to embarrass yourself.

If you dreamed of drawing on a balloon, it could mean that you will be extremely creative in the coming days, and this will come to the fore in your workplace and will not go unnoticed.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

We can all agree that seeing balloons is pure joy, and they show what life should be – a playful and joyous ride, light as the air, colorful as the rainbow.

In dreams, such a joyful ride can take on a negative turn – in some cases, and this dream may point to someone from your close environment that is constantly cheating and misleading you.

Find out who that person is and show him or her that you know. In some cases, this dream comes to you to warn you – some hateful people are in your surroundings and who are just expecting for the minute when you will make an error to use it upon you and destroy your name. Do not allow it to happen.

In some cases, seeing deflated balloon that does not look like a balloon shows that your desire and ambition to succeed will come some, but it may not be in a way you think is possible.

In the end, the color of the balloon determines its meaning – for example, seeing a white balloon is the symbol of unity, compatibility, achievement of goals.

A red balloon comes as an indication of problems that are making you sad and angry, restless even. You are sacred that you may burst any second now, just like the balloon.

The black balloon shows that, in reality, you are a very cynical and unfulfilled person who negatively sees even the brightest things.

Some say that this dream is an indication that your goals are immodest based on a desire to reach power, but that it can cost you very much.

Therefore, it is wiser to collect yourself and get down on the earth.

In some other cases, seeing a balloon in a dream suggests that in reality, you may regret some decision you have made (this is true in the case when balloons are blown out of your hand).

Such a dream shows regret of numerous blown shots, which were given to you on a plate.

Although numerous problems irritate you, at the same time, you are trying to find harmony and tranquility.