Dreams About Cleaning – Interpretation and Meaning

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Dreams about cleaning are not a common occurrence. They could be induced by feelings of guilt for not cleaning your house or other space regularly, or be a reflection of your plans to clean or organize some cleaning.

Cleaning represents the removal of dirt from different surfaces. Cleaning habits of people vary and can range from obsessive cleaning to refusing to clean at all.

People who enjoy cleaning dream often of cleaning. People, who have piled up tons of rubbish and dust in their houses, offices or other spaces, also dream about cleaning because of the guilt and shame they feel.

If dreams about cleaning aren’t a reflection of everyday activities, they can have very significant meanings and bring very important messages from our subconscious.

Dreams about cleaning often symbolize getting rid of some kind of negativity from our lives or overcoming obstacles and challenges we are facing.

Such dreams often indicate releasing old baggage and clearing the space enabling the beginning of some new phase in life. They are a sign of removing things and people who don’t serve our highest good from our lives.

These dreams often indicate the need to get rid of some obstacles which are blocking us from moving forward.

Cleaning in your dream is often a confirmation from your subconscious that you are on the right path in life, heading towards the things you desire. They often indicate the growth of your self – confidence.

In some cases, dreams about cleaning indicate some major changes in your current lifestyle.

They often indicate gaining independence. They also indicate replacing old habits and behavior with new ones. They often indicate your attempts to gain control over some situations in your life, or control over your life in general.

Sometimes, dreams about cleaning could signify a process of cleansing within, such as, releasing negative emotions, past hurts, negative thought patterns, and all content which is not serving you.

Often these dreams could reveal your anxiousness and stress because of some guilty feelings you have been piling up inside and your subconscious is sending you a message through this dream to confront them and deal with them.

The guilt about something wrong you did is eating you from inside and you can take that anymore.

In such cases, we often dream of cleaning ourselves, which is a way of our subconscious to clean our body from these feelings.

In general, dreams about cleaning some spaces and cleaning ourselves have similar meanings.

Dreams About Cleaning – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming of cleaning some object or objects – If you dreamed of cleaning some object or objects, that dream usually indicates that something in your life or within you feels stuck and it needs removal of stagnant energy to begin functioning properly again. Sometimes this dream indicates being stuck and trying to change something using different means.

Dreaming of cleaning a table – If you dreamed of cleaning a table, that dream could indicate beginning to release some old burdens and hurts which were blocking your movement forward. Sometimes this dream could indicate feeling free and independent after a long time of being stuck in some situation.

Dreaming of cleaning some objects around the house – If you dreamed of cleaning some objects in your house, that dream could announce possibly renovating or refurbishing your house soon. In some cases, this dream indicates relocation to a new house with better living conditions.

Dreaming of cleaning your body after using the toilet – If you dreamed of using the toilet and then cleaning your body, that dream is a good sign. It symbolizes cleansing your inner being. This dream symbolizes letting go of some emotions and feelings which were burdensome and feeling free. This dream indicates releasing the negative emotional baggage from the past and preparing yourself for the good things awaiting you in the future.

It is a sign of fortunate events coming into your life, of prosperity and abundance you can soon expect to come.

This dream is a message to release the negativity which is blocking your happiness.

Dreaming of cleaning your house – A dream of cleaning house often indicates the need to change something in your life. Those are often some bad habits or way of thinking. This dream is often a sign of improvements in your life. Sometimes, this dream could indicate soon having an unannounced company of old friends or family members you haven’t seen in a while.

In some cases, this dream symbolizes the need to speak your truth in some situation.

Dreaming of cleaning a very dirty and messy house – If you dreamed of cleaning a very messy and dirty house, that dream often reveals harboring some negative emotions or neglecting your needs. This dream often symbolizes confusion and feeling disorganized.

It often indicates clearing built up negativity or things and people which no longer serve your highest good.

Dreaming of cleaning some building – If you were cleaning a building in your dream, whether it was yours or it belonged to someone else, that dream is usually a good sign, often announcing soon being visited by someone. This dream often indicates seeing someone you haven’t seen in a long time.

Dreaming of cleaning a fish tank – If you dreamed of cleaning a dirty fish tank, that dream is often a warning sign. It could indicate getting yourself involved with in a relationship with a person who might turn out to be a very destructive influence on your life.

Dreaming of cleaning floors with a mop – If you cleaned floors with a mop in a dream, that dream could be a sign of reunions with some dear people in the near future. If the mop you used was dirty, that dream could symbolize not being able to change some negative aspects of your personality which are bothering you.

Dreaming of cleaning your car – If you dreamed of cleaning your car, that dream is often a bad sign. This dream often indicates soon encountering some financial difficulties. If you own your business, this dream could be a sign of major financial losses. The issues you might experience will be a result of your own mistakes and wrong decisions.

Dreaming of cleaning some space with a family member – If you dreamed of cleaning your house, room, or other space with some family member, that dream is a good sign. It indicates your purification and release of negative energy. This dream is a sign of ending of the conflicts and disagreements with your family members.

Maybe you and some family members have different priorities but you will find a solution to these issues to your mutual satisfaction.

This dream often represents a reminder of the importance of your family and the need to appreciate it more.

Dreaming of cleaning with someone – If you dreamed of cleaning something with someone cleaning beside you, that dream could symbolize some person who represents a negative influence on your life. Sometimes this dream indicates doing some teamwork in the near future.

Dreaming of cleaning someone’s vomit – If you dreamed of cleaning somebody’s vomit, that dream is a good sign. It often symbolizes fortunate events in the near future. It could also indicate profit from investment or rewards for your efforts and hard work done in the past.

Dreaming of cleaning a gun – If you were cleaning a gun in a dream, that dream isn’t a good sign, possibly indicating the need to defend yourself against something or someone soon.

Dreaming of cleaning some weapons – If you dreamed of cleaning some weapons that dream is usually a bad sign possibly indicating disagreements and conflicts you could soon experience.