Biblical Meaning of Oil In Dreams

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Oil is considered to be one of the most fundamental and valuable foods for people worldwide, particularly for the Mediterranean and the Middle East people.

It was an integral item, not only for consumption but also for many other purposes (like medical and religious) in ancient times.

In those times, and now also, people have used oils of different kinds for food or course and the purpose of lighting, for example.

One more thing must be added here, and it maybe takes the greater importance for the understanding of oil and it is its symbolical value.

Since we know that the oil represents light and well-being, it was also used in various holy, spiritual, and religious rituals and that kind of usage remains to this day in many religious practices that some of them remain till this day.

The Holy book and other religious texts also confirm such value of the oil; you would be surprised how much oil was mentioned in the Bible, often in the most profound way.

Due to its golden color, oil is the solar element, while due to its liquid state, it approaches the water, from which it takes over the symbolism of fertility.

Then, the question arises, what it means when you have a dream about oil – of course, depending on the other circumstances in a dream.

Read here and find out.

Meaning and Symbolism

As it could be found in numerous religious books and dream symbolical systems that are available, seeing oil in a dream is a very positive sign for the person who has this dream; it is known to be the bearer of good news.

Seeing oil in a dream is a motive that in real-life promises prosperity, not just in a monetary way, but in every other. It is more connected to spiritual growth that is so much more important.

The complete interpretation depends on the additional details of a dream and other features in a dream itself. Were you in dream drinking, spilling, eating, smelling oil, and what kind of taste it had – all of these are valuable clues on what such a dream suggests.

In a version of a dream where you not only see oil, but you have an intention to buy it, such a dream is a promise of a pleasant surprise is in front of you. You can hope for some excellent sign of attention from a person close to you – joy, happiness, and a lot of good vibrations are in front of you, so be happy that you had this dream.

It is not so common for people to have such a dream. It comes on special occasions only.

If you see yourself spilling oil in a version of a dream, this may not be a good sign. It can be a warning sign to be extra careful in life.

Perhaps you can expect arguments and problems with money, or you can have a conflict in the sense that you are not making a lot of effort to move your spending habits in some different direction.

Be careful how you spend it and be careful not to spend it and then feel guilty about it. It will not take you anywhere, and more focus on non-material things is a must.

If you have dreamed of using oil, like, for example, in cooking a meal, or like you dressing the salad in a dream, such a dream shows that there is an ending of some lousy time.

It may be that now roses are not blooming in your business, and this situation will last for a long time. Patience is all that you may need in the current moment, and the idea of patience is what the Bible wants us to learn.

The Bible says that patience is going beyond one’s personal “I,” humility in trouble, courage in suffering, serenity in grief, calmness, and composure even when the gaze meets the threat of death.

Patience is an act that no other virtue can; a patient heart can do what no other can do, as seen in the Holy Book, and such a dream comes as recognition of this idea.

In a version of a dream where the main motive is oil, and you are drinking it, such a dream shows that you in real life may be praised and adored, and you truly enjoy the process, but still, this is the message to be careful on how you perceive yourself in life. You are not honest either, and it is something that you cannot undo. Try to implement more of the Biblical values in life. Being honest can be one of them.

If you see burning oil in a dream that you are having, it means that you have finally managed to find a source of pleasure and comfort – even if this dream may sound like it carries a bad message, the fact is that it does not. It speaks of the comfortable place you are currently in.

If you see the oil that is spilled, such a dream in numerous cases shows that you have major anxiety in life, and the more of the oil that has been spilled, the more anxiety you have in reality. This lead is very relevant to follow and deal with in time.

Decoding Biblical Meaning of Oil in Dreams

The oil is an important symbol in a dream if you are buying for it, and you feel bad, or you do not have enough money to buy it, such a dream may be a hint that you are about to be in major trouble in reality.

If you have spilled oil, then it can be seen as a good sign that hints at how your well-being will change for the better. For example – starting a business will profit, but everything have to be done fairly and gently.

Now, the Bible speaks of the oil using additional layers – and for a deeper understanding, we need to look at the Bible and its words regarding the oil.

In the Bible, in the Old Testament, it is said that at the exact hour of his death, Adam asks God for the promised redemption in the form of the oil of mercy. The Lord asks Moses to prepare the oil he will anoint the altar, the Ark of the Covenant, and his sons since the anointing with oil before each rite symbolized purity and light.

Here, as we have mentioned in the beginning, oil is a symbol of a purifying process taking you to the divine light. According to the Bible, to have a dream about oil is seen as a good sign.

In some cases, this dream suggests that you will be pleasantly surprised. It shows that happiness awaits you and that when the next season changes, you will be changing for the better.

In some cases, this dream shows that it is essential to observe what kind of words are coming out of your mouth. They are aligned with your heart.

Spilling oil in a dream may indicate that these two aspects are not aligned as they should be, and they can announce a quarrel with the family or have some form of business problems that you will not be able to resolve easily.

The oil has an amazing smell in your dreams, which is a great sign; they show that in reality, all of your dreams will become true, you will be in good health, get rich.

As you can see, in most cases, the oil in a dream, and according to the Bible, has a good symbolism; it shows that happiness is all around you. In everything you do, the outcome will end in your favor.

In some cases seeing or eating oil shows that all accidents will bypass you.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

If you have read the Bible, you could notice that oil is the universal symbol most commonly associated with good symbolism.

Even in the Jewish traditions spoken of in the Old Testament, according to which the kings of Israel were anointed with oil, it gave them power and glory. The oil with which Christian kings are anointed symbolizes the Holy Spirit.

But, there is one more thing that we have not mentioned so far – the oil, according to the Bible, is the symbol of sacrifice. Jesus spent the night before the suffering in prayer with the disciples, in the Garden of Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives.

In the Christian tradition, oil that is pure or mixed with fragrances symbolizes God’s protection and blessing at the beginning and end of life when it becomes holy oil. Only baptized believers are anointed with oil, the sick, and finally, the dead are called with them during the funeral rites.

If you have used in way oil in your dream, then good things are coming, your health will be strengthened, and dreams will come true.

If the oil had a bad taste, it was bitter, then wealth will come, but with high energy consumption.

If you are selling the oil to someone, in that case, this dream shows that you will have a little bit of prosperity.

As we have said, spilling it is the dream that speaks of fears and anxiety that has been troubling you for a long time, and the message is to deal with it as soon as you can because it will start to grow.

In the end, we have to speak of the two most prominent traits that are associated with oil, according to the Bible. First is patience, which is so important for every person who considers herself or himself to be a believer.

Patience is an act that no other virtue can compare to; as we have said, with a lot of patience, you can do so much more than without it, and Christ has proven its value by precisely doing so, accepting and wanting, being patient, and forgiving.

It is said that the patient heart can do what no other can do, as seen in the Holy Book, and such a dream comes as recognition of this idea.

And another equally important aspect that leans on the previous one, also associated with the appearance of the oil in a dream world – yes, we are speaking of sacrifice – the most important Christian value that we forget at times.