Dreams About Fruit – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreams about food are among some of the most common dreams, especially dreams about eating certain types of food, usually those that come as a single piece, such as dreams about fruits, vegetables or other edible pieces, such as chocolate, a steak, an egg or so.

Dreams about fruit are particularly interesting and could hide many meanings.

These dreams are not always easy to understand, so it is of essential importance to recount all the details from the dream.

Fruits in dreams represent various things; fruits are symbolical motifs found in art, literature and as metaphors in everyday life. Fruits are essential part of our diet and so we know much about them, in biological terms.

However, their spiritual and symbolical ‘profile’ is what interests us when talking about fruit in dreams.

Fruit could symbolize emotions and various concepts and ideas, from romantic love, over materiality, to win, loss, success and failure.

Dreams about fruit could tell you something more about your personality, but also about people around you and relationships you maintain with people. In general, dreams about fruit are revealing; whatever the exact meaning behind the dream is, such an experience should be guiding and helpful.

If you remember exactly what fruit have you seen or eaten or whatsoever, in your dream, you can search for specific explanation of that sort of fruit in dreams (e.g. dreams about an apple, grapes etc.).

Each type of fruit has its additional meaning, but dreams about fruit in general could be interpreted collectively, as well.

It is important to remember details and your behavior in dreams. How did the fruits look like? Were they ripe or unripe, sour or sweet, tasty or rotten, have you have eaten them?

Colors of fruit also matter, position of fruit and everything you do with fruits in a dream. We will be your dream-interpreting guides and help understand secret messages behind your fruity dreams.

Dreams about fruit on trees

If you dream about fruits that are still on tree branches, it could have different meanings. For example, if you see fruits that are high on trees and you cannot reach them, it means you have good opportunities ahead, you probably see the positive outcome of certain projects or plans, but you still have not figured out how to accomplish them.

However, this is an encouraging dream that should give you hope all will turn fine.

Dreams about unripe fruits on trees mean you have positive mind and are optimistic about the future, but this dream symbolically tells you you should not rush.

You have to be patient in order for things to go according to plan.

If you pick up unripe fruits, your success will be shallow and short-term, to speak figuratively.

This dream could also suggests some things require more time, especially when it comes to your job.

You will probably have to ensure your superiors you are the right person for a job, worth of putting trust into.

If the fruits are ripe and ready to pick up or they are so ripe that they start falling off, it means your plans are coming to a realization and that you will definitely be rewarded for all of your efforts, no matter what area of life it is.

This dream symbolically represents earned success, in general.

Dreams about picking up fruits

Dreams about picking up ripe fruits are symbolically direct; they suggest you will succeed in your plans and make your dreams come true.

Generally, such dreams are related to material success and could be related to your job, as well as to your family life.

This dream means your hard work will pay off and you will be greatly rewarded.

Sometimes, it could mean you will receive an unexpected fortune, such as a prize in money, a heritage or so. It could also simply mean that you will have luck in the following period.

However, if you pick up unripe, green fruits, that is not as good as the previous scenario. It reflects your impatience and restlessness.

This dream is a warning sign, before you make a mistake and surrender to your childish, restless inner voice. Wait and be patient, for most things in life need more time to develop then we expect or would like to.

Just as in dreams about unripe fruits on trees, only the message is clearer and more direct. Have patience.

Dreams about fruit in a basket

Dreams about seeing fruits in a basket are good ones. This dream means you will be very successful at your job and that your superiors will see that and reward you.

If you are the one who is in charge, meaning you are your own boss or you lead others, this dream definitely suggests success in matters of finances and fulfilled projects.

You should be proud of yourself and relax. Many times, people fail to enjoy their success, because of the excess stress they create themselves. Fruits in a basket represent hard-earned reward.

It does not have to mean that the work you have done was particularly exhausting in a negative way, but that it did require a lot of your time, effort, full dedication and focus.

This dream reminds you all hard work should bring relief and satisfaction; it is not something to be taken for granted. Value your achievements and enjoy fruits of your success.

Dreams about eating fruit

Dreams about eating fruits represent many things, so it is of the greatest importance to remember what fruits have you eaten and how those fruits tasted like. In general, we could divide these dreams in several simple groups.

If you had a dream about eating unripe fruits, then the meaning is the same is in dreams of unripe fruits on trees or picking them up, only this time the message is frankly obvious.

It could even mean that you have surrendered to your impatience and restlessness.

This dream reflects your incredibly nervous and impatient personality and it is a lesson for the future; do not pick and eat unripe fruits, but wait until your work develops its roots, nurture its fruits and wait for them fully to grow.

If you eat tasty, sweet ripe fruits, it means success. It means you are doing great and that you will experience success.

This dream could also symbolize romantic love, passion and sexual desire and reflect your relationship with someone or your desire for someone.

If you eat rotten, bitter fruits in your dream, it means you are about to experience consequences for what you said and done wrong. In reality, you probably try to avoid such things and even try to forget them.

However, dreams are powerful channel; they will not let you go that easy.

No matter if the taste is bitter, but this dream suggests you should just go through it. It might be unpleasant, but it is for your own good.

Dreams about eating spoiled and rotten fruits could have ominous meanings, so you should be very careful about them.

Think about your health and well-being and think about well-being of your loved ones.

Dreams about rotten food are often associated with illness of body and mind. It could suggest you are about to go through tough times, in terms of health and your sanity. Just do not succumb to it; misfortunes are a part of life, no matter how hard.

Dreams about specific fruits

Each fruit has its special dream meaning. In order to help you to understand it and search for further dream info, we will show you several examples of symbolic meanings of the most common fruits in dreams.

A banana represents masculine power and a lot of energy; it is also associated with eroticism.

Peaches represent friendship, good friends, meetings with dear people, temporary joys.

An apple represents vitality, longevity, fresh start, new beginnings. If it is rotten, it represents misery and illness.

Strawberries represent happiness, joy, love, desire and passion.

Picking blackberries symbolizes secrets and mystery. Oranges represent richness, wealth and fortune.

Plums represent good company, satisfaction and sexuality, while cherries stand for good news, marriage, love life and happy family.

There are many more interesting interpretations of each of these fruits’ dream meanings and of many others. Hope you will find your true dream guidelines.