Biblical Meaning of Bats In Dreams

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Regardless of your personal opinion about bats, have you seen them or not? Most likely, it is not very positive.

But, if you look at the numerous symbolical meanings about bats around the world, they, in a symbolical sense, can carry a positive note.

Of course, in some parts of the world, their symbolism is negative – they are mostly associated with evil spirits and manifestations of dark evil forces.

Similarly, the Bible sees these beings as the announcement of bad things that will come, a sign of catastrophe. They appear before the end, the is the announcement of death, the end, but this also can have one more layer – the end does not have to be a bad thing. It can be just the manifestation of a new phase.

Many of us do not like these nocturnal inhabitants and try to avoid them in all possible ways. But in the East, where people have a completely different view of the world and believe in entirely other gods, the bat has a wholly different meaning.

The bats’ image can be seen on clothes and paintings, and they are often part of popular talismans and amulets, and many other decorative items.

It may seem unbelievable to some, but here bats are seen as a symbol of happiness and prosperity.

Some say that bats are beautiful animals with a bad reputation due to superstitions and Hollywood movies.

They can be the symbols of internal (mental, emotional, and spiritual) ambiguity.

Unfortunately, dreams about bats can be vital signs of negative energy – we will say that this depends on all other aspects of a dream and that understanding such a dream is very complicated.

Meaning and Symbolism

What does it mean when you had a dream about bats? Is it a good or a bad sign? Should you be scared, or you can be relaxed and feel comfortable?

In reality, bats are seen as gross animals, but it must be said that they have a dual symbolic quality. For some, bats can be interesting, unusual, even adorable, especially the small ones.

One of the problems lies in the fact that we see them at night, and if you have ever seen one of these beings in the light, you will know that they look just like a small mouse.

The same case is when we speak of dreams where bats are the main motive – its interpretation depends on your ideas about bats.

Although dreams about bats can seem scary and awkward, they are not always alarming indications, on the contrary.

Partially, the Bible would agree, although they are a bad sign in the majority of lines – here we come to the idea that bats come as the announcement of the end, but something good can come later, after that, so it could be seen just as a major change.

It is said that those who often have dreams about these night creatures should take a deep dive into the perspective of their life, the future, and its direction.

In some way, and the Biblical interpretation will agree with it, are (both positively and negatively) representation of vital developments and new sources, as they are connected with notions of change and life limelight.

In another version, where you are killing bats, such a dream represents the dissatisfaction of the current life circumstances or with yourself. There is something inside of you that does not make you happy, but on the contrary, it makes you feel bad, and your mind is telling you to change it.

You seem frustrated because such a model of thinking and making things stop you from growing and improving in life.

These dreams about bats are a manifestation of frustration, but something good must come of it. You will find ways to overcome it, and it is a good thing.

According to the Bible, dreams about bats may show that you have prosecutors around you and that you are conscious of them, but you still can’t find a way to defeat them. It would help if you had faith that you have lost along the way, and you must restore it.

Decoding Biblical Meaning of Bats in Dreams

What we know from the Bible is that bats do appear whenever something is going to change drastically – it is an even more prominent bad omen of these dreams when you see dead bats, that may seem just like some mysterious phenomenon that is scary, but that does not have a reasonable explanation.

According to the Bible, similar visions of bats show in almost identical form in the lives of completely different people, connecting it to the bat plague and even linked it to a biblical prediction about the death of humanity.

In the Bible, we find a sentence like I will sweep humanity from the face of the Earth, etc…. at that moment, bats are swarming the sky.

We must say that bats that appear as the motive in dreams may carry a good symbolism because after the end, as it is suggested in the Bible, some important transformation must come, and things are never going to be the same, and they should not be the same.

The Holy Book suggests that change is necessary at this moment because something is wrong, even if it is a man.

It is said that those who have such dreams will enter into a completely new and different chapter in their lives, and things will never be the same. We will add, it should not be the same. It is necessary – the same analogy should be applied to your life; the bats are the symbol that you must radically change.

Comforting to know is the idea that when we start something new, we feel a bit nervous, no matter how immeasurable and positive these changes are; you may feel surprised or resistant to improve your contemporary situation’s patterns, and bats are the resistance of your mind, in some way.

However, if bats continue to return in your dreams, it means that changes are inevitable and will probably happen very soon, and they will be sudden. They will be harsh and without mercy, but for your own good.

In the version of a dream about bats where they are in some form of action, such dreams may have some unresolved relationships that you need to end finally, or a white bat can represent the soul of a dear deceased person.

If this is the case, it could mean that this person is coming to you from the afterlife to protect and guide you. If you feel uncomfortable about dreams related to the bat, look for signs of danger in your real life and try to prevent bad things from happening.

One more thing must be added, there is a version of a dream about the bat, not any but the white bat, and it carries a different, maybe more sinister explanation.

Such a dream definitely does not have a positive impact on your life, and it is a sign of real danger. The Bible will add here -even now, do not be scared, the danger is real, but your fear should not be.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

If you dream that bats are attacking or biting you, that can also be a bad sign, in some cases.

Such dreams can reflect your waking life situation, even if you are not aware of it and if, in reality, you do not feel threatened.

There may be people in your life who want your happiness or who want to harm you.

Be careful as much as you can; such a dream can even suggest that someone or something in your life is constantly draining your energy.

Toxic people may surround you, so you have such a dream that you would be aware of it. You may feel exhausted and tired all the time and still don’t know where it comes from.

In the worst-case scenario, bat bites’ dreams could suggest that you are sick, so it would be a good idea to check this out. You feel threatened and helpless, and this may be the reason why you had such a dream, especially if they are repeating themselves. Try to calm down and don’t let fear and anger overwhelm your thoughts.

Swarms of dead bats (that are falling on you, like rain) with no physical traces of injury are raising issues and concerns about the end of the world. This version of a dream is very, very common, maybe the most common of all dreams about bats.

They can move perfectly in complete darkness, and even despite the complete lack of visibility, they can find food in conditions that are difficult to survive.

Therefore, these beings can be seen as a symbol of prosperity, strength, and endurance, which leads to abundance and well-being in the house.

From all of this that has been said, we can assume that the bat is a dominant representation that encourages us to examine our goals, glimpse into the darkened places of our Inner being and everything around us, work on our selfish emotions, and transform into a person who is definitely at all times. Aware of its continuation.

This is absolutely not an easy job, but the transformation that may follow should be enough motivation for each of us, right?

The Bible often carries apocalyptic images on its pages, and they always have some subliminal message, in a sense, that there is always something that is behind, and every tale has its message.