Dreams About Monsters – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreams about monsters could appear indeed scary, but meanings behind such dreams are not always that bad. If monsters appear in your dreams, it is likely that you are a very worried person, anxious one.

Since monsters, demons and other fantastical beings are, well, fantastical and imaginary, it means you are unnecessarily worried too much. It is possible that you have a reason to be concerned in reality, but it is very likely that you give it undeserved value.

Many times, we worry about things we do not actually experience; we worry in advance, missing the present moment. Many people are anxious about things they believe might happen, but there is actually no proof it will be so.

Such unrealistic, irrational fears could often reflect in our dreams in form of something that is literally only fruit of our imagination. When fears cannot take a ‘legitimate’ form, they turn into our dream monsters.

Dreams about monsters could, of course, reflect real fears, from things and people we are deeply and painfully aware of.

For example, if you feel under pressure of your colleagues or your boss at your workplace, it is very common to dream about monsters.

If you feel controlled and manipulated in your private life, it is all the same. If you feel threatened because of any outer factor in your life, no wonder you dream about scary monsters that are hard to beat.

On the other hand, dreams about monsters are similar to dreams about demons, when they actually reflect our own, deeply personal and intimate concerns. It means we fight our inner monsters.

If a person is unsatisfied with his or hers own emotional response, behavior, a habit, a trait, but keeps repeating the same pattern, all that could easily turn into a ‘personal’ monster. In that case, a monster represents ourselves, not something from the outer world.

Overall, dreams about monsters could be very inspiring and motivating, although unpleasant, sometimes frightening. We could learn much about our own selves through interpreting monster dreams.

There are several most common dream scenarios in which monsters appear and we will present them.

Dreams about monsters are amongst not that common dreams, although almost all people have had at least a couple of monster dreams.

Dreams about seeing a monster

Just as we have said, monsters in general represent things we are afraid of, regardless of the nature of those things.

It could be ourselves we are actually afraid of or annoyed by. It could be something or someone else. It is vital to remember what the monster in your dream was doing.

Speaking of dreams about seeing a monster, we analyze dreams in which you do not interact with it; you just see it.

What was the monster looking like? Was it scary or it oddly attracted you? Was a monster in more human or more animal-like form? What was it doing? Was it angry, sad, scared or happy? Calm or furious? Did it see you?

All these details could help you better understand the dream and find its meaning. When you recall such details, you are capable accurately to remember emotions related to this dream and it is of crucial importance to understand the true energy and vibration of your monster dream.

For example, if the monster was calm, doing something in the distance, without noticing you, it means you are becoming aware of certain unexplored parts of your personality or about someone else.

That notion intrigues you and should inspire you to search for more information.

If it has seen you and you do not feel calm and safe about it, it means you are becoming aware of a threat in your waking life, no matter where it comes from. The dream should help you act in time and avoid disaster.

There are even dreams in which a dreamer could see him or herself in the monster; its appearance has a dreamer’s features.

Such dreams are rare and disturbing, but they are precious, even enlightening. Such dreams mean you are about to discover who you really are, to experience some form of enlightenment, to start appreciating yourself the way you are.

We all have our monster side and we should be capable of handling it the best way possible.

Dreams about being chased by a monster

Dreams about running away from a monster mean you are either really threatened in reality and you desperately try to get away from an unpleasant, stressful and pressing situation (or a person who wants you to feel that way) or that you are actually running away from your own conscience.

The monster represents a threat either from the outside or from your inner demons, parts of your personality you are very unsatisfied with.

If you have said or done something you regret, but you have not yet admitted that, it is likely to have such a dream. If you manage to get away, it means you will escape the desperate situation in reality, at least for some time.

You are really unwilling to face problems, no matter what is their source. Depending on how you feel about this dream, the meaning is positive or not that positive.

If you still feel worried, it means you try to avoid responsibility for what you have done; if you feel relieved, it means you will get yourself some time to recover and gather some strength finally to resolve a situation troubling you.

Dreams about fighting a monster

If you dream about fighting a monster, it means you are determined to resolve certain things in your waking life. Perhaps there is someone you did not feel like facing for some time, but now you are determined to do it.

It is a good dream, because it means you are a strong person, ready to face challenges and problems, no matter the outcome.

This dream could also mean you are willing to change some things about yourself.

It is not something easy to do and it requires a lot of effort. The monster represents something about yourself you realize it is not good, but you are used to it. Changing it is tough, but you are ready to step into the arena.

This dream is positive, no matter the outcome, because it gives you some kind of encouragement.

Even if you do not feel like that in reality, the dream means you possess that energy and courage deep within.

Dreams about killing a monster

If you had a dream about killing a monster, it is similar to dreams about fighting it, only here the outcome is known.

The dream means you will be capable of overcoming difficulties in your life, by your own strength. It could be tough and exhausting, but eventually, you will be victorious.

The dream could also be a reflection of a tough and pricey accomplishment; something you went out as a winner, but lost a lot of time and energy to do it.

Overall, this dream is good, except if you feel wrong or really sad about it.

Sometimes this dream could mean you have made a mistake; you have probably rejected someone based on misunderstanding and completely wrong judgment.

You have hurt someone believing the person has some ill intentions towards you, but it turns out you were very wrong. Think through it and try to remember if you had a similar experience lately.

Dreams about a friendly monster

Dreams about a friendly monsters are some of the most odd and good dreams. Such a dream could mean different things, but all the meanings are generally positive.

In the first place, it could mean you are starting to accept yourself the way you are, even your ‘monstrous’ parts of character.

You are who you are and you should love yourself the way you are. Once you stop fighting yourself and try to understand why you are acting like this and that, you will have more confidence to shape up yourself the way you like.

This dream also suggests you should not judge a book by its cover, give people chance; do not reject them based on what others talk about them or so.

Maybe you do not even realize how amazing people you have around, because they do not fall under your criteria of ‘proper’ ones.

Do not be so judgmental, self-proud and restricted.

The dream could also mean something else; it could mean someone you were an enemy with could actually become your friend.