Tomato – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Although tomato is considered a type of vegetable, it belongs to the fruit family and relates to the apple family.

In real life, for most people, tomato is essential food rich in vitamins and minerals and is crucial for the human body’s health and well-being.

For some, it is even the food of heaven – juicy, healthy, and delicious.

Everything that exists in real life can also appear as a dream motive.

Tomato can emerge as a motive in a dream world, and there it has its interesting meaning; some say that it is not easy to comprehend always, or it has strictly bad or good meaning.

Experts claim that the meaning of the tomato in a dream is associated in the majority of cases with fertility, regardless of who has such a dream, male or female. Both cases are equally common.

In fact, the tomato is associated with essential and useful things, and having in mind its red color.

It is a representation of happiness, joy, or love and well-being. Or the lack of it… Depending on the other circumstances of a dream.

Meaning and Symbolism

The tomato as a motive in a dream does not appear as often as we think. In fact, it is very rare – the symbolic meaning in most cases depends on whether someone eats or picks a tomato in a dream, whether he buys it or “hits” someone with it, whether he drinks tomato juice or has “stains” with it, etc.

There are numerous versions of the tomato that can appear in a dream world.

If you just see a tomato somewhere in nature or the house (on the table, in the plate) in a dream, such a dream suggests that the person who has this dream is filled with unrealistic hopes or expectations not just from himself/herself but from the world, which is the worst part.

It is the dream that is often in the lives of those people who, in reality, think of success or happiness, fantasizes about it, and at the same time, do absolutely nothing about achieving goals and plans.

This is the dream of those who are waiting for a better life, wealth, and carefreeness to come to them “on their own.”

At the same time, they enjoy and don’t worry about anything and are not truly putting any effort into the process. This is the main meaning of the tomato in a dream. As you can see, it is not good or bad meaning, and it is more a signification of inner life.

Eating a tomato in a dream, and it is fresh, juicy, well-ripened, and tastes very good, in reality, means that you are very depressed and worried about some circumstances.

If such a dream is repetitive, then it implies that you are either dissatisfied with some business results or have some unfulfilled desires and ambitions that create very great stress and nervousness because you fail to realize them as you initially imagined.

Reality and your vision of what your life should look like are completely different – there comes to dream about the wonderfully tasty tomato.

If the tomato that you are eating in a dream is not tasty, such a dream shows that you are, in reality, hiding something and that you are in some kind of secret romance.

For some, this dream suggests that the plot with some people endanger someone else’s well-being and diminish others’ results.

In this case, a tomato is not a good symbol, but it shows how weak and insecure you are.

If you are harvesting it in a dream, and it looks so wonderful in it, such a dream shows that you are competent and ready to see or get the results of your work.

It symbolizes that you will become wealthy and personally responsible for all the happiness that awaits you in the professional field and your strength of will and inexhaustible energy and knowledge.

However, if you pick a tomato in your dream that has not yet ripened enough, but you still do not have time to wait for it to grow enough and be “ready for harvest,” this warning warns that you are a very impatient and hasty person, who despite being very hardworking and honest, she has neither the desire nor the patience to wait for “things to work out” correctly.

If this dream becomes regular, and you dream of it often, such a dream may suggest that there are some health problems along the way in front of you.

It is also a kind of warning to go to preventive or control medical reviews. Listen to it!

Decoding Dream about Tomato

There are numerous other versions of the dream about the tomato that is so simple, but the deep motive in dreams.

For example, if the dream is set in a way that you are planting a tomato, and you take care of it (water, nurture it), in that case, it has a good symbol.

Such a dream shows that you are very hardworking and dedicated to work and that until you finish all your obligations, you are not able to focus on any other aspect of life, but that this “concern” for work and perseverance that you have will bring you tremendous or significant accomplishment, and that you will progress or very materially secure yourself very quickly.

Tomatoes that are black, stinky, rotten in a dream, in reality, are symbols of possible upcoming very negative events and problems, which may relate to some crucial aspects of your life, or means that you are entirely consciously gambled some very good chances.

Now you regret it, but you certainly can’t “turn back time.” Do not bother with regret. It will not take you anywhere – this dream is just a reminder of how things could have been different. A lesson that you should learn as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if you eat rotten tomato fruit in a dream, and you feel all the “disgust” of its taste, such a dream in real life has the connotation that either you or one of your family members will get sick or that you are at risk of some recent troubles and troubles that you will find very difficult to overcome, or to resolve successfully in your favor.

This dream is a warning sign and should be taken as such. Do not fear that everything is lost, and there is a time to move things in a different direction.

In a dream, suppose you are making tomato juice or tomato soup out of the fresh tomato. In that case, in the real world, there some good news for you.

In that case, such a dream is a symbol of some imminent monetary gain, or some sudden and very good news or events, they will be connected with some of your close friends or family members, and you will soon be very happy about something. A celebration of great joy awaits you.

The message behind this dream and Advice

As you could have seen, dreams about tomatoes are rare and so interesting – you will certainly remember that you had them, in whatever version possible.

In some cases, such a dream implies that you will be in very good health in the next period and that it is possible or certain to change jobs in terms of promotion or change of residence. And that a long journey awaits you that you did not hope for at all, and that does not make you too happy.

It can even symbolize in reality that you are a person who analyzes all your life situations in great detail – this is such a warning for you. It shows your character – you are the type of person that others hate or simply cannot relate in some “common” way.

Even the smallest mistake you make (and others also) is a great burden and responsibility.

Responsibility to change, alter others and yourself, because you are simply never good enough. You like to attach importance to everything and exaggerate all your problems and” dramatize “for every little thing.

Stop doing that and be a bit more relaxed. Enjoy life more; even tomato is the vegetable/fruit that tastes so good and reminds of things that are carefree, easy, and delicious.

In other cases, such a dream shows that you are, without a doubt, too perfectionist in everything and that you need a little care and stress in life as possible.

It is possible that shortly you will decide on a shorter and nice vacation from work, where you will indulge in pleasures and socializing with dear people.

Take care of yourself because there is a big chance that you will run into some big mistakes and/or losses, and instead of a reward, you can expect doom, criticism, or impoverishment.

Buying a tomato at the market or in a store in dreams shows that you are about to argue and fight…

In reality, such a dream suggests that some very big quarrels and/or conflict situations with your emotional partner or with dear and close friends, and that you need to learn how to have more understanding for others and not expect too much that someone is perfect and sinless because in all probability you are not “ideal” and in some ways the best.

In the end, consider yourself “special” since you had a dream about the tomato. Do you love its taste in real life? Do not think of its meaning as something given, and it can come as a warning, but also as an encouragement for future progress.