Dreams About Tigers – Meaning and Interpretation

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Tigers are the mightiest of all big cats, at least many would agree. Tigers are the largest and the strongest ones. In many cultural systems over the world, these beautiful, majestic felines proudly carry attributes of royal and all-powerful being.

This big, but agile and skillful big cat has a special place in various mythological systems and in the world of symbols.

Symbolism of tigers is particularly strong in Far Eastern societies. For example, in Chinese tradition, tigers are considered mighty and magical beings. They are much appreciated and adored by Chinese. The White Tiger is believed to be one of the Four guardians of the world, according to old Chinese beliefs.

In China, tigers are associated with wealth, royalty, magic and power. Moreover, they are considered highly spiritual creatures, with many aspects and supernatural, divine powers and capabilities.

Before we move on to interpretations of dreams about tigers, it would be very good to know more about symbolic and mythological meanings about these wonderful large felines.

As we have mentioned, Chinese symbolism is, perhaps, the best source for interpreting the power of the Tiger. All around Chinese sacred places, such as temples and old courts and royal buildings, you can find tiger motifs, skillfully and perfectly fitted into magnificent and tasteful Chinese décor.

Tiger motifs are commonly present in decoration of clothes (worn by men, never by women) and various types of sacred objects.

Tigers are associated with the energy of the Sun and this opinion is shared amongst almost all of Asian cultures. Tiger symbolism is closely related to that of Sun energy, summer and fire.

In all concepts, tigers represent richness, prosperity, rule, royalty and energy, but also generosity and enlightenment.

There is not only one important tiger role in Chinese culture; Chinese believe five tigers are responsible for creating the balance of everything in this world.

Those are the Black Tiger of winter and water, the White tiger of the fall season and metal element, Blue tiger of spring, associated with earth element, Red tiger of summer and fire and Yellow tiger, associated with the Sun.

These tigers rule our world and keep it in balance and harmony.

Dreams about tigers

There is much more about tiger symbolism, but now you have an idea of how these beautiful cats are seen in terms of spiritual meanings. In other cultures, there are variations, of course; however, most of people agree on both symbolic and real power of tigers.

Universally, tigers are considered mighty, royal, dangerous and gorgeous. So, what does it mean, when this majestic animal visits your dreams?

Since tigers are associated with those concepts mentioned, it is logical to assume tiger dream symbolism is particularly strong. However, it all depends on how it appears in your dreams.

The very basic meaning says that tigers represent power and energy. That energy could be beautiful, bright, strong, promising and helpful, but also dangerous, destructive and unrestrained.

Tigers in dreams symbolize raw energy, strength, strong will, pride and glory, but also arrogance, lack of self-control and cruelty. Just as the case is with all powerful symbolic beings, their energy can be either extremely useful or it can turn against you.

In dreams, it could be encouraging and strengthening, but also threatening, dangerous and destructive.

It also depends on whether the tiger in your dream reflects your own state of mind and emotions or somebody else’s.

A tiger in your dream could be an embodiment of your strong emotions, wishes and thoughts, but also of people that are a part of your life. Focus on how did the tiger appear and what was it doing in your dream.

Moreover, recall your exact feelings about the tiger in your dream.

Dreams about seeing a tiger in the wild

If you dream about seeing a tiger in the jungle or elsewhere on freedom, this dream could have two most possible meanings.

On one side, the tiger represents your need to let your worries and problems go away, to take a break from them, to be free and unrestrained. You have a lot of suppressed energy and you want to be free.

A tiger is an embodiment of your (un)conscious desire to break all bonds, to leave problems behind, to take the burden of life off, at least for some time.

On the other hand, a tiger in the wild represents the same idea, only it reflects its good side, meaning you have all the freedom; you are aware of your capabilities, your incredible gifts and talents, your strength and energy and you are trying to find the best way to express and use them.

This free tiger represents your optimism, your free spirit and openness of your mind. It is a positive sign and a very fortunate omen.

Dreams about a tiger in the wild could also represent forces of protection you are unaware of or you take for granted.

Tiger is a strong and powerful animal; if you see it happy and free and it does not attack you or else, it could symbolize those who protect you in your life. You have a mighty support from your loved ones, you only have to realize that.

They have your back; they are with you, even if you do not see them.

Dreams about a tiger in captivity

Dreams about seeing this powerful, strong and magnificent animal in captivity most likely reflect your suppressed anger, frustration and sense of helplessness. This dream reflects your need to express your emotions that you cannot, for any reason.

You feel as if others are trying to control your decisions, all the time.

If the tiger was weak, sad and unhappy, this dream definitely means you have to do something to change your situation. This dream means you feel caged into your own life, as if it is out of your control.

You feel stuck, tired and restrained by your own emotions. You are in conflict with yourself, not with others. Maybe you blame others for your situation, but you yourself inhibit progress.

You keep making same mistakes and find it hard to break non-useful habits, which make you end u always in the same position. You should think about making a change in your thinking and perception.

On the other hand, a captive tiger could represent the other side, your enemies or your problems.

You have finally overcome your fears and locked them into a cage or you have outsmarted your enemies and showed them you are the one in charge. You will never let them control your life again.

This dream suggests you are regaining control over your life, so it is a good omen.

Dreams about being chased by a tiger

Dreams about being chased or attacked by a tiger are scary, especially if the animal managed to bite you or hurt you in any way. It is a beautiful and deadly predator. In dreams, this motif implies various things.

This dream could mean you are trying to avoid real threat and danger in your life; it is a subconscious attempt of your mind to help you be safe.

This dream could mean there are people or situations you should be very cautious about. On the other hand, this dream could mean you are running away from yourself, from mistakes you have made.

The tiger represents consequences and responsibility, which you are feeling extremely unwilling to face.

The tiger could also represent all of your worries, real troubles and fears that exhaust you in reality and so haunt you in dreams. The dream means that sooner or later you have to face them.

Those have already made you harm, so you have to find a way out of them, by facing them.

You let them grow and rule over you, by stepping back all the time. For a time you may feel safe, but in the long run, it could be devastating. You should face problems you have, before they grow too big and out of your power to resolve and settle.

Dreams about riding on a tiger’s back

If you dream about riding on a tiger’s back, it means you are in control over the strongest of your emotions. You feel them all, but you do not let them control you.

It also means you control your instincts; all of us have a part of that primal force within, but it makes us humans to handle it and make conscious use of it. This is a positive and a promising dream.

This dream could also mean you are in control over your whole life.

You have found balance between your dreams, your rational mind and your actions. You know exactly what and when to say and do and that requires a lot of time and effort to learn. You are constantly improving yourself and that is great.

This dream should encourage you continue to do so, you are on a road to success.

A Latin proverb says that it is the most beautiful thing not to conquer others, but yourself and in a good way. That is exactly what this dream symbolizes. You should take it as a fortunate omen.

Believe in yourself and value every single accomplishment, no matter how small. Life is full of challenges, but it is only in your power to overcome them.

Dreams about a friendly tiger

If you dream about a friendly tiger or having a tiger as a pet, it means you have made peace with your wild, aggressive side.

You have tamed yourself, to the point you feel comfortable. You have not lost your integrity, influence and strength, but learned how to use the best of them.

On the other hand, this dream could suggest you are in need for a bit of pampering and laziness.

You are tired of constantly being the tough one. You need more tenderness in your life and you have to think about why you miss it.

Probably you really act as a tough one, the one respected, admired, looked up to, loved and adored, but also the one who is all by themselves.

You have made a picture of a person who appears as either no need for comfort and gentleness or the one that enjoys company of many, so an individual thinks he or she would be an excess.

The truth is, you are lonely. You are proud of who you are, but you feel a bit lonely and in need for compassion.

Be more open about your feelings, show others that you are only a human being, with weaknesses and flaws; people tend to judge others over their flaws much less often than you imagine.

In fact, they will feel closer to you and find you even more attractive and definitely more approachable.

Dreams about a tiger’s skin

If you dream about having a mighty tiger’s skin or that you are covered by it or else, this is a positive dream, generally associated with social status, professional and financial well-being.

Tiger skin symbolizes wealth, royalty, power and influence. The dream means you will have some financial success in near future or that you will go up on the social ladder.

It could suggest you will meet someone from high society and benefit from it. It could also mean that all of your plans and work will turn out even better than you have imagined.

You will achieve things you could not imagine, so you should feel very good about this dream. It gives hope of a bright, stable and joyful future for you and your family.