Biblical Meaning of Soldiers In a Dream

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We can all agree that not just now, in modern times, where there are some war and battle all around, but in the past times, soldiers were and are still symbols of discipline, readiness, attitude, defense, determination, courage.

But this is the medal that has another, equally relevant side – they are also the symbol of aggression, conquest, and slavery.

Throughout history, they were all of it – constantly altering sides, while history chooses its winners and losers.

It is the dual symbol that can, for some, be the element of a savior, honor, courage, but for the others (those who have lost in war), the conquer, brutal forces that have no mercy.

Army in general and soldiers were discussed in the Bible, for example, in the Old Testament, in Genesis 14 for example. This was the story about Lot, Abraham’s nephew, who was captured by the king of Elam and his collaborators.

Abraham wanted to save Lot, and for that purpose, he has gathered prepared males to lead them to defeat the enemy.

As you can see, soldiers are known motive in the Bible, and they can also appear as a motive in a dream world.

Combining these two aspects, the dream motive and the Biblical interpretation, we get to see one interesting story about Soldiers and their symbolism.

Right away, we must say that this is one very interesting symbol that is not so commonly dreamed of, but that also should not be disregarded as non-important.

Meaning and Symbolism

There are numerous versions of the dream about soldiers, and the primary one is where you are seen as a soldier – one of them, for that matter, among the army.

Such a dream suggests that the expected help will be lacking in your life – the problem, in reality, is in your expectations, not realizing that you should lean on your own strength.

It is the dream that speaks of the people who are close to you, they probably promise you everything, but when you remind them of that, they will pretend not to know what you are talking about. You will realize that they have forgotten the services you did for them and that they are only good at words, which is why you cannot rely on them.

This does not have to discourage you from staying on the service for those who were not there for you, and it is your Christian virtue and duty.

If you see in a dream, soldiers that train, have some kind of marching, practices, in that case, such a dream, in reality, shows that you will be recognized in the environment.

Everyone may respect you in the workplace and be honored to work with you; some of your actions will be well respected and valued, and you will enjoy them a lot. Your environment may even see you as an icon, someone who sets the example; asks you for advice on how to achieve at least a part of what you fought for. Amazing symbolism.

In a version of a dream where you see soldiers fight, such a dream is a preparation for the numerous obstacles that are on your way.

Now, in the current moment, you do not know it all worth it. You just have to give all you have for the cause.

Such a dream describes your life which is, in a word, a struggle. You didn’t get anything on an “honest word,” no one ever gives you anything just because you have to work hard.

This dream is the one that shows that you already gained everything with hard work. You used to be sorry that you don’t get along like others, but you realized that it’s the best way because you don’t owe anyone anything.

If you feel love for soldiers in dreams, it can be a romantic type of love, and such emotions are translated into waking life.

In reality, it is not a good sign, and on the contrary, such a dream suggests that you will suffer immensely in life. You will probably like a person who does not want to have a serious relationship. You will be misled that he will change his mind about you, which is why you will spend a lot of energy and time on that person.

In cases of a dream where one of the soldiers shows affection for you, gives you something, like a present or a rose, for example, this is the dream that speaks of your character that is distrustful. You may be courted by a person who is considered a seducer. You will be skeptical, and you will take every word that that particular person says with the grain of salt because you will not want to be disappointed.

It is better to be safe than sorry – this is the way you think.

As you could see, the dream associated with soldiers can have different meanings, and not all of them are good; surprisingly, it can be a dream related to the emotional part of your life.

Decoding the Biblical Meaning of Soldiers in a Dream 

Now, the connection of this dream and the biblical interpretation is very interesting; have in mind that in the Holy Book, there is a great deal of information about military service, seen in numerous ways, depicted in different forms. And while the vast majority of information in the Bible that speaks of military service is just an analogy, some lines directly address the matter of soldiers.

In some biblical stories, there is a matter of what a soldier should do to make his fight worth; but also that all those who are led by the real idea in their hearts will be respected and valued by the Lord.

We must say that the Holy book does not speak or encourage people to serve in the military,” but it does not say the opposite: “You should not serve in the army.”

At the same time, Christians can be relieved to know that being a soldier in the Bible is highly valued and that such a position is in line with the Bible’s view of the world.

So, the dream about soldiers may be a sign of high value in life, and the struggle that you put for a good cause shows that you are ready to sacrifice and stand up to the world—a valuable Christian virtue.

In some cases, seeing soldiers in a dream shows that you are fighting a battle over some things in the waking state and defending yourself from any attacks that happen to you.

The soldiers and war situations in a dream can also indicate what problems and difficulties in reality – sometimes this dream comes to you at the moment when you are battling some obstacles in life.

Usually, it refers to quarrels with close people, family, friends, and some kind of unresolved relationships and unresolved situations that only create additional worries and stress for you.

A dream in which you see soldiers advises you to be careful in reality because quarrels are possible in the family and at work.

From another aspect, such a dream is interpreted as a joyful dream and a possible happy event in reality. You may be successful in everything you reach for, knowing in your heart that you have earned it with your hard work.

You as the soldier in the army is one motive that is so interesting to look at – first of all, it can refer to you, and first of all to the fact that you are faithful and loyal to your close people, i.e., to your team, because these are, above all, some of the basic characteristics of a soldier.

Also, this dream indicates discipline in reality. You try to act with maximum practice in reality so that everything is in its place and the best order, and if it is not as you imagined, you will do everything to arrange things and put them in place.

From another point of view, if you dreamed of yourself in the army, i.e., yourself as a soldier, in real life you will quarrel with a close person or a great danger, so such a dream warns you to be especially careful in the future.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

According to the Holy Book, the message that begins this dream is that it is always worth fighting for a good cause.

It is a Christian value that is respected and desired for many, and it is not reserved only for males; females are also encouraged to become one.

In some modern twist, the dream where shoulders have won the battle is the sign of joy, happiness, and especially career progress awaits you.

Everything will be in the best order, people will appreciate and respect you, and things will go exactly the way you want.

The dream in which soldiers (and you may be one among them, going through the battle and giving your all to the fight) was defeated will have exactly the opposite meaning.

Things of importance on the air will not go the way you planned, and there will be many difficulties in trying to fix them. You may try to succeed in something to prove to others that they were wrong to doubt you. You will be motivated, and you will work hard to achieve the goal you set for yourself.

Discipline and the right values are the way to go in every fight when you are a soldier of God.

In the end, we will conclude that the Holy Book also recognizes the motive of soldiers. It does speak, in different ways of military service, directly and indirectly.

Also, this dream shows that those and this is the message that comes from the biblical interpretation, Christian people regardless of sex, who are willing to serve for the cause with all the Lord has respected them.

All those who are serving some Christian values with a lot of character, honor, and faith can be at rest knowing that the civic duty they perform is excused and recognized by our God.

All those who are servants of the soldiery warrant respect and appreciation.