Biblical Meaning of Grapes in Dreams – Interpretation and Meaning

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In Biblical times, grapes were an important element of Middle Eastern and East Mediterranean peoples’ everyday lives. The earliest records on growing grapes and vine are to be found in ancient Canaan area, certain historical and archeological sources claim.

Centuries later, in these lands, in Gaza area, the famous Levantine wine was being produced. It was the most popular alcoholic beverage all around the glorious Byzantine Empire.

Grapes have a very long and rich history of use in human culture. In addition, many symbolic and religious meanings were ascribed to this delicious fruit. Grapes are a common motif in art, folklore, literature and, of course, in spiritual and religious practices and rituals.

The miraculous transformation from fruits to wine gives grapes an important symbolical place in both churches and synagogues. Grapes are appreciated fruits in Christianity.

Grapes and wine are mentioned in the Bible in numerous passages. Biblical narrative tells about grapes, wine and viticulture from religious, social and cultural points of view. In the earliest times, wine was considered a drink of only rich and noble and it was rare and precious. However, since Roman times, it has been more and more affordable to all people.

Romans were making delicious, rich in taste red wine, with aromatic spices and plants. Wine with some myrrh has been offered to Christ at Golgotha.

Wine and grapes have always been an important part of life in Israel. Vine harvesting and wine making were an important social event. In old times, wine has not only been used for pleasure, but also in medical purposes, for dying fabrics and for cleaning.

Grapes were eaten raw and dried, as a fresh juice and as a fermented drink-wine. Not only grapes were widely used, but this fruit was also a subject of the law.

Biblical symbolism of grapes

Vines are commonly used as a metaphor for children of God, peoples of God; they are blessed and they grow and progress, just as vines ‘climb’ in the vineyard. In the Old Testament, grapes symbolize God’s relation with people of Israel. In one of verses, Jerusalem is represented as a corrupted vineyard, where only sour grapes grow.

Grapes are also a common metaphor for something blessed, good and prosperous, which could be found in many of the Old Testament’s passages.

In the Bible, grapes symbolize wealth, abundance, prosperity and fertility. Hebrew Bible mentions grapes as a representative of seven species, the only agricultural products accepted as offerings in the temple.

Hebrew traditions have always had a special place for this fruit; grapes were part of various ritual practices and ceremonies and represented happiness and joy for Hebrew people.

In Christian tradition, grapes also have religious connotation, which can be seen in social Christian practice of sharing and drinking wine together, as well as in practice of blessing of the first grapes of the season in church. Later on, this practice has transformed into bringing offerings in wine and bread.

Not only we identify wine made of grapes with blood of the Christ, but grapes are also believed to be one of the symbols of all gifts from God to people of the earth.

In Biblical terms, wine always symbolizes pleasure, joy, prosperity and abundance, but also dedication, devotion and hard work. It all applies to grapes, as well. Grapes are also a common subject of Christian morals.

Something that is bad is commonly referred to as sour grapes. There are also many old folktales featuring the motif of sour grapes. The most popular is probably the fable about the fox and sour grapes.

Dreaming about grapes

Being an important motif in Bible, grapes could represent many things to all believers. Since so much symbolism is put into this delicious fruit, the motif of grapes in dreams carries many meanings.

If you had a dream about grapes, try to recall all the details. The meaning of dreams about grapes could carry strong symbolical secrets. Let us find out what it could mean.

Generally, dreams in which grapes occurs are commonly related to your general well-being, usually with the material part. Grapes represent prosperity, abundance, richness, stability, pleasure and joy.

It is crucial to remember how the grape in your dream did, look like or how it tasted. It is also important to remember if you only seen grapes or they were a subject of an activity.

Dreams about picking grapes

If you dream about picking grapes, it means you could expect some gaining in the next period. This dream is particularly a good omen for your financial situation; it means you will earn more money or win something.

Possibly, you will get a job offering with more than a satisfying salary. This dream also reflects your dedication and love for your work. It means you deserved to be rewarded for it and that you will be.

Dreams about picking unripe grapes are the same in meaning as any other dream about unripe fruits, veggies, unprepared but eaten food and so on. This dream reflects your impatience and childish restlessness.

You feel as if you cannot wait to finish something or to get something. This dream is a reminder that good things always need time to grow and reach their true form.

Dreams about white/black grapes

If you dream about picking or eating some of white grapes’ varieties, it is a good omen for your love life. It means you will soon meet someone special and possibly start a romantic, harmonious and joyful relationship. White grapes symbolize romance, desire, sweet life and love.

If you had a dream about black grapes, it means you could expect a positive surprise or an opportunity that you will gladly accept. Black grapes stands for energy, activity and adventure.

Dreams about eating grapes

Dreams about eating grapes are fortunate, if the grapes are ripe, sweet, juicy and delicious.

This dream means the time has come for you to relax and fully enjoy life. It also implies a period of stability and good fortune is in front of you.

This dream could also reflect your inner, deeply suppressed need to have some time for yourself. Perhaps you dedicate too much time to your job or you only care about others, neglecting your own needs.

Dreams about eating grapes also reflect your fantasies about something or someone. Grapes are a metaphor for those. The dream could actually imply you are on a good way to get it. If you were devouring sweet tasty grapes in your dream, it means you are afraid of failure and loss, especially in materiel terms. You want to ‘use’ everything, before it is gone.

Dreams about dried grapes/raisins

Dreams in which you have seen or eaten raisins mean you should be more observant when it comes to money. It is not a bad omen, but a warning sign. You should not be greedy and lustful; try to value small things.

Raisins are small and eaten in much smaller amounts than raw grapes, you should not have too much of them. If you were eating raisins in your dream, it means you should decide your priorities in life and carefully choose between opportunities.

Dreams about making wine

Dreams about making wine are dreams about celebrating life and friendship. This dream means you have a good company and you feel relaxed around people. If you are making wine with others, this dream could possibly mean there is an event approaching and you are positively anxious about it.

This dream also reflects your inner need to stay in touch with your friends. You do not like being alone and you cannot imagine having fun alone.

If you are making wine on your own, it means you are dedicated and devoted to your work in waking life. You think about it as a mission and you want to do take care of every detail.

This dream reflects your love for your work. However, it is also a reminder that you should not forget about others. Share this delicious metaphorical wine with those close to you.