Bracelet – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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The bracelet is undoubtedly a prominent part of jewelry that all of us love. Still, its symbolism of the bracelet is far more interesting because it can be associated with “handcuffs” and thus be interpreted as a person who is guilty of something and who did some illegal and dishonest things, and is in a big problem because of immorality.

This is just one part of the story, and when we examine this dream, we must have in mind that dreams that have a bracelet as a dominant motive are not so frequent, but when it appears, you need to take a look at as many details as possible.

In dreams, their symbolism is very clear, and it can be both a positive and a negative sign; depending on all other aspects of a dream, its meaning can be quite diverse and colorful.

Meaning and Symbolism

If in a dream you see a gorgeous and very luxurious, expensive bracelet, for example, through the shop window; with the strong desire to have it; such a dream shows that you are the type of person who constantly strives to achieve unrealistic goals.

Perhaps you are wasting both time and energy because you aspire to prove yourself to someone instead of being happy and satisfied with what you have. This is a wake-up call not to do it. Think before you act.

Another interesting version of this dream is the one where you receive a bracelet as a gift.

This dream means that you do not show a lot of belief to people and that you do not like listening to the advice of those who are close to you.

Even when they can see the entire situation better from the side.

Still, when everything passes, and you are deceived, you will very much repent and even want to take revenge because you turned out to be stupid and naive.

If you have a dream that someone is making a bracelet for you, and you do not like how it looks, you see it as an inexpensive and ridiculous present, and such a dream symbolizes that you underestimate your partner and all his efforts to shower you with tenderness.

The attention in some way that your partner is showing you are nothing to you, and it is a bad trait that you show. You see it in this way because your lover is not as powerful and wealthy as someone else.

This dream shows how you see yourself – as someone higher than others, you need someone who can “match you,” but the fact is that you enjoy it.

That you are superior, and that you manage someone and constantly criticize them weaker.

In a version of a dream where you have lost a costly and dear bracelet and you cannot find it anywhere you look, and you feel desperate because of it, such a dream shows your personality.

It suggests that in a real-life you are pretty reckless and hasty. You are constantly in a situation to shame yourself or others and regret the mistakes you made because you did not think about how you should do and/or what you should say.

If you are throwing away the bracelet, such a dream is the symbol of breaking up.

In your case, this dream may show your idea to break all connections with someone and one more important thing. You, in fact, need significant changes. You need to finally break with the past and the memories, which only hinder you, hinder your progress, and simply “stop the stereotyped behavior” because you have finally realized that it leads nowhere.

Think of that change and act on it; there is no other way to go, but this; breaking ties with all that has been troubling you for a long time.

Decoding the Dream about the Bracelet

In some versions of this dream, the bracelet is the symbol of some negative things you want to move out of your life – it can show that you are envious and jealous, and even though that person did you no harm, instead of “looking after your own business.

Sometimes this dream shows that you are constantly striving to slander and gossip, wasting your precious time on it.

Very expensive jewelry in a dream world and this implies on bracelet also, and this is true if you had a dream that you are stealing the bracelet, shows that you are a pretender who likes to take advantage of people who trust you and to take some of their results and achievements as their own.

Still, when it is learned that it is not “the work of your hands,” you will only embarrass yourself, and at the same time, you lose the trust of your dear friends or associates forever.

Selling a bracelet in a dream, because you do not have any money, and you feel unsafe and insecure because of it, you maybe want to repay some debts; such a dream shows that you are more than willing to give up some of your goals and desires too quickly because one problem or obstacle has a very demoralizing effect on you. You cannot bother or suffer in a constant struggle that is uncertain.

Hence, you choose some easier and lower-paid jobs and only provide yourself with the basis of existence.

If you have a dream of making, crafting, or repairing a bracelet, such a dream shows your negative trait. You are the one who always tries to do things fast, not ever making them last.

The main thing here to remember is this – the fact is that in a real-life, you cannot repair “overnight” the damage you have done to someone who sincerely loved you and who trusted you, so you should sincerely repent, and not insist too much, but wait for a bit of time to pass, and to the person, you let down may have forgiven you.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

Sometimes a dream about the pieces of jewelry, in this case, we are looking into the dream about the bracelet, especially if someone dear to you has given it to you, speaks of the interpersonal connections of your life. Some may be good; others are not and need repairing.

In the most negative cases, the dream about the bracelet could mean that the person from your dream is very ill or dying, and you do not have the strength to say goodbye to her, all because you cannot understand that nothing you have done to help her gives any results, and you do not want to she hears that “there is no salvation for her.”

In other cases, this is the dream that speaks of obstacles. For you, they could be prejudices and prejudices, and you have missed great opportunities that will not appear to you again, and now it is too late to repent and lament. You feel as if someone is constantly condemning you and imposing their views and opinions on you. You have no right to personal freedoms and thoughts, so you are restrained and very dissatisfied with the situation you are in at a given moment, in all aspects of your life.

In a version of a dream and this is very interesting, where you are wearing the bracelet on your wrist, and it has turned green, or it changed its color to black, carries an even worse prediction.

There is a significant and imminent accident, loss, or illness in front of you, so you should be careful and try to save yourself as painlessly as possible from “the inevitable misfortunes that will follow you very soon.”

Your desires and ambitions are too great, and in the “harder way,” you will have to understand that you simply did not grow up with something and that you do not have the potential for some tasks, even if it “offended and hurt you as a fact,” that is the only truth.

In the end, the good news is that dreams of this scenario are not so common, and they could vary a lot.

In some cases, the dream about the luxurious bracelet could just suggest that you desire things that you currently cannot have, and it does not have to be something material.

It could be some other goal that you have set for yourself that seems distant.