Gemini in 7th House – Meaning and Info

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Gemini always have something to tell or a funny saying in store. They are definitely not on the lips and it seems as if they feel comfortable in completely strange situations and do not even know stage fright.

If the others don’t know what to do on the weekend, the twin is guaranteed to have five ideas of what to do.

They love to be the center of attention and infect others with their enthusiasm. That’s why twins are often the characters that immediately catch the eye.

Since Gemini are very intelligent, they always need spiritual stimulation, otherwise they get bored easily. The familiar soon loses its appeal for the twin. That’s why he’s always looking for more exciting options and interested in everything – but not too much, otherwise it would take too long.

It always has to be quick, because there is so much new to discover. The volatility of the Gemini zodiac sign can be quite stressful for others. The twin, on the other hand, gets annoyed when others cannot follow his train of thought and he has to explain things twice.

Gemini – Meaning and Info

Accurate and cunning, a person born under the sign of Gemini has two completely different personalities and will never live safely in their own family environment. They are sociable, expressive and ready for recreation, with a special disposition.

They are serious, thoughtful and restless in a spontaneous way. They are delighted with the world itself, they are inordinately curious, and they feel the nagging feeling that there is not enough time to perceive everything they want to see.

But apart from these peculiarities, people born in the sign of Gemini have 7 characteristics of Gemini that make them special.

The sign of Gemini corresponds to the air element, which guards Libra and Aquarius, this links it with all the semblances of the mind. It is dominated by Mercury, the planet that symbolizes communication, movement and writing. Individuals born under this sun sign often have the feeling that their inner selves are missing, so they are always trying to find new friends, instructors, colleagues, and people who want to talk.

It makes them charming artists, mainly writers and journalists, their skills and malleability make them shine in business, driving, and team sports. This is a variable sign, unsuspecting, lover of recreation, born with the desire to appreciate everything that exists in the world. This makes its protagonist suggestive and never boring.

In this sign there is so much childish naivety, since they always tell their stories of fraternity or love to their best friends and family and are based on different characters, events, physical appearance and education.

They are in this world to make up for differences and imagine that they feel good, ready to lay down their lives for a father, mother, brother or friend. Gemini is a lover of sex and is eternally ready for an intellectual challenge.

Gemini observes love through communication and verbal relationship. When these two factors mix, all difficulties tend to vanish. They are excellent investigators and always ready to bet.

A Gemini manages to spend a lot of time with great lovers until they find the perfect lover who is able to harmonize his intellect and character. They need impression, diversity and passion, for when they find the ideal person, become their lover, friend and someone to talk to.

Their temperament does not approve of much depth, since they are on a mission to spread the correct information, they always try to find the errors in love. They look at life from the point of view of relative movements, stirring back and forth until they find their best well-being without being sure of its proper direction.

Geminis would be able to take a sharp turn, leaving behind those who really love them, but there are people who manage to follow their same rhythm, to build a romantic base over time.

People who are born with the sun in Gemini are very friendly and love spending time with family and friends, especially with their younger members.

Gemini assumes a large increase in social contacts and loves to chat. The sign found in House 7 reveals the person’s role in social dynamics and guides the recognition of that role.

This includes their participation in the productive relations of society and how it places itself before the structures of work and enterprise, seeing itself as an ally or competitor of the people around.

They look for people with strong energy to communicate. They maintain a stream of uttered expressions. They are always on the move to feel enlightened and stimulated by the information shared.

Family is very significant for a Gemini, especially for their children, once they create a strong emotional relationship with them, their passion will be their family.

The lack of persistence shows your associates your extremely high prospects and they do not show up to your friends, as they tend to have an easier and calm approach to those who share your home.

The commitments that their family life entails manage to be a challenge by nature, they will always try to find a magical way of being in two places at the same time, discovering everything that they have to do.

They are in constant need of intellectual motivation, the most appropriate job for a Gemini has to be challenging for their brain. They are skilled, creative and often highly intelligent, in need of a dynamic work environment.

A Gemini man is a fanatic and full of life, never disappointing with cloying moments. He is bohemian and funny, and this makes him the perfect shareholder in love.

Gemini men are talkative, flirtatious, and natural. Their personality is sealed by dualism, making them fragile but intelligent, and extraordinarily attractive to others.

They need a companion who gives them freedom and space. To win his heart, you have to be fun, thought-provoking, adventurous, laugh at his jokes, and be ready to learn from him every day.

7th House – Meaning and Info

The seventh house is the House of all that is “other than oneself”, it is the house of the individuality that confronts itself in a relationship with the neighbor. It coincides with sunset, the west.

The Descendant begins the sequence of houses above the horizon and the meanings contrast with the previous ones.

The seventh, opposite to the I-Ascendant, is the house of the others, of our way of binding ourselves to them.

We find indications on how the subject chooses his partners and how he lives relationships, it is the home of coexistence, of choices of responsibility, of contracts, including marriage, the home of associations. We have indications on how these areas of life are addressed, the characteristics of the partner or spouse.

It is also significant of the subject’s relations with the company also from a legal and juridical point of view: it relates to the processes, contracts, actions of any declared enemies.

Unlike House 5, which governs the physical aspect of love relationships, sexual intercourse and romance, House 7 focuses especially on cooperation, exchanges and sharing between spouses, as well as the pursuit of common goals.

The sign found in House 7 reveals the person’s role in social dynamics and guides the recognition of that role. This includes their participation in the productive relations of society and how it places itself before the structures of work and enterprise, seeing itself as an ally or competitor of the people around.

The sign that occupies your 7th House in the zodiac, as we said, is one of the four most important signs to define your personality, as it concerns how you behave with the people around you, how you offer yourself and how you receive others.

In addition, house 7, being the descendant, can balance less interesting characteristics of ascending signs.

For example, having a descendant in Cancer and an ascendant in Capricorn, the Capricorn tendency to be cold and unyielding in relationships is balanced by the search for emotional security of the person of Cancer ascendant.

Devotion to the other and protection can also be striking characteristics, in House 7, of the signs of Virgo, Aquarius and Pisces, while Aries, Gemini and Libra tend to cooperate and motivate equal efforts in relationships.

On the other hand, some signs in the 7th house can determine reactions that are somewhat selfish and less interesting in the person.

This is the case with Aries, who, despite being cooperative, can tend to drive and dominate the relationship.

The same is true for the person with Leo in House 7, who requires a lot of dedication from the partner and can come to demonstrate some domination.

Perhaps a negative point not for the person himself, but for those with whom he lives, is the fact that House 7 in Sagittarius guides the person to be less attached.

Such people tend to seek freedom to meet other people, other places, and form new unions.

We saw above how each sign in Casa 7 can change the interactions you practice with the people around you, setting different goals and methods.

Knowing your house 7 sign, your role in society starts to make more sense and your goals regarding association with other people become clearer.

Gemini in 7th House – Meaning and Info

For the purposes of evolutionary astrology, the cusps of the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th astral houses are almost as important as any planet.

These are the angles of the angular houses and they form the backbone of our natal chart. The axis astral house 4 – astral house 10 marks the complementary tension between private, family and emotional life and roots (4th house) and professional life, vocation, public image and vision of long-term success (10th house).

We will talk about this ax on another occasion. Now I want to focus on explaining a little more about the axes 1-7, known as the axes of relationships.

If the ascendant is your vision and entrance to the world (and we are that in life we ​​have several entrances to different worlds) the 7th house tells us about two things mainly: How people experience you in one-on-one relationships.

The most important thing I want you to understand is that the energy of the sign that you have in your astral house 7 is as much a part of you as the other areas of your chart, the interesting thing is that you do not recognize yourself in it unless someone else tells you “mirror”.

I give you my example: I have Scorpio and Sagittarius (with Saturn and Uranus there) in my 7 astral house. Ask any of my exes, friends, or even clients. I tend to start all my relationships very Scorpios: with the intensity, depth, and intimate connection that other couples experience after years together.

I’m not kidding when I tell you that my first dates end up looking like therapy sessions and the person doesn’t understand why they tell me such intimate things just by meeting me.

When I tell my friends about it, I always get comments like “did you really talk about that so private on the first date? How fast! “This is sometimes good (for my work especially) and sometimes not so much, I have to learn to regulate the process, otherwise we both end up short-circuiting the link.

Now, as you know the signs in astral houses happen for something, they are telling a story. After passing the 30th degree of Scorpio my 7 astral house transforms into Sagittarius.

What happens after this deep connection with the other is something totally unexpected (Uranus), because for one reason or another a total detachment is generated: limits! Please don’t harass me (Saturn).

This most of the times I have embodied myself, being the one who walks away, and leaving the other confused or hurt.

When someone else has incarnated it, as in the case of my Saturn return, it has left me in an emotional coma that I have to force myself to feel in order to transcend (Sagittarius denies difficult emotions)

Obviously I am telling you the bad part of the story because around there I hook you more with the drama, but it is also true that I have had stories of high vibes in my house 7 and they are relationships that I treasure so far.

But what I want you to pay attention to is not my love life, but that I can tell you all this not because I can see it organically in me but because it has been mirrored to me.


The 7th house of the zodiac is the space of the descendant, the sign opposite to the ascendant.

While the ascendant defines how we present ourselves and how others see us in our individuality, the descendant defines how we interact and enrich ourselves with the participation of others. It is the house that bears the sign that says who we are socially.

Because it is a relevant house among the houses of the zodiac, next to the number 1, 4 and 10, it has a greater role in defining the paths of your life, generally guiding your relationship with the people around you.