Scorpio in 6th House – Meaning and Info

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This person relates to the process of work very emotionally, although it may not be noticed by others.

In principle, any hack-work is disgusting to him, and if the circumstances are such that it is inevitable, the person suffers deeply (although these feelings can be repressed over time), but at a low level he seeks not so much to raise his professional level as to shift the blame onto others.

Scorpio – Meaning and Info

The very type of work must be somehow connected with qualitative changes in the subject of work, otherwise a person begins to get bored, although the professions of a snake trainer, alchemist or psychoanalyst are not required.

The relationship with tools is complex. On the one hand, a person strives for professional possession of them, on the other, they often become the object of his hatred, when the work goes badly, and he can throw them away or destroy them without good reason.

on the third hand, he constantly needs to improve his technique, since his instruments are aging much faster than in any other position of the 6th house, and nevertheless, sometimes with their help a person performs literally miracles.

The state of health is accompanied (rare, if only Scorpio is not entirely harmonious) lack of the need for self-criticism – emotional and physical; a person is calm and satisfied with all his internal organs and systems, which he feels quite well, as in the 6th house in other water signs.

Great suspiciousness and tendency to self-destruction. Hence neuroses, depression, chronic anxiety, ulcers and other diseases, unless a person transforms his psyche and physical body in a constructive direction, which in this case is very promising: there is great ability for mental self-control and control of his lower bodies (physical and etheric)…

During convalescence, a well-moderate amount of positive emotions, if desired, with a slight tinge of gloating.

Recovers its strength with work and service. Expressing and suppressing desires greatly affects his health. “Self-criticism” is especially harmful. Suspiciousness and a tendency to self-destruction are possible. This leads to neuroses, depression, chronic diseases.

During recovery, a moderate release of positive emotions with a slight tinge of gloating is desirable. Bladder diseases, epidemics, swamp fever. You should beware of snake bites and poisonous insects.

He is very emotional about work. At work he is impatient, pokes his nose everywhere, stubborn. Any trash work is disgusting to him, he can even get sick if he has to do it. Strives to constantly improve its tools.

Strenuous mental work requires long, good rest. He is often tormented by insomnia. Susceptible to accidents, diseases of the lungs and genital area. Diseases not only from overwork, but also from boredom and loneliness. Easily finds a way to contact with colleagues. Knows how to ferret out the secrets of others.

Can participate in secret organizations. He perfectly knows how to adapt, find friends everywhere, he has connections everywhere. Harsh in conversation with employees. Tends to stir up controversy. His humor is angry, his irony is poisonous. Thanks to this, it has many enemies among its employees.

High professionalism in work. Unacceptability of hack-work, fanatical obligation. The ability to work collectively and obey popular opinion. All work should be associated with qualitative changes in the subject, otherwise boredom may ensue. Concern about the state of health, suspiciousness and self-criticism causes neuroses and depression. We need mental self-control. Animals are poisonous.

6th House – Meaning and Info

Pluto IN GENERAL is responsible for oncology, the organs most susceptible to these conditions are easier to identify by the Sign or Planets that Pluto affects (Pluto in Cancer or in conjunction with the Moon – eyes, female reproductive system and chest, stomach. Sun – eyes, brain, in including the spinal cord. Mars – brain and blood, etc.).

Here, by the way, and the mucous membrane of the nose and throat – therefore, there is a high probability of infectious diseases of these organs.

Exactly the same can be said about sports – it may well be used as a prophylactic agent, but this is again a “wear and tear” work. If the owner of the 6th house in Scorpio feels sorry for himself, then it is easier and not to venture.

As for Cancers, the emotional component and the emotions experienced are the main thing that shapes the health or illness of the six-domed Scorpio.

Therefore, before sulking and accusing the world of injustice, think about the consequences and urgently begin to understand yourself – WHAT makes you react so? What should you understand about yourself? What things IN YOURSELF should be taken? Why is something that is not accepted is so strongly broadcast to others? How do you align your self-image? Etc.

To do this, he discovers the ability of a doctor in a person, makes him study traditional medicine. Often people with Pluto in the 6th house become healers, professionals in the field of occult sciences, astrology, magic, parapsychology and others. Most often, these people intuitively find the field of activity that is predetermined by fate.

And vice versa – if there is already reason to believe that the disease has come (especially oncology, of course) – begin to understand yourself – answering the same questions. Remember – it is not difficult for any disease to move to another organ or return again.

But to prevent this from happening – deal with yourself! And again I emphasize – DO NOT OVERLOOK your own features, but pull them out and take a closer look at “where their legs grow from”. Sort it out and everything will be fine!

Scorpio in 6th House – Meaning and Info

Pluto rules over the most unpleasant diseases, often difficult and difficult to treat. And Pluto rules over all incurable ones too. BUT it is important to understand that the most important task of Pluto is to give a person an opportunity, and if he does not use it, then make him reconsider his values ​​!!! It is for this that such serious illnesses are started.

With the right use of the power of Pluto, the owners of the 6th house in Scorpio can have very good health and a strong constitution. BUT – the main word here is “correct application”.

Pluto and Scorpio are very powerful energy indicators. The 6th house, which represents the human toolkit, gives the sixth-house Scorpions colossal physical and mental endurance, but, as you know, Scorpio is a watery, female Sign, and therefore, it is able to accumulate energy well, but it does not discharge it well. An external impulse is required to reset.

And what will happen if the energy is not dumped? Scorpio can accumulate it so much that it will begin to “swamp”, “slag”, and from physical and mental power, turn into one big “kaku” for the cardholder himself.

The unspent energy of Scorpio turns into resentment, manipulation, rancor, suspiciousness, in general, into all types of destructive energies.

And being related to the 6th house, she directs this stream of negativity against the health of the person himself! He may think that he has a “strong energy”, that everyone is afraid of him, that he is capable of making anyone feel bad with one glance, and so on. And, of course, it will be so (this is also his “tool”)!

BUT – everything that he “gives” to others in the form of negative, oddly enough, will not get away from him, and will destroy the main human tool – his own body from the inside, slowly undermining his strength.

We will certainly come back to the issue of working conditions and discipline, but speaking of health, it is important to mention that work is literally “wear and tear”, and even more so in difficult conditions, one of the best preventive measures for the owner of Pluto or Scorpio in the 6th house …

Their treatment is, first of all, treatment with their own energy. Firstly, they must want to get well, and secondly, having a desire to get well, their main way is to change their attitude towards their life (important! Not to illness, even, but to life!!!).

It is simply impossible to make them get better if they do not want to. They can really “eat” themselves from the inside, regardless of what procedures the doctor will carry out with them. Their personal energy is 100 times stronger than any external therapy. All the stories of recovery from the “help yourself” cycle are, first of all, stories about Scorpions.

Of course, following the direct symbolism of Pluto, in their search for health, they can also use magical manipulations, but as practice shows, most often this initially removing the external state leads to the departure of the disease inside.

And in the case of Pluto, on the contrary, it is important to bring your states outward, as they say “into the Light of God”, to consider them under this light, to understand yourself, forgive yourself, accept yourself, gradually aligning your energy and so gradually, to get out of your illnesses …

Here! Remember that Pluto is sexual energy! In this regard, a lot of health problems are a consequence of a violation of sexual harmony. It is important for people who have ASC, 6 or 8 houses connected with Pluto in one way or another – a regular, satisfying sex life is an important protector against illness!!!

As for the diseases themselves. I think, by analogy with the previous lectures, it is no longer difficult for you to understand that Pluto controls infectious diseases, and especially, of course, sexually transmitted diseases.

Scorpio is a fixed, feminine Sign, which means that it inclines the disease to the transition to the chronic stage. It should be noted that the consequences of these infections can be global in nature and affect, for example, reproductive function.

The genitals, both external and internal, are ruled by Pluto. And the sexual function is generally controlled by him. Hence the standard male “sores” – adenoma, prostatitis, impaired spermatogenesis (again, reproductive function), decreased potency, etc.

The penis generally goes under the control of Scorpio, therefore, having Pluto or Scorpio in the 6th house, especially with defeat, we can say that this organ is under threat.

In women, Pluto can cause all types of vaginitis, vaginosis, herpes (also in men), candidiasis, mastitis, menstrual irregularities, early menopause, severe PMS, etc.

Pluto governs the pelvic organs. Hence all the congestion, adhesive disease, inflammatory processes in the small pelvis (and these are the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, rectum and bladder). There may also be pelvic varicose veins. And of course injuries (when damaged by Mars), etc.


Pluto in the 6th house, depending on the quality of its aspects with other planets and the elements of the horoscope, indicates whether an individual is on the right path, whether he leads a healthy lifestyle or not. He also points to a difficult relationship with subordinates.

Pluto in the 6th house multiplies perseverance, perseverance, endurance, endurance and patience, but people with such a Pluto are not at all alien to such traits as aggressiveness, a tendency to coercion and even to violence.

It also sharpens intuition greatly, especially regarding the purpose of life and work. People with such a Pluto can safely follow the advice of their inner voice, even if it suggests something completely unusual.

In fact, Pluto in the 6th house makes his wards serve others, his people and even all of humanity.

To do this, he discovers the ability of a doctor in a person, makes him study traditional medicine.

Often people with Pluto in the 6th house become healers, professionals in the field of occult sciences, astrology, magic, parapsychology and others.

Most often, these people intuitively find the field of activity that is predetermined by fate.

Career, health, pets the native’s health is often strong, strong immunity allows you to survive in epidemics, catastrophes and natural disasters, but after 40 years it is advisable to be regularly checked.

The karmic task is to fill the mind with light, discard resentment, anger, and remove long-standing mental pain with the practice of forgiveness.