Capricorn Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Astrology is an archaic approach to understanding the world we live in. Although contemporary society presents it as a pseudo science, astrology has deep roots and its existence is long and lasting.

Astrology could be rightfully claimed one of the oldest sciences, regardless of whether you consider it ‘pseudo’ or not. It is close to astronomy and shares much with it. Over time, the two separated and are today differently perceived.

We should bear in mind that some of the greatest known astronomers from the world history, such as Johannes Kepler, were astrologers, as well. Many historical evidences suggest astrology is as old as sixth or fifth century BC. The ancient temple in Thebes features a sculpture of Zodiac. The sculpture is that old that the exact time of its origin is not determined.

Does this sound exciting? Astrology is definitely much more than simply your daily horoscope. It is an incredibly rich discipline, with many branches and sub-branches of exploring the mysteries of the universe. In addition, this mystical science is also a proof of continuum. Whatever transformations and conceptualization it has been facing over time, it is still there.

Regardless of modern approaches to understanding astrology as a pseudo science, in sharp distinction from astronomy, basics of astrology are still the same. Principles and practices of this mysterious path remain.

Astrology is an approach based upon firm belief that stars, planets and the whole of skies somehow affect the overall life on our own planet. To put things simply, positions of planets and constellation affect each individual’s life and shape up their destiny, if we are to rely on astrology. This is what most of us know as horoscope.

People generally see horoscope as a set of astrological predictions, determined by their time of birth. In addition, people commonly mistake horoscope for zodiac.

These distinctions are not important for a laic to know, but astrologers take these things seriously. However, they understand what common people want from astrology. We are mainly interested in what awaits us in future, in terms of our material status, physical and psychological well-being, love life, relationships with people in general and so on.

You probably do not want an astrologer to tell you that your birth chart shows Sun in your eighth house or so, but you are interested in the meaning of that. Birth charts are graphic representations of a sky image, frozen in time. It is delivered from your exact date, time and place of birth. This chart is divided into twelve houses, each of them representing specific areas of your life.

There are many aspects astrologers analyze and interpret when looking at your birth chart.

Let us assume you are interested in particular part of your life, your love life. You have met someone and you are very much interested in that person, but you are anxious to know if the one is right one for you.

Astrological analysis of both of your birth charts could tell if you two are compatible and to what degree.

Capricorn Man

Before such in depth interpretation, it is good to know if your zodiac signs fit together. We have to remind you that all zodiac connections are possible, although some of them are complex and hard to maintain, while others go smoothly and naturally.

It depends on the people involved, life experience, characters, personal traits and many other aspects in their personal horoscopes.

Knowing your zodiac is a valuable prequel to further analyses. Today we analyze one particularly interesting astrological couple, that of two Capricorns. Relationship between people born under the same zodiac signs could be either exciting and deeply fulfilling or too dull.

Even complicated and conflicted, in some cases. It depends on various factors in personal birth charts.

Typical and ideal representatives are hard to imagine, so zodiac compatibility is not something definite; it is like a user manual. Capricorn man is a person of firm beliefs and the one with quite conservative approach to life. He is responsible, not particularly compassionate and sensitive, but righteous and honest. His morals would never let him trick, lie or try to deceive others.

Capricorn is known to stay true to his cause and never succumb to temptations. Capricorn man is energetic, intellectual and most of his life is focused around his job. He is adaptable, although he prefers to adapt circumstances to his needs, rather than change his ways.

However, if situation requires so, he will do it. He is open to try new things and learn if he sees purpose in it.

Capricorn man is highly self-reliant personality, capable of achieving great things in life.

Material stability is very important to him. He loves prestigious things and luxury, but is not obsessed with it. He is, however, obsessed with work. Capricorn man loves to see himself purposeful. If he has nothing to do, he despairs.

However, his mind is rational and practical, while also inventive, imaginative and creative.

He is, perhaps, one of the most gifted people to make their visions real. He is not made of dreams; if he has an idea on his mind, he will see it realized in practice. Capricorn man would always find a way to make himself busy and he feels at his best when working. He tends to have a steady job with good salary, but commonly posses versatility in interests.

Beside his job, which is typically something constructive, inventive something that requires both analytics, planning and realization, he also has hobbies he is dedicated to. Capricorn man is skilled with words, but is not particularly a sociable type of person. When it comes to social or romantic relations, Capricorn man is bold and straightforward.

In love, he does not like endless flirting and games and is not particularly romantic. Do not expect love letters from Capricorn, he is just not that. However, he is very polite, well mannered, proud and charming. He would openly approach a lady he fancies and see what happens. He will do it only when he is sure he really likes you.

His standards are high and he is ready to see them at least ninety percent fulfilled. He does not enter a relationship for fun, but for marriage and certain future. He is quite traditional in terms of marriage and family.

IN relationship or marriage, he is a gentleman; he is caring and protective, but not particularly gentle, in terms of emotional support. However, he is a loyal partner and the one who would really invest into a relationship.

Capricorn Woman

Capricorn woman is similar to her male counterpart, but possesses specific traits, of course. She is an independent and self-reliant personality, very spirited and driven to success. Just like Capricorn man, she does not like to be controlled by others and never feels comfortable in minor positions.

She is a bit more flexible and would adapt to given circumstances more easily, but only to the point it suits her.

Fortunately, she has an incredibly inventive mind and would soon come up with more appropriate solution that fits her desires and needs. Capricorn woman is energetic and tough personality. If faced with difficulties and hard times, she is not prone to despair and complains.

She is proactive and would never surrender to tides of destiny and wait for a miracle. Not a chance.

Capricorn woman always has a plan on her mind and loves everything carefully organized and without unpleasant surprises. In stressful situations, she is capable to keep her coolness and approach things with logic and reason.

She is talkative and capable of expressing everything with words. Professions that require analyses, thinking, writing, speech are all good for a Capricorn lady.

Capricorn woman is a versatile personality wild at heart, but stable in reality. She is usually equally talented for art, sports and business. Capricorns are sharp and this woman is definitely not fragile in emotional sense.

She has strong determination to achieve her goals and has enough patience and persistence to do so. She is someone who does not give up, until all plans are applied and all solutions tried.

She would climb over mountains to get where she wants, but would never step over other people or enjoy achievement at the cost of others. She is honest, righteous person, with high morals and the sense of loyalty and duty.

However, beware of a Capricorn woman, if you provoked her; you could be seriously injured by her horns. She is not a person you would like to see enraged.

However, Capricorn woman is usually too focused on her goals to let others bother her. Do not try to change her mind, however. She is as stubborn as Capricorn man is. Capricorns are known as not very sensitive, compassionate and soft personalities. They are not of an amorous nature, either. Relationships, in a Capricorn’s language, are a rod to marriage.

Capricorn woman believes in traditional, conservative values, such as those of decent marriage and family. She searches for stability in life and wants a partner she could fully rely on.

However, he should never try to press her and act like a boss in a relationship. Her man has to understand her need to be in control of things.

Love Compatibility

Two Capricorns are a match that could appear strange in others’ eyes, because this is not a typical image of a happy couple you imagine reading books and watching movies. Their ideal of love is completely different and their connection is not primarily based on physical love.

They are pragmatic and oriented towards everyday living and their duties. Intimate life is also something of a duty and they are not particularly romantic and emotional lovers. However, this suits them fine.

Although others would characterize their connection as hard to imagine, having in mind of lack of physical excitement, this is rarely a reason for two Capricorns to argue, let alone to separate or something like that. As we have said, it is just how they are.

Considering they are personalities of the same temperament and astrological profile, except from slight differences of their male-female aspects, they understand one another and have no difficulties in organizing their mutual life.

Two Capricorns, interestingly, cooperate and are very supportive and helpful of one another.

These people are known to be some of the most stubborn zodiac personalities and, yet, when together, they unite. Unity of two Capricorns is so strong that there is no way others would ever persuade them something they are doing is wrong. They are together in everything, in success and failure, in good and the bad.

Two Capricorns are loyal and devoted to one another. They share values and ideals of what is considered traditional family life. Material stability matters a lot to both, so there is no way they would argue over money spending or anything considering finances.

They have it all organized and well planned. They like to keep their intimate life hidden from public and are not a very sociable couple.

Marriage Compatibility

Capricorn couples are conservative and their relationship is meant to enter another level, from its very beginning.

Neither of them would start a relationship without the idea of marriage. Once it happens, Capricorns lead a stable, comfortable, conservative family life.

They make sure to have all that is supposed for one typical happy family to have: a cozy home, steady income and jobs, children.

They would have their kids grow responsible, proud of whom they are, well educated and capable of independency, when the time comes.

Capricorns could be a bit too strict and conservative parents, in terms of contemporary world, but there is poor chance they would change their ways.

However, it all comes out of deep love and devotion they nurture in their home.


A male and a female Capricorns could remain great friends, regardless if they ever had a romantic encounter or not.

Since both are reasonable and guided by logic and intuition, they are capable of getting over such things.

There are too many similarities that bind them together.

If they have always been only friends, it is very likely that they remain so, for life.

Cool Facts

There are many famous couples of a Capricorn man and a Capricorn woman.

All of them are truly amazing and interesting people. Here are some of them: Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk, Jude Law and Sienna Miller and Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth.


Capricorn man and Capricorn woman could develop a really pleasant and stable relationship that would very likely turn into a marriage.

It is unlikely they would separate, even if some astrological aspects were not in favor of their relationship.

If planetary aspects are odd, it is possible that their mutual life become kind of depressed or dull, but it is very unlikely it would even make them think of breaking up.

Whatever the aspects, Capricorns’ relationship is likely to survive.