Coconut – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

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A coconut is a symbol of holidays, tropical places, pleasure, relaxation, comfort, etc.

In dreams, they are not a common occurrence and usually indicate something you consider strange. Maybe you don’t understand something, or you can’t deal with something because you don’t understand it.

This dream could also indicate behaving strange in some situation. It might also indicate meeting someone who behaves awkwardly, and you possibly don’t consider this person normal.

Maybe even a weirder dream could be one when you dreamed of being a coconut yourself. Maybe that dream indicates acting tough in front of others, but your acts are just a façade.

You are a soft and gentle person on the inside and only appear to be rough.

If you dreamed that you are a coconut and someone was trying to eat you that could indicate that this person isn’t fooled by your exterior and attitude.

Maybe you have been trying to appear unattractive and unappealing to others, but your efforts don’t work with some people, who still want to get to know you better, despite of your repulsive appearance.

Coconut is a fruit which has a very tough shell which is hard to break. They need to be cracked to be open.

A dream about coconuts could be a message from your subconscious to open to others and stop being so repulsive. You will end up scaring people away from you. You need to have some people around.

A dream about coconuts also indicates difficult problems you are not able to solve easily or some question you don’t know the answer to.

It could also indicate some situation where you simply cannot get what you desire.

Sometimes it could indicate some things related to vacations, tropical places, rest, pleasure, relaxation, comfort, rewards for your efforts, etc.

This dream could indicate you will soon be traveling somewhere, possibly to some tropical places.

It might also reflect your thoughts and plans about your future vacations you plan on spending on some tropical destination.

A dream about coconuts could reveal your attitude that you don’t have do deal with something because someone else will do that instead.

These dreams are often dreamed by people who have difficulties achieving something or acquiring something and they compare that impossible thing to a coconut and its inapproachability.

A coconut could also indicate that your efforts and hard work to accomplish something will be worth at the end because you are headed for a big reward. Maybe you are trying to solve some difficult problem.

Coconut – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming of a coconut in general – If you saw a coconut in a dream, such dream could be a bad sign. It could indicate missing some important chance or moving forward in some situation because of your stubbornness and attitude “I know best”.

This dream is a message that you need to become more receptive to other people’s points of view and learn to accept the fact that you cannot always be right.

Dreaming of eating or using a coconut for some purpose – If you dreamed of using a coconut or eating it, that dream could symbolize your stubbornness. Maybe you have difficulties accepting and respecting other people’s needs, opinions and desires. You need to stop being so self – centered and realize there are other people besides you.

Dreaming of a coconut tree – If you dreamed of a palm tree full of coconuts, that dream usually indicates being in a situation where you will be forced to go through many obstacles and hardships to finish something, but your efforts will pay off in the end. This dream is asking you to use your willpower to help you accomplish something important.

This dream could sometimes indicate your lack of responsibility in some situation. It could also indicate lacking rest and relaxation.

Sometimes, this dream symbolizes some issue you don’t consider as your problem and your thoughts that someone should take care of it instead.

It could also indicate your contentment with a relaxed atmosphere in some situation or in some relationship. In some cases, it could indicate stubbornly refusing to deal with some issues you consider other people’s problems.

A sick or dry palm tree often reflects problems in your sex life. It could also indicate not being able to relax or enjoy your life.

Dreaming of a drink made of coconut water – If you dreamed of a drink made of coconuts, that dream could be a sign to try not to complicate much some situation you are in. It is best not to overburden yourself and try to finish some tasks in the easiest possible way.

Dreaming of alcohol drink made of coconut – If you dreamed of drinking or just seeing an alcohol drink made of coconuts, that dream is usually a very good sign. It often indicates pleasure, rest and vacation approaching. You might be headed towards some tropical destination.

If not, your subconscious is sending you a message that it is time to relax and take a break, possibly go on a vacation.

Dreaming of coconut oil – If you saw coconut oil in a dream, that dream might not be a good sign. This dream could indicate some circumstances getting out of control, although you might not be aware of that fact. This dream is asking you to pay attention to such situations.

Dreaming of a green coconut – If you dreamed of seeing a green coconut, that dream is a good sign, and often indicates improvements in your health condition.

Dreaming of a coconut cake – If you dreamed of a cake made of coconuts, that dream could indicate the need to focus your attention to the development of your spirituality instead of just enjoying the pleasures of earthly life.

Dreaming of coconut milk – If you saw or drank coconut milk, that dream could indicate the need to rely on your instincts to make some decisions and choices in your life. You also need to have in mind your experiences and your gained knowledge.

This dream sometimes indicates changing the direction of your life completely.

Dreaming of a dry coconut – If you saw a dry coconut in your dream, that dream could indicate being confused about some actions and decisions. Maybe you have many endeavors you are currently working on and you don’t know what your next moves should be, or you have more than one option and you don’t know how to decide on the best one.

You are in a situation where you can take someone’s advice without giving it much thought, and that advice might turn out to be a good one but also a bad one.

Dreaming about breaking or cracking a coconut – If you dreamed of cracking a coconut to open it, that dream often indicates your attempts to find a solution to a difficult problem. This dream reminds you to ask someone to help you find the right solutions.

Dreaming of a broken coconut – If you saw a broken coconut in a dream, that dream could indicate the need to be humble in some situation or to let go of your ego. You might be forced to let go of some prejudices you have.

Dreaming of plucking a coconut – If you dreamed of plucking a coconut, that dream is a good sign. It often indicates the possibility of unexpectedly receiving some cash. The money you will receive is a reward for something you did, but you didn’t expect to be paid for, or you didn’t expected to paid as much.

That dream could indicate receiving a bonus or a raise. In any case, the dream indicates unexpected gains.

Dreaming of eating a coconut – If you dreamed of eating a coconut, that dream usually isn’t a good sign. It could indicate following the ideas and desires of others and feeling dissatisfied because of that.

Dreaming of a rotten coconut – If you dreamed of a rotten coconut, that dream usually is related to some thoughts you currently have in mind. Maybe you are planning to do something wrong to accomplish some goals.

Dreaming of a coconut shell – If you saw a coconut shell in a dream, or something made of coconut shells that dream is usually a warning about your behavior and stubbornness in some situation.

Dreaming of eating a coconut in the company of your family – If you dreamed of eating a coconut accompanied by the members of your family, that dream usually represents a very good sign. It indicates good fortune and happiness regarding your family, business, friendships, relationships and love.

This dream could also indicate discovering some secrets or some facts you weren’t aware of, and these information might be of great benefit to you.