Biblical Meaning of Dog in a Dream – Interpretation and Meaning

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Dreams are our inner advisers. They are helping us become aware of things bothering us or things we need to resolve.

They could also be a warning about things to come or things and situations to be aware of.

The modern interpretation of dreams slightly differs from the Biblical interpretations of dreams.

The reason for that is the fact that some of the dream symbols have a special interpretation in the Bible, which adds to the overall interpretation of the dream.

Dogs are important dream symbols and their interpretation could be good or bad, depending on the details of the dream, and the feelings and emotions you had during the dream and after waking up.

Biblical Interpretation of Dog

Dogs are animals frequently mentioned in the Bible, in the Old as well as the New Testament.

Dogs are mentioned in the Bible stories as house watchers or guarding flocks.

Dogs were considered unclean animals and the term “dog” was often used to reproach or humiliate someone.

Biblical Meaning of Dog in a Dream

Dreaming about seeing a dog – If you saw a dog or dogs in your dream, such dream is usually a sign of protection, fidelity, generosity, loyalty and intuition. This dream confirms your good intentions or symbolizes someone in your life with such qualities.

If the dog was vicious looking or it was growling, such dream might be a warning about some inner conflicts you have, and you are not aware of or you have been ignoring them. Such dream might also symbolize betrayal from someone close.

Dreaming about a dead or dying dog – If you saw a dead or a dog which was obviously dying, such dream is not a good sign, possibly indicating the end of a good friendship with someone. In some cases, such dream might signify losing intuition or instincts.

Dreaming about sick dogs – If you saw a sick dog or a group of sick dogs in your dream, such dream might be warning you about neglecting your friends. This dream reminds you to renew the relationships with them and try to nurture them in the future.

Dreaming about killing a dog – If you had a dream about killing a dog, such dream is usually a bad sign, and symbolizes loss. The loss is usually of a financial nature and is often a result of bad decisions you have made. The upcoming period is one to be aware of the financial decisions you make, and you should avoid making investments because there is a great possibility of them being a failure.

Dreaming about feeding a dog or dogs – If you dreamed about feeding dogs, such dream is a good sign, symbolizing nurturing some talents or skills. This dream could also be a reminder to nurture your friendships.

Dreaming about dogs fighting – If you observed dogs fighting in your dream, such dream symbolizes issues in your friendships you need to confront and deal with. This dream might symbolize conflicts with people who are close to you or finding it difficult to express your opinion and emotions to someone.

Such dream is asking you to calm down and confront the situation as quickly as possible.

Dreaming about a dog attacking you – If a dog had attacked you in a dream, such dream is usually not a good sign, and usually indicates being in danger, which you can avoid if you are attentive enough. This dream might symbolize being hurt by someone and not being able to avoid that.

Dreaming about not being able to get away from a dog – If you dreamed that you couldn’t get away from a dog, such dream might symbolize not being able to get rid of some annoying person from your life. Maybe you feel suffocated by someone or someone depends on you.

Dreaming about a big dog – If you saw a big dog in your dream, such dream is a good sign, and often symbolizes loyalty. The dream can symbolize someone being faithful and loyal to you, or describes you having such traits.

In some cases, this dream reminds you to nurture your loyalty to others and correct some mistakes you made towards people who don’t deserve such attitude from you.

Dreaming about chasing a dog – If you chased a dog in your dream such dream might reveal that you are taking someone’s loyalty for granted.

Dreaming about a dog barking – If you heard a dog barking aggressively in your dream, such dream could symbolize being annoyed by someone’s grumpy and aggressive behavior. It might also symbolize your attitude with which you annoy others from your surroundings.

This dream could reveal your tendency to yell at others and to behave bossy, which creates a negative atmosphere in your relations with others and making people want to avoid your company.

It might also represent people with such behavior in your surroundings. You might have a habit of ordering other people and telling them what to do, as well as controlling people’s actions.

If the dog was barking happily and out of satisfaction, such dream could symbolize some fun social activities, pleasure, and satisfaction.

Dreaming about a dog biting you – If you dreamed that a dog had bitten you on the hand, such dream often symbolizes disloyalty you have experienced, or you might experience soon by someone close to you. If the dog has bitten you on the leg, maybe such dream symbolizes the loss of balance in different areas of your life.

Maybe you feel hesitant to move towards your goals. If someone else was bitten by a dog in your dream, such dream often symbolizes betrayal. Maybe you feel guilty for hurting or doing something wrong to someone and that is why you had this dream.

Dreaming about dogs licking each other – If you dreamed about watching dogs licking each other, such dream is a good sign, representing good relationships with others filled with understanding and companionship.

Dreaming about buying a dog – If you dreamed about buying a dog, such dream might reveal not feeling secure enough about the honesty in your current friendships and having the need to buy friends with favors or compliments. Maybe you feel lonely and you need friends.

Dreaming about giving a dog away – If you dreamed about giving your dog to someone, such dream might indicate being accused of disloyalty because your actions and behavior have been misinterpreted by someone close to you. In some cases, it could a sign of the ending of a relationship with some close friend.

Dreaming about running over a dog – If you dreamed you ran over a dog with your vehicle, such dream might reveal feelings of doubt about the intentions of a close friend. Sometimes this dream reveals you are feeling betrayed by someone close. Maybe you feel as if your friends are not supportive enough.

Dreaming about being guided by a dog – If you dreamed that you were guided by a dog, such dream might reveal your insecurity about some decisions you need to make, resolving some problems or some issues you need to deal with.

Dreaming about a pack of dogs – If you dreamed about being surrounded or living with a pack of dogs, such dream reveals your need and desire to belong somewhere and the feeling of familiarity. Maybe it indicates your desire to be protected or to protect someone close.

Dreaming about bathing a dog – If you dreamed you were giving some dog a bath, such dream usually reveals your protective and nurturing characteristics. It might describe your generosity and loyalty.

Dreaming about stepping on a dog – If you dreamed that by chance you have stepped on a dog, such dream might symbolize the possibility of not valuing enough some of your friends or relationships and taking them for granted. This dream represents a warning to pay attention to your behavior and mend the relationships with the people that are important to you.

Dreaming about a dog running in circles chasing its tail – If you observed a dog running around in circles while chasing its tail, such dream might reveal spending too much time occupying yourself with futile things and endeavors.

Maybe you are not dealing with some issues or situations in a proper manner and you are pointlessly wasting your time.

Dreaming about a dog with two heads – If you saw a dog with two heads in a dream, such dream might indicate your awareness of things going on around you. In some cases, it might indicate the contrary, not being aware of things happening around you and the need to be more attentive.

Dreaming about dogs fighting – If you observed dogs fighting in a dream, such dream might reveal some inner conflicts you are harboring. This dream could also indicate conflicted interests between you and someone close to you.

You need to try do resolve these issues because you risk ending the relationship with this person which you might later regret doing.

Dreaming about a white dog – If you saw a white colored dog in your dream, such dream often symbolizes true friendship with someone, and a friend with pure and honest intentions towards you.