Dragonfly – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Animals that appear in the dream as motives are fascinating to examine because, as experts say, they are a representation of our own instinctive part of the personality.

This intuitive part of us is associate with nature and above survival, but not by just any means. We are talking about here of the social environment.

A particular animal is an instinctive part of us, and they are sometimes the representation of our parents, especially their attitude in terms of love, hate, etc.

And in those dreams where you see an animal that is chasing you usually represents some emotion that is repressed or aggression.

The type of animal can be an indication of the symbol that the dream is trying to convey.

Here, we will speak of one particular animal that is not wild but is undoubted “an exotic” one.

For some, it is the symbol of beauty and natural energy; for others, this is an insect that they do not like.

So, what does it mean when you see a dragonfly in a dream?

Right from the start, we will tell you that this is one rare dream that comes in the minds of those people who feel disconnected from nature, from ancestors, from the past, from the spiritual side of their personalities.

Meaning and Symbolism

Most certainly, you will find in different symbolical books related to dreams that the Dragonfly is not a good sign when it appears in a dream.

It is said that when you see a dragonfly, it is the representation of bad things that will come to you in the future, slowly but strongly.

In a version of a dream where you see a dragonfly flying, such a dream is a symbol of your worries – you show that you care for someone who is going through hard times.

The idea here is to help that person, not just be worried about that person.

To say – this dream does not mean that that person is sick; it can mean that currently, that person has lost their energy and that is trying to find their way.

In a version of a dream where you are attempting to catch a dragonfly, it suggests that you may be hurt by people who do not intend to do it… Your actions are those that could change the course of your relation, so work on it.

In a dream where you see a dragonfly on you, body or head, maybe a hair, such a dream is a wonderful sign—a great symbol for the future for the person who has this dream.

In an alternate version, if the Dragonfly is “speaking” to you in an ear, such a dream shows that you will soon hear some very good news that that will lighten your spirits and eventually change your life.

This dream shows that now is the time to make your life better, to work on it, and to eat the fruits that you have planted long ago.

All that you have dreamed of now will become true, and the good news means that you will, very soon, experience times of high purity and life a happy revival.

This is the supreme time to certainly grasp the dreams you have been repressing for ages because satisfaction and fortune will accompany you anywhere you go.

If a dragonfly is in the palm of your hand and is peacefully staying there, then such a dream shows that fortune is laughing at you and that it will continue as long as you need it.

Decoding the Dream about the Dragonfly 

In the process of decoding the dream where the Dragonfly is the main motive, you must observe the entire narrative through the idea that its existence is related to the energy of water.

But, it is the being whose symbolism is related to the air, or in some cases the wind – so if you had a dream about it, it suggests that you are a being of the air, light and that you have that natural loving energy.

Some admire you, and some want to be close to you, and others do not understand you.

The Dragonfly appears in a dream world to give you a valuable lesson – about survival. It comes to your dream to tell you that you can survive all the changes that are happening to you, that are not only connected to you, but that is happening outside, somewhere, seemingly unrelated to you.

Catching a dragonfly in a dream is a dream related to the imagination – bringing you closer to the timeline and connecting you with all beings that matter to you on your life path.

It is the eternal connection with the people whose lives you have touched, but not only that – this is the dream that speaks of a connection with all those whom you have an unbreakable connection, even though we did not find them.

If you have a dream, and this version of a dream is very specific when you are either transforming or you already is a dragonfly.

Such a dream depicts you, in reality, that you are a noble creature that seems to draw others, not just himself, into another dimension, into the world where anything is possible. You can achieve all that you have imagined, and you will do it with incredible ease and joy. You are moving toward them just like the wind.

As you could have seen for yourself, these dreams are, if nothing else, very interesting, and they speak of the person who has this dream. You are the one – the one who transcends all time and space limitations.

Definitely, you can become someone who comes from another story, who can do anything you want with ease.

The most important thing is to be who you are, not pretending to be someone else.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

Did you have a dream where the center of the dream is a wonderful insect with wings, looks like a fairy, but it is a remarkable buggy… bearer of good news, and a reminder that we must be connected to nature, by all means, not forgetting that that is our true nature and the place where we must find the answers.

Dreams, where you see clearly its wings – its transparent wings, the symbolism, are without the doubt reminiscent of purity, incredible subtlety, and tenderness.

Find these treats inside of you, if you have forgotten about them, and try to look it in others.

If the wings in a dream are huge and colorful, they can be metallic blue, red, green and associated with the dragon, strength, and power.

In you, if you had such a dream, you are striving to become a whole being since inside of you, both masculine and feminine principles are merged, making an incredibly harmonious relationship.

These dreams remind you that tenderness and strength are only two sides of the same code, that there is no true strength without tenderness, and vice versa – that tenderness with no foothold in strength can only dissipate in the form of illusion.

The Dragonfly is connected with the symbolism of the unconscious, dreams, our most profound parts of the personality, and if you had such a dream, your task is to wake up these feelings inside of you because you forgot about them (how magical they are).

Seeing a dragonfly in a dream is, above all, an invitation to pay attention to your deeper emotions, thoughts, and motives and to try to translate them from the unconscious to the conscious part of the personality.

And in the end, let us conclude – this is the dream that will come not very often to you, but it will come in the moments when you feel that you lack imagination, and when you are not in contact with your unconscious part of the personality.

This is the moment when you will see a dragonfly in your dream.

When you are left without inspiration, it is enough to allow the Dragonfly to take you to that magical world.

So, let the Dragonfly lead you with its ease of movement, indulge at the moment and the flow of life because it seems to glide in the wind through the world.

This is the way you can re-connect to nature and be one.