Biblical Meaning of Eyes in Dreams

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The eyes are probably the most important sensory organ that people have, so it is not surprising that they are associated with various symbolic meanings. They carry immense importance for humans, and their value is not hidden only in the physical importance but also spiritual, emotional, etc.

First of all, eyes are associated with clairvoyance, omniscience, as well as insight into the soul – there is a common saying that you can find out what the person is like when you look at his or her eyes. They cannot lie, even if the person wants to.

Other characteristics that are often associated with the eyes are intelligence, alertness, truthfulness, and ethics – the majority of people say that the first thing they see in someone is their eyes.

Also, one more thing comes to our mind when we are speaking of a symbolical meaning of eyes – humans have their eyes closed whenever they are doing something emotionally strong.

Like when we are kissing, or dreaming, crying, and praying. It is because we see through our other eyes, with our heart, and we do not need real eyes to see.

In a biblical sense, praying is the moment when we have our eyes closed because we want to see with the heart.

Together eyes and heart make a unity – but the question is what does the dream about eyes is telling us?

They are an important symbol that appears in dreams and have a different meaning depending on all circumstances in a dream; and also, the Bible provides its saying about this motive.

Meaning and symbolism

Right away, the first motive that comes to the surface is the one dream where you see eyes wide open, and this motive, both according to the Bible and other symbolical systems, is a manifestation of sincerity.

Eyes that have an open and focused view are considered a sign of sincerity.

If the person in your dream is hiding his or her eyes, such a dream shows that someone (it could be you even) is hiding a secret, shows his or her insincerity and bad intentions. Think of who that may be in a real-life.

We must say that the Holy book, as well as it is seen in different cultural contexts, suppressing the gaze may also have positive connotations. For example, such behavior is proverbially considered a positive shyness and respect for authority, as the Bible views it.

Eyes are also the symbol that is very much connected to the Love aspect of our eyes; it is said, that eyes are the first place where emotion starts. They are often associated with love, and they are the place where love begins, but also a place that encourages love.

Following this idea that eyes are connected to love, emotions in their purest form, if you had a dream of blue eyes, it symbolizes perfect love. You may realize how much you miss someone you have not seen for a long time in the coming period. You thought time would help you forget, but sometimes you feel harder than before.

However, you will not allow yourself to do stupid things, and you will practice such moments of weakness in solitude, away from the eyes of the public.

If you see black eyes in a dream, it is a sign to be cautious in love. It may occur that your attention will be brought to a person you contemplate inexplicable and random.

All the features that will attract you to him/her will negatively influence your relationship, so you will conclude that it is better to be with someone with whom you know what you are from the very start.

If you see brown eyes in a dream, it symbolizes that someone wants you. This may be a character who is in your surroundings and who does not hesitate to show his emotions.

Although it may bother you at first, you will realize that you desire it when you are not communicated or given the recognition you are used to.

When you see eyes in a dream that look tired, bloody, not really healthy, it suggests that you are suspicious of friends.

Someone you trust will probably not treat you well and use what you told that person in the biggest confidence against you. You will be in a very awkward situation, but you will choose to stay classy and not go down to the person’s level in question.

Suppose you see evil eyes in a dream (it could vary, they could belong to some kind of an animal, or they can be those eyes that are lurking into the darkness and just seem evil, such a dream comes as a warning that someone is insidiously two-timing on you.

It is presumably a business associate who does not give up on anything and does everything to achieve his goals. For years, they will tell you fairy stories and comfort you with facts that turn out to be made up.

Decoding the Biblical Meaning of Eyes in Dreams

In the Biblical interpretation of the eyes in dreams, they usually, depending on how they were depicted, are seen as the bearer of spiritual light for the whole man, but also of darkness: The Holy book says that the eyes are just like the lamp in body, it is the light that is needed to see clearly.

If, therefore, your eye is clear, all your heart will be bright – think of how you dreamt of this symbol. If your eye is evil, all your body will be light. If the light that is in you is darkness, how much darkness will it be?” “6: 22-23).

Here one more message that transcends just this dream appears, according to the Bible – depending on what you are and what you represent, the eye takes a different meaning.

The nature of the observed object always indicates the reality of the senses that observe it. The evil eye (a bad person) always sees evil in everything, while the good eye (a positive, good person) always focuses primarily on the good.

When you had this dream, it is really important to take a look at the number of eyes that appear in a dream world, keeping in mind that such an aspect can change the interpretation of the entire dream.

If in a dream you see two eyes, it is a normal dream, nothing to be alarmed about, but when you have a dream about just one, then it is, and the Bible comments on this idea, is connected with the inhuman, but also the superhuman. This depends on how you dreamed of the one eye.

And the most important thing – if you had a dream about one eye, then it can be a good sign, having in mind that one almighty and the omniscient eye can be attributed to God himself.

It is a very important dream, and your task is to try to recollect as many details about that dream, how you felt because it is the message that you must listen to carefully. This dream is not as common as you may think, but it carries great importance.

If the dream comes in some negative context, in that case, that eye from your dream is attributed to superhuman creatures that can be both good and bad in them.

In the biblical tradition, they are even mentioned as angels with a considerable number of eyes.

Admittedly, they are sometimes interpreted as literal spiritual beings, and in some cases, as miraculous wheels of Havenly chariots (cf. Ezek. 1: 15-21).

Sometimes a similar motive can appear in a dream world, and also then it carries great importance for the person who has this dream. Listen to it.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

Eyes in the context of the dream symbolism are very diverse, and if you had this dream, you would certainly remember that you had it.

This is the dream that associates you to the heart, love, matters of the heart in general, but also with the soul and the spiritual potentiation in the person.

In some cases, the one eye that looks at you in a dream is a message from the Lord.

Also, different eye colors can carry interesting symbolic meanings.

Blue eyes are most often associated with infatuation but also with innocence.

Green eyes indicate jealousy, envy, but also personal uniqueness and uniqueness.

Red eyes are traditionally associated with demonic forces but also with sadness and anger.

One more interesting thing to mention, sometimes the appearance of the eyes can carry a different meaning – they say a lot about their wearer, and today it is scientifically documented.

For example, wide-set eyes on the face that appear in a dream often speak in favor of the existence of high intelligence.

It can be you or someone in your close environment. Learn from that person.

Conversely, narrow-set eyes on the face suggest low intelligence, but sometimes criminal behavior – be careful of that person.