Crying In Sleep and Dreams About Crying – Interpretation and Meaning

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Tears wash away our sorrows and help us express so many mixed emotions; some tears are not shed out of sadness, but out of pure, overwhelming joy. It is a common saying that if you feel stressed, angry, sad or all of it at the same time, you should cry to get some relief.

Yes, tears are relieving, physically, emotionally and mentally. Various scientific and medical researches claim tears are good for our bodies and health.

Tears are indeed healing, helpful and benevolent, no matter how strange it could sound to someone who is unbearably sad. If you feel like crying, feel free to cry!

Tears are sometimes seen a sign of someone’s weakness. You know, people would say something like: ‘Oh, you are a big boy/girl, do not cry!’. Many people feel ashamed if they cry in public, but sometimes they simply cannot hold their tears.

There is nothing to be ashamed about, because tears are a natural phenomenon, something that characterizes us as human beings. However, we have several types of tears.

Those that interest us here are emotional tears. Certain medical researches have found emotional tears are complex; they consist of materials that have to do something with our overall emotional state.

Emotional tears have a calming effect on our body. After you have cried, you certainly feel a bit drained, but you also feel relief; it seems your worries and troubles are smoothened, at least.

If you cry out of joy, tears also have a relieving effect! They help you express strong emotions, things you cannot describe by words.

Your body is an amazing complex of mechanisms, functions and reactions; it will make sure your mind gets proper ‘treatment’ and vice versa.

There are three types of tears, basal, reflex and emotional tears. While basal tears serve the purpose of keeping our eyes moisturized and reflect tears protect our eyes from outer irritants, emotional tears are provoked by inner processes in our brain.

In some countries, there are even so called ‘crying clubs’, places that people intentionally visit in order to let go off their burdening emotions, heal and feel better overall.

Crying in sleep

Some emotions could be so strong and overwhelming that they follow everywhere, even in dreams’ realm. It is not so common, but it happens that people cry in sleep. It is not the same as dreaming about crying, which is something we will discuss later on.

Crying in sleep is usually related to a dream in which a person is sad, angry, frustrated or has some other emotion that could induce crying.

Usually, all reactions remain on sub-conscious level and a person actually does not present any of ‘symptoms’ related to the course of a dream.

However, sometimes it happens that our body reacts to emotions and situations from dreams. It results in weeping, crying, laughing and various other physical expressions while a person s asleep.

One of the things that scares parents are so called ‘night terrors’ that some babies experience. They are nightmares babies have during deep sleep phase.

Parents often feel helpless, because they do not know if the baby is in pain or dreams about something and the baby cannot tell why he or she cries. Usually, babies sleep time crying is not a reason for concern.

Crying in sleep in general is very much the same as crying in waking life. It is our body’s natural response and reaction to our emotional state. If emotions are so strong, they could pass the border of fine sub conscious veil and present in our physical reactions, even during sleep, while we are not aware of what our body is doing.

It could also happen that you actually wake yourself up because of crying! It could also happen that the very action of crying takes place somewhere in between our asleep and awake state.

Dreams about crying

Let us now talk about what induces crying in sleep in the first place. Dreams about crying could very likely be responsible for such a phenomenon. Such dreams could be interesting, both disturbing and relieving.

There are numerous variations of dreams about crying. Interpretations vary greatly, depending on who is crying, why, if known, where it takes place, what are a dreamer’s overall emotions about the dream solely. Most of people have such dreams at least once in a while.

Crying is our natural reaction; it is not uncommon it takes place in our dreams.

In general, dreams about crying are a way for our mind and soul to let go off emotions that stress us in our waking life. Those are usually feelings we consider negative.

However, it is important to note that emotions such as sadness, grief, anger, sorrow and so on are natural and needed. They are rather useful than negative, because they are a part of our whole selves natural mechanism.

If we are unable to feel sadness, it is very likely we would be unable to feel joy. In dreams, crying is rarely related to happy events and ‘tears of joy’.

When a person feels particularly distressed, angry, helpless, hopeless, sad and fragile in reality, it reflects in dreams.

However, there are many situations when dreams about crying have a different purpose and different symbolism.

In some cases, dreams about crying could even be meaningless; not all dreams do have to bear some hidden messages. However, it is always good to try to figure out what lies behind the dream. If you feel good and content in life, it must seem awkward to dream about crying.

Sometimes, dreams about crying could direct you in your waking life; they could make you realize there are things you should pay more attention to or people whose needs are being neglected.

On the other hand, dreams about crying could represent your deeply hidden emotions, those that are buried long ago and you are completely unaware of them. You might even feel totally relaxed and okay in life, but if you keep dreaming about crying, try to find out why. We will be glad to help.

Now, dreams about crying vary and there are so many different scenarios. Each of them has special interpretation. There are certain patterns of explaining secret meanings of dreams, but each interpretation is deeply personal.

We will offer the basis and they you should try to connect it with your situation. When interpreting dreams, especially those related to strong emotions and reactions, such as dreams about crying, you should always consider every detail.

Dreams in which you are crying

If you dream that you are crying, it is most likely a reflection of your waking life state of mind and emotions.

This dream is probably a channel for letting go of your sadness, frustrations or any other suppressed or excessive emotions from real life. However, the exact interpretation depends on particular situation in that dream.

If there is any reason for you to be sad in reality, it is only a reflection and a helpful channel for filtering emotions. According to several other interpretations, crying in a dream could be a positive sign. It means you will feel relieved from troubles or that something positive is about to happen.

Think of it a bit. If there is really nothing to bother you in your waking life, it is likely that a dream about crying is a positive omen.

Dreams in which you weep mean you are facing many minor difficulties or a big one lasts for long and continues, so you just feel annoyed, helpless and do not know what to do about it.

It could also mean that you will need to sacrifice a lot of your time and effort in order to achieve a goal you reach for. The progress is slow and exhausting, so you feel frustrated about it.

Dreams about someone else is crying

If you dream about someone else is crying it is important to remember if that was someone you know and dear to you or a stranger. If that is one of your close friends, your loved ones and so, this dream reflects your worries about that person.

You care about him or her so much and your worst fear is to see that person hurt. You are maybe being overprotective. On the other hand, it could also mean you have neglected someone important.

If a person who is crying is someone you do not know, you should analyze your relations with people who are not that close to you.

Maybe you have some unresolved issues with people from your working environment. Maybe you have offended or even hurt someone unintentionally.

You should be more observant and focused on the outside.

Dreams in which you have made someone cry

If you have made someone else cry in your dream, it is a negative sign. It means failure on professional field.

Your plans could fall apart and you could experience greater material losses.

This dream could indicate your conscience is not clean; you try to succeed by ruining other people’s plans and it will definitely come back to you.

Dream in which you have made someone cry also means you regret about something you have said or done in your waking life.

Dreams about comforting a crying person

If you dream about comforting someone who is crying, it means you have or will have certain problems in your family.

It does not necessarily need to be a conflict, but something you and your family members would have to deal with together. You will need mutual help and support.

This dream could also have a positive connotation, meaning you do have support in your closest ones.

Dreams about many people crying

If you dream about more than one person is crying, it is a reflection of your low self-esteem.

You are afraid of what emotions you provoke in others. You are being insecure and anxious about your own presentation to other people. You are afraid of being rejected or, even worse, pitied.

This dream indicates you would really like to belong to a group of people and to fit in, but you are afraid of opening up to people in general.

That is something you should work on. This dream is only a reminder.

Dreams about baby is crying

Dreams about babies crying are generally a positive omen. Baby’s cry is a symbol of fortunate, positive news and good vibrations.

This dream indicates you will soon receive news that will bring you a lot of joy.

If you dream about baby is crying, it could also be interpreted as general positive sign for your future. If you feel good or neutral about the dream, it has this positive meaning.

If it is obvious that the baby is feeling bad or is ill, it means the opposite.