Biblical Meaning of Wood in a Dream – Interpretation and Meaning

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Our dreams are full of wonderful symbols that reflect our personality, our standpoints, things that we like and those we do not, things we are unaware of thinking deep down inside and emotions suppressed and forgotten.

Dreams have even more important significance to people who are very religious and pious, as well as to those alternatively spiritual ones.

For Christians, dreams are often interpreted as special channels for communication with heavenly forces, even the God. Biblical interpretations of our dreams are abundant in symbolism.

Bible itself is full of numerous symbols that could help us better understand the world we live in, on any level. Religious people look at life from their special perspective. They see the world as a place that is greatly influenced by holy forces of Christian religion.

Since many symbols appear in the Bible, those have even more special meanings when they occur in our dreams.

Biblical symbolism of particular ideas, objects, motifs and so on are sometimes difficult to interpret, as both a dream phenomena and something we see in our waking life, because the very nature of Biblical symbolism is complex.

Biblical motifs that appear both ion our waking life and dreams have many meanings; they represent valuable metaphors for our own earthly lives. One of such motifs is wood.

What does wood represent in the Bible? What is the Biblical meaning of wood in our dreams?

In the first place, it is important to mention that wood, in various forms (depending on which aspect of the ‘wood idea’ you refer to), occurs in the bible many times.

If we look at this idea from a wider perspective, we could interpret it as a tree plant (e.g. trees in the Garden of Eden, olive tree, acacia tree) or simply as a material (e.g. various wooden objects, raw wood matter). However, when speaking about dreams, we usually refer to wood as a raw material.

Wood in the Bible is associated with human nature; it is considered a material that is corruptible and changeable, just as human nature is. Other interpretations refer to wood that is alive, such as a tree branch or so, and those are associated with the Christ himself.

Biblical interpretation of wood in a dream

Generally speaking, raw wood material is not something you would dream about so often.

However, various things made of wood come into our dreams. As for connection with Biblical motifs, it is good to mention few of the most present types of trees used as a material according to the holy text and these are cedar wood, acacia wood and olive tree.

For example, in the book of Exodus, it is mentioned that there is an altar made of acacia wood. In Kings, it is said that two cherubim figures are made of olive wood, as well as the entrance to the sanctuary etc.

If we think about these wood motifs, we could say they are positive symbols, in a way and that they could even be considered sacred. These woods were used to make certain holy objects; therefore, the wood could also be seen holy.

Moreover, it is something that is changeable, transformable, useful and practical. Wood in the bible has special significance, especially if you remember that the Christ himself was a carpenter. Therefore, wood, as a material, is something precious and significant to all Christians.

Various trees from which the wood material is obtained have various symbolical meanings in the Bible.

If you dream about particular type of wood, it could be helpful to know the meaning of the tree. For example, palm tree is associated with victorious outcomes and personal strength, while olive tree is considered a medium by which we stay in touch with the God.

Acacia and cedar are known to be trees native in the lands of Israel, so it is natural that they appear often in the Bible. In general, trees are symbols of knowledge, wisdom and longevity.

If you dream about wood and wooden objects, it means things you were not aware of finally get some form you could notice and recognize. You are getting in touch with these things, ideas and concepts.

Either you will have to face certain things you would like to avoid or, on the contrary, you will embrace some good and positive things that are finally being realized in your reality.

Dreams about a boat made of wood

Biblical interpretation of a dream in which you see a wooden boat says you are ready to take on a new journey, in symbolical sense. You are ready to finally take at least one step forward and move on with your life, especially if there were things bothering you for long.

However, the exact interpretation varies depending on other factors.

For example, if the wooden boat is still, it means you are unwilling to move on or you feel tied up and unable to move on. Try to think are your fears stopping you from discovering new opportunities or is there some outer factor.

If the boat is moving, it is good. It means you are feeling free, adventurous and ready to discover what your true destiny is. If the boat is moving steadily, it means everything in your life is under control; the course of events develops exactly as you wish.

If the boat is moving too fast, it means you are losing control over your life; you cannot void troubles. This dream comes to remind you to pull yourself back together and take your life into your hands.

Dreams about people made of wood

Dreams about wooden people could be quite disturbing; at least, they are particularly unusual. However, if you have just had such a dream it means you doubt the loyalty of people close to you.

People try to manipulate you and to deceive you, but you are able to see through wooden masks they wear.

You are not someone easy to trick, but that makes you feel very frustrated. You feel as if you have lost all the support you had before. You feel as if you can trust nobody, even your friends.

On the other hand, this dream could indicate your behavior has made other people act as if they are literally made of wood. They appear insensitive and completely deaf to your calls, because you are the one who has tricked them many times.

Maybe you think it is something funny and unimportant, but some people are sensitive, very emotional and they could feel hurt by your words.

Dreams about wooden people always mean there is a big distance between you and the people once close to you.

Dreams about wooden hands

Dreams about seeing wooden hands or, worse, having wooden hands are not common, but have extremely strong symbolism.

Such a dream reflects your deep frustrations about not being able to change or manage certain things in your current life situation. You are literally feeling handicapped, restricted, caged, imprisoned.

This dream means you are constantly doing something wrong, so you always fail in improving your life. Try to think what it is. Maybe there are other signs in this dream about wooden hands, for example, if you are touching certain object; try to remember what was the object.

Wooden hands in a dream also symbolize emotional suppression. You are not at ease with expressing your emotions; you do not know how to approach to certain people.

This dream could reflect your reserved and somewhat cold personality, which is something that actually makes you feel uncomfortable deep inside, even if you have convinced yourself it is just a part of your strong character.

You lack love and tenderness from others, because you do not let yourself show any weakness.

Dreams about wooden objects

Wooden objects appearing in dreams are many. It is interesting to note there are various objects made of wood in the Bible. In your dreams, these can represent different things.

On a positive side, if you are making objects out of wood, it is a good sign. It represents your willingness to change things, to create, to improve your skills and talents. Such a dream is an encouraging one; it means that you will achieve great things by yourself.

On a negative side, if you see many or various wooden object around, it means there are many things stopping you from moving forward in life.

You are stick in this moment, surrounded by people, obligations and responsibilities you have never wished for and yet they are here.

Do not panic, but try to deal with these things step by step, eliminating them from your life one by one.