Capricorn Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Twelve zodiac signs are probably well known to everyone who reads this. Your zodiac sign could be easily determined simply by knowing your date of birth. Each of twelve signs has their specific traits and characteristics.

Have you ever wondered what is it actually about? What is zodiac, in the first place?

Zodiac is an imaginary circle or belt, drawn upon heavenly sphere. It spreads eight degree north and south of Sun orbit, known as ecliptic.

Zodiac was named after two Greek words, zodiakos and kyklos, and its literal meaning is the ‘circle of animals’ or the ‘animal circle’. There are various cosmological interpretations of what this circle actually represents.

According to Ibn Ezra, zodiac circle represents the beginning of the higher, third level of existence, the one that is perceived by intuition, eyes closed, full of mystical images and archetypes. It is an imaginative world.

Zodiac signs are commonly misplaced for zodiac constellations. The difference is that zodiac signs are equally distributed over this ecliptic orbit, while constellations actually spread over uneven parts of the ecliptic.

We very well know about twelve zodiac signs, while, actually there is the thirteen one, known as Ophiuchus.  It should be placed between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

It has been claimed that the position of our planet, in relation with skies above, is much different from what it was ages ago, which makes dates of particular zodiac signs false. In addition, there is a gap that makes the perfect place for Ophiuchus to step in. These are some interesting and controversial questions to intrigue modern astrologers.

Today, astrology is considered a pseudo science, while, back into past, it was blended with astronomy.

Regardless of your personal opinions on astrology as an official or pseudo science, you are surely interested in what it has in store for you. Since you are reading our article, you would probably like to know if astrology could tell you something more about your relations with other zodiac signs.

More precisely, you would probably like to know what it could reveal about your love life and future, in terms of romantic relationship and marriage.

Let us make a step back for a brief moment; the sky image of planets, ecliptic and many other astrological aspect affect each individual’s life. Your zodiac sign is determined by your date and time of birth. In the moment of your birth, planets were in a unique position.

According to astrology, they have specific influence over your whole life. This applies to any other person’s life, as well.

You could learn more about your relationship with someone by comparing these unique sky images, which are presented through graphic diagrams called birth charts. These birth charts are, in fact, what you have heard of as horoscopes.

By comparing these charts, an astrologer could tell if there are favorable aspects for your connection with the other person whose chart is analyzed.

Capricorn Man

Now when we have learned some basics of astrological personality compatibility, let us get back to even more basic interpretations. Each person is born under particular zodiac sign, which determines his or hers personality traits, if we are to trust the mysterious astrological approach.

However, chances we are ideal representatives of our zodiac signs are poor.

Nevertheless, our sign could be seen as a base of our astrological profile. Compatibility of zodiac signs could thus give us precious guidelines for better and deeper understanding of our relationship with someone.

Capricorn man and Aquarius woman are a zodiac match we are about to analyze this time. We will try to understand what type of relationship could exist between these two. Are they meant to be perfect lovers or only friends? Should Capricorn man and Aquarius woman consider getting married, if they are dating? Let us first meet both of them.

Capricorn man is not a person you would easily understand. He is cold and distant most of the time, because he is deeply focused on his own goals. He is ambitious and workaholic, overly critical and calculated. Capricorn man is strict and tactful; he is very self-aware and judging of his own actions. He appears fearless and strong, which he is, indeed.

However, Capricorn man has his concerns that are rarely visible to other people. He is focused on success and nobody would notice he is actually afraid of failure, deep down inside.

He strives to keep control over any situation and over his emotions. Capricorn man does not want to make any mistake, so he is very cautious, rational and organized.

He understands consequences of his own doing better than anyone else does. Although this makes him appear pessimistic and distant person, his approach to life is actually positive.

Capricorn man is careful and both thinking and intuitive. His logic is perfect, his steps well planned. However, it happens he makes a mistake and fail.

Although personal failure is his deeply hidden fear, Capricorn is not prone to complaints and despair. He is pragmatic and realistic, creative and inventive enough instantly to come up with a solution or, at least, a plan that would cheer him up. His dedication to self-development is incredible. Capricorn man is a person loyal to his own beliefs and causes.

His values are conservative and traditional. Although he is not a very sensitive or emotional person, you should never doubt his friendship and loyalty. He is a devoted partner and husband, he is a loyal friend or a colleague.

His standards are high and his morals are intact. Capricorn man expects the same from others.

If you are too inconsistent and do not take things in life seriously, he would not appreciate you very much, be sure of that. Capricorn man has high standards when it comes to searching for love.

He is not into flirting and games, he would like to get married and start a family. He searches for a woman who is strong, confident and who understands his way of perceiving the world.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius woman is very different personality from a Capricorn man. She is a dreamer, romantic, but also firm in her opinions and beliefs. Aquarius woman is focused on overall well being; she is less self-obsessed than Capricorn man is.

She truly believes each human being has some special purpose in overall life. Her purpose is to help, support, enlighten.

Aquarius woman is made of noble causes that support humanity, love, kindness, mutual understanding and tolerance.

She is gentle, compassionate, very emotional personality. Aquarius woman stands for those who are incapable to defend themselves, whose rights are somehow violated and to whom injustice is done. Her goals in life are everything the opposite from material success. Material wealth does not mean much to any Aquarius person.

Aquarius woman has her mission, her higher purpose and she capable of raising above materiality. Aquarius woman seeks for peace and balance in life.

She is sociable, lovely and helpful personality, with a warm and generous heart. She is always ready to help and to teach others; many valuable and reasonable advices you could get from an Aquarius woman, even if she is an idealist and a dreamer in nature.

She would always choose a job she likes, over one that brings loads of money. She would rarely change her profession. She could be an amazing teacher, pedagogue, counselor, humanitarian and she usually work for community welfare. She is a great philanthropist, a sensitive soul that has respect for all living life.

Aquarius woman appreciates nature and all those small everyday things we commonly overlook.

She is a visionary person, but her fantasizing and dreams do not take her far from reality. Actually, her practical mind could make her dreams real. Aquarius woman is an excellent exemplar of strong Air element signs. She is like a wind that could change tides of destiny.

Her attitude is soft, tolerant and caring, but her ideals and ideas are firm and she would not easily step back when faced with difficulties.

Aquarius woman possesses some special kind of strength. She appears fragile, innocent and even naïve, but she is actually tough and fearless. This beautiful gentle lady is very feminine and sweet.

People easily fall in love with her charisma and graciousness. In love, she is emotional, kind and tender.

She enjoys love games and romantic gestures, but Aquarius woman does not fall in love with a man easily. She needs time to get to know you and make sure she could trust you. Her ideal partner is a man who is able to understand her higher purpose, who will support her ideals and her goals.

It should be a person who understands material possessions are less important than emotional richness. She is rarely attracted by men with traditional beliefs; she is too liberal for that. Her partner has to understand she needs her freedom and space.

Otherwise, Aquarius woman would feel caged and her spirits would get low.

Love Compatibility

Form what we have learned about Capricorn man and Aquarius woman, it is clear that these two are not the lovely couple from a romantic fairytale. Capricorn man and Aquarius woman make a weird connection of tradition and avant-garde.

Rational, strict and conservative Capricorn firmly believes into system and order, while airy, dreamy Aquarius follows visions and her spirit is liberal.

There are so many differences that there are poor chances these two would even consider a romantic relationship. If it happens there are some initial sparkles and they connect, they soon realize this is almost an impossibly maintainable combo. They just annoy one another, all the time.

Capricorn would try to control free-spirited Aquarius and restrict her liberties. She would feel very frustrated and uneasy.

Aquarius would try to persuade stubborn Capricorn there are glorious ideals that matter more than personal well being and material fortunes, but he would definitely resist and refuse even to think more about it. Differences are present in every aspect of their life.

Their intimate and physical connection is weak. They could never harmonize neither emotions nor their thoughts; they confuse each other.

Capricorn man and Aquarius woman quickly realize they have almost nothing in common when it comes to intimate love life. Capricorn tries to prove himself an excellent lover, but without emotional warmth, that is completely pointless to Aquarius. If they were to stay together, the relationship would look like more as a friendship than a romantic relationship.

However, rarely this connection survives for long. They confront at all levels of mutual life, including emotions, freedoms, materiality, social life.

It often happens that Aquarius woman spends money excessively, because it is earned to be spent, while calculated Capricorn works hard and carefully organizes money spending.

This is probably the worst scenario and it would often have them eventually separated.

Marriage Compatibility

There are not many interests that connect these two. Moreover, they simply do not share ideas about future; their ideals are completely different.

It is very unlikely this relationship would keep on going long enough to turn into something more serious.

Even if planetary aspects in individual horoscopes are favorable, this connection is an astrological exception.

If they manage to find a common tongue, chances are that this sparkle would fade away with time.

Different energies, opposing temperaments, completely different understanding of the world, confronting emotional natures…Earth and Air are rarely a good match.


Well, these two different personalities would hardly recognize one another as potentially good friends, but if it happens they meet in specific circumstances and see something in one another, they could be friends.

They could remain friends after being in a relationship, after they realize there is nothing chemical between them.

Since neither of them tarts a relationship quickly, it would mean that they know pretty much about one another, before they actually start dating.

Even if it happens, lack of physical connection is usually the breaking point after which they either separate forever or remain friends.

Cool Facts

Exceptions are always possible. We name two celebrity Capricorn man/Aquarius woman couples to assure you this relationship is, by all means, something real.

Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen got married in 1995 and they are still together.

Nicholas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley, however, had much shorter relationship and marriage.


An Earth and an Air sign rarely make a good connection.

Moreover, signs that stand next to each other in zodiac circle are often in some kind of conflict.

As we have seen, Capricorn man and Aquarius woman are so different personalities that you could hardly imagine them even talking to one another or finding a common subject to exchange their opinions.

Their astrological energies are of different vibes. Although not impossible, this relationship rarely works.