Black Pig in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

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It is amazing to know that even some ordinary things in life can mean so much in the world of dreams; they can alter or completely change their common meaning.

For example, in reality, death is the worst thing that the majority of us can imagine, while on the other hand, in the world of dreams, it means something completely else.

… Our mind is still an undiscovered playground where we have only scratched the surface, even though we know that the world of dreams has great importance in a deep understanding of the human psyche.

Not only that, some believe that dreams can even predict a specific event that will occur in the near or distant future.

All options are on the table; we are here to discover what it means to have a dream about the pig, and not just any pig, but the black pig.

This is important to mention, having in mind that color does make major importance in understanding dream symbolism.

Meaning and Symbolism

In a most general way, dreams that have a pig’s main motive are often the symbol of greed, stubbornness, or selfishness.

In some cases, usually, when the dream is repetitive, the dream about pig can be a representation of immense greed and exaggeration that have tragic consequences on the life of the person who has this dream.

Experts say that pig is the symbol of greed, not necessarily a bad or cunning nature, but someone who is led by its lowest instincts; and when such a motive appears in a dream world, it remains similar connotation, applied to the person who has a dream.

Sometimes, this is the dream of the people who have in their close environment someone who is considered to be dirty and insatiable – as you can see, the dream about pig does not have to imply that your character is greedy.

In some cases, the meaning of this dream is the existence of a bad or wrong idea about something that may be what you believe does not correspond to the real facts. You see the world from a completely unrealistic point of view, and therefore your actions are inadequate.

You are dreaming of a black pig – this is one specific motive, and therefore it has a different meaning or alternate than when you see a regular pig in a dream.

If you have seen a black pig in a dream, such a dream is generally not a good sign and can indicate health problems.

It is possible that you’re or the health of a person very close to you will be endangered in the coming period.

Some of you may become ill, or your health may worsen in the coming period. It does not have to be something lethal, but extra attention is recommended.

And now – if the pig in your dream is black, but it looks healthy and is fat, in that case, this dream is a good sign in reality. Its appearance drastically changes the symbolism of the dream.

Such a dream may suggest that the person who has this dream will very soon experience some very good changes in relation to some current business project; here, the meaning of the dream is referred to the job, or in some professional part of your life. You may also have some new opportunities and lucrative offers for a new job or additional income.

If the black pig in your dream looks bad, dirty, is malnourished, and unhealthy, this dream then can have an opposite meaning; it is a bad sign then.

Such a dream may mean that you will soon experience some disappointments in business or financial terms.

The dream may also indicate that you will have some quarrels and conflicts with co-workers at work.

This dream can also be a sign of conflict with your children.

And in the case when a black pig is in your house, and you treat it like a pet, in that case, you are lucky since this dream then has a good symbolical value.

It shows that very soon you will become happy; it is the sign that announces happiness and satisfaction.

Decoding Dream about Black Pig

Just like all other motives in dreams, this also can have a negative or dark twist in them, and there are numerous variations on the same topic.

For example, if your dream is about a black pig that you have caught and you are planning to eat it, such a dream comes as an indication that you are at the moment going through major changes and transformations.

It is like something major will occur, and you will never be the same human beings as you once were.

Maybe a dream means that you are ready to leave negativity behind; it is like you have changed your own perspective of the world, and now the world is changing.

In the case when the black pig from your dream appears with some other black piglets, then this dream comes into your life as a warning sign.

Maybe the dream is about the possibility that your reputation will be compromised through your own fault, through your own carefulness and inability to pay attention to a warning sign.

For some, as experts say, this dream shows up in your life, right after you have behaved inappropriately in a certain situation, so that will be the reason you will get a bad reputation and lose respect for your surroundings.

Through the dream, you are expressing real feelings about this unfortunate event.

For example, if the black pig just has passed your path, such a dream is decoded as negative; it is not a good sign and probably indicates some misfortune. You may soon experience some unfortunate events or have a period of bad luck, failure, and disappointment.

If the black pig is dead in your dream, by your hand, or it has already been dead when you have seen it, in that case, this dream could signify curiosity to find out what awaits you in the future.

If the black pig in your dream is trying to bite you or hurt you in any way, you should know that it is not a good sign and can announce someone’s death or a situation in which someone almost died.

It could be someone very close to you or a member of your family, or someone you care for a lot; it can even be a pet that you love so much.

Also, some people dream of the black that they cuddle with – such a dream indicates the possibility of failing to compete with a very cunning person who does not choose the means to reach his goal. Think who that may be and open your eyes.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

In general, the dream about the black pig can be, depending on other elements of the dream, both good and bad sign.

Always take a good look at how you feel in a dream – do you feel scared or happy. It makes a big difference in how the dream is understood.

Such a dream is probably an announcement of some changes that will follow in your life, in your home – depending on other circumstances in life, this dream can indicate a health problem, but on the other side a positive change in your work.

The dream about the black pig shows a bit something about the upcoming period in your life.

Perhaps the next period will be filled with secrets, and some people are hiding the truth, but it will only last for a short time.

After that, relationships with your family members will improve a lot – these changes are connected to interpersonal relations and all the ways you have to improve them.

Also, as experts say, the dream about the black pig may indicate that your environment does not have a good opinion of your personality and traits and may consider you unreliable and ignore other people’s feelings.

It may show that you exhibit some naive and greedy traits that are ruining all aspects of your life.

Think of what you are doing wrong and try to make it better. Try to look at your life from a less selfish point of view and to aim a bit higher.