Black Butterfly – Meaning and Symbolism

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Butterflies have always been a great source of inspiration, in various cultural environments all over the world. Butterflies are a common motif in mythology, traditional beliefs, art and religion.

These tiny colorful insects symbolize many things, usually very positive ones. They are often seen magical and divine.

People in different societies associate butterflies with the human soul. It is believed that seeing a single butterfly in a specific moment could be a sign from another realm.

These gracious insects make people feel happy upon seeing them. Beliefs in which seeing a butterfly means something bad are exceptionally rare.

However, beliefs vary depending on a particular cultural or spiritual concept.

There are also countless varieties of butterflies, which also alters the meaning. For example, butterfly colors matter a lot.

Today we are going to talk about a very rare and specific butterfly variety, in a symbolical sense.

We will analyze symbolism and meaning of black butterfly.

Before we pass onto it, we would like to go through butterfly symbolism and cultural depictions in general, because it applies to all butterfly symbolic interpretations, regardless of color or any other specific features.

Butterfly symbolism

Symbolism of butterflies varies depending on particular cultural and belief system, of course. Specific features of particular butterflies affect the interpretation.

However, all butterflies have many things in common, which applies to their symbolic meaning in general.

Butterflies are one of rare insect species that rarely provoke negative feelings or repulsiveness in humans.

They are benevolent and strangely beautiful. Imagine amazing colorful monarch butterflies, with its painted wings that resemble stained glass, for example. Think of tiny blue ones, light as a spring breeze.

There are so many varieties and thus, so many interpretations. All butterflies are considered a bit magical, mysterious and spiritual.

Butterflies are associated with human soul, grace and happiness. Mostly positive ideas are associated with butterflies.

They symbolize lightness, joy, love, kindness, gentleness, excitement and many other positive feelings and ideas.

There are thousands of butterfly varieties and all share several features; all are soft, flying and quiet. Yes, they do not make sounds like bugs and they are so airy.

Fragility and transience

People commonly believe butterflies live for only one day. Although it does sound romantic and fatalistic, a melancholic notion, it is not true.

While certainly there are insects that last that short, butterflies live for longer. If we consider all stages of a butterfly existence, well, they obviously live more.

However, butterflies are gentle creatures and they could easily be hurt and damaged.

Butterflies embody the idea that everything that is beautiful lasts shortly. Yes, they go through all those transformative phases from an ugly caterpillar (well, many would say caterpillars are not particularly eye pleasing) to a beautiful butterfly.

They perish easily, because they are tiny, tender insects.

Nevertheless, they also represent resurrection, transformation and immortality.

They have always been associated with the idea of rebirth and renewal, due to their natural development pattern.

Transformation and rebirth

Symbolically, butterflies stand for transformative phases of everyone’s life.

Their natural pattern of development is well known and it is indeed a little miracle. They go from caterpillar to cocoon, from which a magnificent colorful winged creature is born.

From ugly to beautiful they go. It represents spiritual journey, self-development, growth, destiny and metamorphosis.

Butterflies represent new life and new beginnings. They stand for beautiful outcome that comes after difficult times. They also symbolize the idea that everyone could find beauty and goodness within themselves.

Butterflies also represent some kind of modesty; the beauty with which they are naturally ‘rewarded’ id not acquired at the cost of any other living creature. Butterflies are the way they are.

They represent the magic of life, the miraculous nature. They stand for natural cycles and remind us all things have their place and time. We all go through phases, different and challenging.

Each one is meaningful; even phases that appear unpleasant and hard, they are still parts of our life. Butterflies represent enlightenment, rebirth and renewal.

Freedom and imagination

Butterflies, like other flying insects, know no borders and limitations. They fly free around the world, visiting flowers and colorful meadows, gracefully and silently.

Butterflies are free and quiet; they never harm other living creatures and they do not try to defy rules of nature.

They are liberated within nature’s rules, which is an amazing thing. Butterflies teach us that we should accept what the earth has given to us; it is the only way we could actually feel free.

There are no limitations to wings of our soul. Butterflies have always been magically associated with the idea of a human soul. You have to agree, there is no border a soul could not cross.

We could say butterflies also represent dreams and imagination. It is something that cannot be ruled or restricted. Beautiful, gentle flying creatures remind us of that.

They remind us there is nothing that could stop you from dreaming.

Although it may sound too ideal and elusive, the only true thing is that if you allow yourself to dream, there are chances you fulfill your desires. Of course, you should keep your feet on the ground.

Butterflies land at times; they are not always in the air. They symbolize that perfect balance and harmony between the earth and the air, between reality and imagination.

Joy and happiness

There is hardly a person that thinks negatively of butterflies. In fact, they bring smiles on people’s faces upon seeing them. There is something innocent and exciting in butterflies.

They are universal symbol of happiness and joy. Butterflies also represent excitement and inspiration. In this regard, you know how people say that they feel as if there are ‘butterflies in their belly’, if they are feeling positively excited about something.

It is closely associated with amorousness and love; a person in love often feels like that and it is one of the most desired feelings. It nourishes our soul.

Butterflies are benevolent and lovely creatures, so no wonder they are universal motif that stand for good fortune and positive vibes in almost all traditions around the world.

There are many beliefs and superstitions regarding butterflies as a symbol of good fortune.

For example, it is ultimately considered a good fortune if a butterfly lands on your hand or elsewhere on your body; you should consider yourself lucky if it happens. You have certainly seen at least one video of a butterfly landed on a dog or cat’s nose.

Interestingly, but most of dogs and cats would not try to hurt a butterfly; they even seem somewhat pleased. We do not know it for certain, but it appears delightful.

Maybe good vibrations of these lovely insects pass on other living creatures that easily.

Black color symbolism

Since we are about to talk about black butterfly symbolism, let us see into meanings of the color black. There has been much said about it, but opinions vary and symbolism of black comes in all forms.

Many think of it as a color of darkness and negative energy, while others consider it beautiful, strange and elegant.

Black color has always been associated with mystery, secret, obscurity, hidden lore and else. It is the color of shadows and night.

Black represents death, sorrow and grief. In many societies around the world it is a grieving color; people who mourn would wear black clothing. Black always represents something a bit scary and obscure. Why is that so?

Well, black is the color of the vastness of the space, of shadows and of night. These are all things we feel insecure about, either because we lack knowledge on it or simply because our organism is not adapted to it.

The fear of the unknown, which reflects in our uneasiness about black holes and blackness of the space, make us develop ambivalent feelings towards the color black.

On the other hand, we are daily creatures; we function poorly in circumstances of diminished light. Nighttime is the time which make us weak.

Black are the shadows, black are demons and mysterious forces that rule the night. It fills our mind with insecurity and our heart with fear.

On the other hand, black is indeed an enigmatic color (since it is actually not a ‘real’ color), associat5ed with elegance and seriousness. Black color is so simple, yet so captivating. In art, fashion and decoration in general, it stands for good taste.

Black represents firmness, status, adulthood. A fatally simple little black dress is a paragon of good taste in fashion for ladies; a black tuxedo is the same for men.

Black represents passion, fatality and wholeness, if you think of it as a ‘color’ that absorbs all the shades of spectrum. Black color represents mysticism and deep knowledge. It is associated with insight, intuition, and magic.

Black color has strong symbolism, one way or another.

Of course, it is culturally shaped, but personal opinion and feeling about it also matters a lot.

Black butterfly symbolism

From all we have seen so far, it is easy to assume black butterflies are truly special. They are extremely rare and so they definitely represent something precious and unique.

Black butterflies carry both symbolism of butterflies in general and that of all black animals. Black animals have always been associated with special powers.

It has always been believed they have some connection with realms we would never know in our lifetime.

There are not many special beliefs regarding black butterfly, so you should rely on how you feel about it; for example, if a black butterfly comes to your dream. If you see it in real life, be one hundred percent certain it is a sign for you, since this is an exceptional butterfly.

Black butterfly has strong significance, one way or another.

If you are generally interested in mysteries and ‘dark’ things, a black butterfly could be a positive sign for you. It may suggest you are about to get better insight into something or that you would experience some sort of spiritual enlightenment.

It could also be a sign of spirits that want to connect you. The same applies for other types of butterflies, if seen in specific circumstances.

However, a black one is specific as it is. It could be a spirit of someone deceased whop meant a great deal to you. A black butterfly could be a message; it could even be a soul of a person, transformed into this unique creature.

If you feel okay with seeing it, you should relax. It means the spirit wants you to feel calm; it suggests that everything is okay on the other side.

Since this is about black butterfly, it could be related to spirits of people passed away many years ago. Maybe your ancestors try to reach you and show you the way; those you have never meant in your life.

Black butterfly could simply be your totem animal that appears in your life to guide you; you could see it for real, dream about it or see it as a symbol elsewhere.

However, there is always a negative side of black animals’ symbolism. They are inevitably associated with the negative side of interpreting black color as it is.

Black wings often symbolically mean dark news. In this regard, seeing a black butterfly might not be a good sign.

Often black flying creatures, such as black birds or insects are considered heralds of death and darkness.

Dreaming about black butterfly

If you dream about a black butterfly, the interpretation is very personal. Therefore, you should primarily focus on how you feel about this dream.

Of course, details are also important. If the dream left you waking up nervous and anxious, it could be a sign of threat.

A black butterfly reflects some actual threat and danger in your waking life; it could be an unpleasant, but actually a good warning sign. Think about whether you find yourself in a position that might be dangerous.

Black butterfly in a dream that leaves you feel surprised, maybe a bit strange, but overall good, is a positive sign. It could be your awakening intuition.

A black butterfly in this dream wants you to go beyond rational mind; it opens secrets hallways to mystic knowledge.

It is your guiding spirit, a voice beneath what is to be seen. It is a sign that you would soon discover something extraordinary about yourself.