Ostrich – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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In some cases, dream motive can be something so extravagant and weird that it is amazing to analyze such dreams.

For example, an Ostrich – a beautiful and fast bird who is best known for putting its head in the sand … Did you have such a dream in your life? Were you disgusted, or you enjoyed the look at them?

Read here what it means and follow the advice given in the ending section.

Meaning and Symbolism

If you had a dream of enjoying looking at an Ostrich, such a dream shows a secret. You will likely find out the secret about someone or hear gossip in reality.

Maybe you will even find evidence that someone is lying to you. Think of what you will do with all of that information. Think of what you would do if someone learns your secret…

If you had a dream of cleaning Ostrich, it is the Dream that speaks that you, in reality, should be more careful towards the people that are close to you.

It is very likely that some of them have some trouble and problems – help them if you can.

In a version of a dream where someone is feeding an Ostrich, such a dream symbolizes selfishness.

It seems that you are an individual who persistently puts yourself, your needs, and desires ahead of others. You are used to people close to you being available at all times, and you can create a big problem if that is not the case.

It’s time to grow up and realize that everyone has the right to dispose of their time the way they want, whether you like it or not.

In an opposite version of this Dream, where you are the one who is cuddling with Ostrich, such a dream shows that you may be spoiling a lover over the top, nurturing their every need.

It is not the healthiest thing to do. This is important because if you do that, you are unhappy and dissatisfied, believing that your sacrifice makes some sense on a larger scale.

It’s time to think a little about yourself, not just about how you’re going to make other people happy.

One of the very common dreams where you see Ostrich that sleeping is, such a dream indicates that you want to prove yourself to someone.

If you have recently started working for a company, you will do your best to justify the trust that your employer has placed in you. You will also want to prove that you are more capable and intelligent than some people think and believe.

Decoding the Dream about the Ostrich 

In some cases, as it is seen in dream books, seeing (just seeing, not having any interaction with the Ostrich), such a dream implies that you are attempting to hide from some kind of difficulty or you simply do not want to face any challenge, so you are going on a safe road.

The Dream itself is just confirming such behavior, and your task is to not do it anymore since you are not doing well for yourself.

The trouble will not go away just for the fact that you are hiding from it; it is better to face it if you can.

Such a dream may indicate the type of personality you have – it confirms what you are not able to face in reality, but somehow it flows right on the surface. And it is should, all because you are capable of spending the entire life under the rock, with your head in the sand just like an Ostrich hiding from real life.

For some, it could be seen in the protection that you are provided by the family members that are willing to protect you from even the smallest shred of discomfort.

It can be your lover or someone third, but the fact is you is overprotected from everything and everyone.

But, this Dream brings a wonderful impact on how in the near future, with just a small change, you will face problems in a more mature way than ever before.

We must add this Dream can have numerous alternative versions that have different meanings for the person who has a dream.

If you dreamed that someone is trying to kill an Ostrich, it implies that you will have the opportunity to attend a very lavish banquet or socializing in some way that is not usual or common, at least for you.

Maybe something like that will be organized by the company you work for, or you will be an escort to another person.

In any case, all the luxury that you will have the opportunity to enjoy will be considered an exaggeration, considering that you are a rather modest and realistic person.

If you have seen an Ostrich, such a dream is a sure sign that in the near future, you will have the opportunity to make good use of your knowledge, experience, and skills. You will be offered a job or business cooperation where you will be able to use the potential you have. Only if your self-confidence does not leave you can you expect great results.

More than one Ostrich in a dream indicates that you are a fairly persistent person. You have a clear goal, and you are trying to achieve it.

Many would say that you are too ambitious, but you perceive such comments as a lack of motivation and faith in yourself.

Fortunately, you do not lack that, so you have a great chance to achieve what you want.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

Some say that the Dream that includes this interesting and beautiful bird implies that you are spending too much.

It is possible that you are one of those people who are constantly in the red and can’t wait for the first of the month to come. You do not know how to rationally handle money and arrange it, but you buy everything you like at first sight, regardless of whether you need it.

Some other predictions suggest that this dream shows that you are the type of person who enjoys adventure very much and more you are the type of person who enjoys secrets, not just the ones that are connected to you, but also to others (even more).

It is quite possible that you will be associated with some kind of a secret relationship with the person you are attracted to in the coming period.

Although you will get along great in bed, you will not want others to know that you are together, but it will be more interesting for you to hide and pretend that you are not on good terms.

In some other versions of this Dream, seeing an Ostrich in a dream have a more serious symbolical value – such a dream comes as an indication that in some matters in life, you are too serious. You are a person who, unlike your peers, goes to the other extreme and does not like to go out and have fun at all. You are shy in the company of people of the opposite sex, so you act disinterestedly, which is why they think they have no chance with you.

Ostrich is not a common dream, and we are sure that you will remember it if you have it – think of it as a dream that implies that you will have the opportunity to spend some time in the company of great professionals. You will work with a team of people who, in addition to knowing their job, have the will and desire to transfer their knowledge and experience to others. You will learn a lot from them, and you will be grateful to them that for the rest of your life.

Some say that this Dream is a symbol that a difficult and thankless task is in front of you. It is possible that your employer will entrust you with a job that you will be reluctant to do.

Alternatively, you may have to fire a co-worker.

In addition, you will have a great responsibility when it comes to the family because you will be expected to solve a problem.

In any case, you are facing a very difficult and stressful period, so it would be good to prepare as well as possible for what is to come.